Why Me?

Liam smiles and reaches his hand up to me. I look at him confused.

"What are yo-" I try to say before he covers my mouth.

"This is going to hurt" He says, leaning towards my neck.

My eyes grow wide. I try to scream but it's muffled by his hand. Liam's other hand wraps around my arms, keeping them down. I struggle, trying to get away while trying to scream. His hold on me tightens. I move around trying to get away. Liam's mouth moves to my neck, softly kissing one spot before digging his teeth into my skin. I let out a bloodcurling scream, trying to get him off me. I stuggle, but that just makes the pain even worse.

All of a sudden, Liam gasps and looks up at me. I have mascara running down my face as I cry even harder. He looks horrified, as he leans away from my neck wiping away the blood, trying to get the blood to stop flowing.

"What have I done?" He whispers to himself, still holding me.


4. After the Game

"GO GO GO!" I scream, making Liam jump.

It was 10 to 10, the last minute of the game. In the corner of my eye I see Liam chuckling. I turn to him annoyed.

"Ok, why are you even here? And why are you laughing? It's really not even funny. I just want my team to win ok?" 

"I just never took you as a girl who would do an illegal play, and hurt herself in the process. I actually didn't really think you played sports." He responds.

"That's probably because you only 'met' me last night. You came into my house and bit me. So yeah, you don't know me. At all." I say angrily.

Liam's jaw tenses, "Lower your voice. You're lucky I realized who you are to me and stopped."

"What do you mean who I am to you?" I raise my eyebrows in confusion.

"Shit. I have to go!" Liam says quickly, then he leans forward and kisses my cheek.

I gasp and raise my hand to that spot, looking at where he had been standing a few seconds ago, in surprise. He was gone... how? He was just there! Kissing my cheek! He kissed me.... 

"JONES!" My coach yells.

I turn back to the field, I had missed the last goal. We won, too bad I couldn't have been part of that play. I get up and limp over to my team.

"Good job guys!!"  I cheer when I reach them.

"Jones, you need to work on the take down play." My coach says.

My mouth drops open, "What?! I got kicked out of the game and I'm injured! And that's all you have to say to me!"

"You wouldn't be injured if you did the play correctly." He says.

I scoff, "I shouldn't have even done that play. You're lucky I did it."

"Well it didn't do us much good!" he argues back.

I open my mouth, ready to say something back when I feel someone lay their hand on my shoulder. I suddenly felt safe, and calm. I turn my head and see Liam standing next to me. I blush, not knowing why. I mean he hurt me. Why do I feel so safe with him?

"I think you need to apologize." He says to me.

"What? Why would I need to apologize to him?!" I yell, angry.

"He's your coach. You listen to what he says." Liam replies angrily.

"Who says you have the right to tell me what to do?!" I say coldly.

My coach clears his throat, awkwardly trying to get rid of the tension between Liam and I.

"Alright good job everyone. Just work on spreading out. See you at practice on Monday!"

Everyone walks away except for Liam and I.

"You're to do what I say." He orders.

"Excuse me? I don't even know you, and you hurt me. There is no way in hell that I'm going to do what YOU say." I argue defiantly.

"You're mine, and you do what I SAY!" he says, getting louder as he finishes his sentence.

"I'm yours?! Ok I'm sorr-" I say before I'm cut off by Liam pressing his lips on my.

Our lips separate, barely and just enough time for me to gasp, before I grab his head and tug his lips back to mine. I feel him gasp and smile into the kiss, then deepening it. I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his around my waist, holding me as close as he can. I feel him lick my lips, wanting me to open my mouth. I just smile and pull away, he moves his hand up to my cheek, gently stroking it.

He seems like such a dangerous person, and I know he can be. But he was so sweet to me after the incident, and oh god. That kiss was amazing. He held me carefully, like I was a baby, like I could break at any second. I felt safe with him, but he scares me at the same time. I'm just scared that he'll hurt me again.

"When I said earlier, about how you were mine. I mean it. You remember what I said last night?" He says quietly.

I tense when he brings up last night.

"About how you're a vampire?" I ask, just as silent.

"Yes. Every vampire has an imprint. Their link, I guess you could say, is unbreakable. If you're feeling hurt then I feel it. And vise versa." He explains.

"So, you felt it when I hurt my ankle?" I ask, trying to understand.


"Soo... you feel this?" I ask before stomping my injured foot on the ground and putting all my weight on it.

Liam closes his eyes and grunts from the pain, "Yes, please don't hurt yourself. I also just don't like seeing you get hurt."

"So do I seriously have to do everything you say?" I ask reluctantly.

"Yes, and I have to do the same for you" Liam grins then chuckles.

"Because you're mine" he continues.

"And you're mine" I finish. 


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