Why Me?

Liam smiles and reaches his hand up to me. I look at him confused.

"What are yo-" I try to say before he covers my mouth.

"This is going to hurt" He says, leaning towards my neck.

My eyes grow wide. I try to scream but it's muffled by his hand. Liam's other hand wraps around my arms, keeping them down. I struggle, trying to get away while trying to scream. His hold on me tightens. I move around trying to get away. Liam's mouth moves to my neck, softly kissing one spot before digging his teeth into my skin. I let out a bloodcurling scream, trying to get him off me. I stuggle, but that just makes the pain even worse.

All of a sudden, Liam gasps and looks up at me. I have mascara running down my face as I cry even harder. He looks horrified, as he leans away from my neck wiping away the blood, trying to get the blood to stop flowing.

"What have I done?" He whispers to himself, still holding me.


8. Long Night

Eventually, the old couple leaves. I finally get to ask Liam the question that's been in my mind since we got here.

"Were you jealous of that old couple?" 

He looks at me startled, "I didn't know you were watching"

"Well. You're really cute, so yeah. I was watching." I blush.

"Well you're pretty cute yourself" Liam replies.

I blush again, "You're changing the subject!"

Liam chuckles, then grows serious.

"Yes, I'm jealous of that old couple."

"Why?" I ask, confused.

"They got to live a full life with each other. I don't age! When you die, I'll be here!" he says getting upset.

"Then change me." I whisper.

Liam's head snaps to me.

"What?" He whispers.

"Change me... then we can be together, forever. You wouldn't have to be jealous of the old couple anymore." I say quietly, looking into his eyes.

"Yo-you would do that... for me? Ronnie.... you wouldn't be able to have any kids." He says earnestly.

"Then we can adopt or something" 

Liam sighs, "Maybe. I'll think about it ok? Now try to sleep. It's going to be a long night, love."

I nod my head, snuggling into him. He tilts his head down and kisses my head.

I fall asleep to him humming to me.





Hey guys! I'm still looking for a co-author for this story ok! If you're interested please kik me at myahhh16 

I need to know soon though, so please get to me asap! Keep reviewing and everything! I love when I hear from you guys! Also, I write 2 stories on http://onedirectionfanfiction.com/ I'm looking for co- authors on both of those stories! 



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