It's like a diary but it's not

It's like a diary but it's not is about the life of James Duke. He writes all of his events in a book describing his feelings about his annoying friend Harry, his cow of an ex-girlfriend Susan, his maniac mother and his loving girlfriend Mary.


9. 1st December

It’s the Christmas season, the time to be merry and full of love and kindness. It’s also the craziest time of the year; it’s like a Christmas Olympics, you have to race around in circles to find one parking space in town, and you then have to wrestle your way through the busy crowds, you have to lift all the heavy shopping bags and carry them back to your car which is parked miles away and that’s just the beginning. After you get home you have to break your wrists writing out Christmas card, while you spend ages finding the end of the sellotape only to get tied up in it after wrapping up presents and then you have to put the decorations up, planning the design, and spend ages getting the tinsel just right, only for it to fall down again and again. After all that Mary will be exhausted.

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