It's like a diary but it's not

It's like a diary but it's not is about the life of James Duke. He writes all of his events in a book describing his feelings about his annoying friend Harry, his cow of an ex-girlfriend Susan, his maniac mother and his loving girlfriend Mary.


11. 11th December

Today I’m getting Mary’s present, she’s busy at work so I can sneak out and get it and she won’t know. I think I’ll get her some jewellery. No not a ring, I mean I would love to, but I don’t have the money to pay for a wedding and I don’t want to ask my parents or hers to help pay for it, I’m saving up, besides I’m waiting for our anniversary to ask her the question (yes, I do have a romantic side). So I went to Argos to have a look at what they have, and there it was the perfect gift, a golden heart-shaped locket  engraved with a floral pattern, but the price tag was way too much, over £100, in the end I brought the necklace, because she’s  worth it. When I got home, I decided to wrap up the present straight away, I got tangled in sellotape and nearly wrapped myself up, so I put it in a bag and wrote her name on the tag.

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