It's like a diary but it's not

It's like a diary but it's not is about the life of James Duke. He writes all of his events in a book describing his feelings about his annoying friend Harry, his cow of an ex-girlfriend Susan, his maniac mother and his loving girlfriend Mary.


7. 16th November

I woke up this morning with my head thumping. The sunlight was seeping through the windows; the world was calm and quiet, the perfect day to recover from a hangover. Last night is hazy I can’t remember how much I had to drink, but I try not to irritate my brain by thinking. I made some coffee, black and hot with two spoons of sugar. Took a couple of paracetamols and laid on the sofa with a flannel on my head all I could hear was the clock ticking. On the stroke of twelve, hell was unleashed. Hammers hitting nails, drills buzzing and saws cutting through wood. Downstairs were having work done within the flat. So I take back what I said: today is the worst day to recover from a hangover.

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