Why Me?

Liam smiles and reaches his hand up to me. I look at him confused.

"What are yo-" I try to say before he covers my mouth.

"This is going to hurt" He says, leaning towards my neck.

My eyes grow wide. I try to scream but it's muffled by his hand. Liam's other hand wraps around my arms, keeping them down. I struggle, trying to get away while trying to scream. His hold on me tightens. I move around trying to get away. Liam's mouth moves to my neck, softly kissing one spot before digging his teeth into my skin. I let out a bloodcurling scream, trying to get him off me. I stuggle, but that just makes the pain even worse.

All of a sudden, Liam gasps and looks up at me. I have mascara running down my face as I cry even harder. He looks horrified, as he leans away from my neck wiping away the blood, trying to get the blood to stop flowing.

"What have I done?" He whispers to himself, still holding me.


13. I Am So Sorry

My family all files into the living room.

“So what were you doing here while we were gone?” My Dad asks.

“Well considering I’m grounded; pretty much nothing. I cleaned my room, and then went to my lacrosse game.” I answer.

My mom looks up from her phone that she had pulled out, “Who took you to the hospital?”

“Oh it was uh… it was someone who was at the game.” I say nonchalantly.

My mom nods her head, “How’d you get hurt?”

She knew about the illegal move; I was the one who had come up with it after all. My mother didn’t like the idea; she doesn’t like when people are dishonest, or when they got hurt.

“Coach had me do Take Down.” I admit, my head hanging down.

“Did it work?!” My Dad cuts in.

My mom shoots him a look, he shrugs.

“It almost worked! If we had a different ref it totally would’ve worked!” I exclaim.

My dad cheers and my mom hides a smile. It’s silent for a few moments before I get up.

“Well I’m going to my room now. See ya!” I say walking out of the room.

I walk down the hallway, thankful that Liam is a vampire and can get out of places quickly. It would’ve been so awkward if they had walked in while he was there. I don’t have many guy friends and I know my parents would have gotten really excited; not to mention that I’m grounded so they would’ve been angry for that as well.

I reach my room, closing and locking the door as usual. I turn back around to see Liam lying on my bed. I gasp and jump back, slamming into the wall. He sits up quickly.

“Shoot! Are you ok Chrissy?!” He exclaims, right by my side.

“Shush! I don’t want my family to hear you!” I whisper yell.

Liam nods his head before answering.

“Shoot! Are you ok Chrissy?” He repeats almost silently.

I chuckle, “Yes, I’m fine. I just wasn’t expecting you to be in my room.”

“I really didn’t mean to scare you.” He frowns.

I roll my eyes, “I said it’s fine Liam.”

“So how’s your family?” He asks.

“As if you weren’t listening” I tease.

Liam just shrugs his shoulders before picking me up yet again and placing me down on my bed. I scoot back a little to give him some more room to sit. He jumps on the bed, causing me to bounce up slightly. I giggle a little, grinning at him. He smiles back, pulling me to him. He places a kiss on my nose.

“So what do you want to do now?” He asks.

I shrug, “I don’t really care. What do you want to do?”

“Just being here with you is good enough!” He replies cheerfully.

I blush at his words, and angle my head up to kiss him, our lips meet softly. He sucks on my bottom lip, tugging on it slightly. I groan, moving my hands up behind his head and pulling him closer. Liam chuckles, threading his hands into my hair. This time, I'm the one who is tugging on his lip, biting on it softly. He moans quietly, tugging on my hair roughly. I bite down harder, relishing in the sound. Liam growls, and he pulls harder on my hair. 

I whimper from the pain, stopping the kiss. Liam doesn't stop; he moves to my neck. Kissing softly at first as I whisper to stop. The kisses grow rough, I feel his teeth graze my skin. I whimper again.

"Liam. Liam. Stop!" I beg, the pain becoming unbearable.

I feel his teeth press into my skin, before he stops moving. I hear a gasp and he quickly jumps away from me.

"Oh God. I am so sorry." He whispers before disappearing.

Once again, I am left alone in my room.

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