It's like a diary but it's not

It's like a diary but it's not is about the life of James Duke. He writes all of his events in a book describing his feelings about his annoying friend Harry, his cow of an ex-girlfriend Susan, his maniac mother and his loving girlfriend Mary.


13. 20th December

Tonight work is throwing a Christmas do; I really want to go to a party at my workplace! What idiot decided to have a party at work (someone who was married to their work probably) you don’t have a party at work; you have a party away from your office. Come on, parties are fun, and you can’t have fun in the place where you want to commit suicide. I have no friends there, the only guy I actually like is Barry, he’s a funny bloke but were not really ‘friends’.

The night was terrible, just as I predicted; no one was dancing, just having a little chat with one another. Everyone who talked to me asked the same question, “Hi, how are you?”, “What are you doing for Christmas?” and “What did you get the lady?” they say all of those things and when there is nothing left to say they stand around drinking their beer looking around in awkward silence, until someone comes along to ask them the exact same thing. I could not wait to get out of there.

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