Falling Grace

Started this for the Death & Co. comp, but withdrew it because I need too much time for it.


2. Meeting

The picturesque seaside town was straight off a postcard. She drove along past the harbour and watched the moored boats out of her window. They were bathed in the gold of early light. Perhaps it would be the dawn of their new beginning.

Getting out of the car, she glanced up the path but the curving slope obscured her view of the cliff top. A yearning to see him overtook her - strange, considering all they had been through - and it was with a childish excitement that she half-ran up the path. He was there, silhouetted against the stunning backdrop by the glow of the rising sun. In that moment, with his back to her, she almost forgot why she had moved on. She stopped and gazed out towards the sunrise across the gleaming sea.

"You came."

The ice, the viciousness in his voice brushed away her dreamy fantasy. When he turned, his deep brown eyes glared into hers coldly. Once, they had filled with warmth whenever she was near. The memory of this hurt her too much, and she dismissed it hurriedly. Times had changed.

"Of course." It was a fight for her to keep out the longing she felt for forgiveness; seeing his anger racked her with guilt.

"Things need to be sorted between us." He sounded indifferent. Surely, deep down, he must be hurt - why would he have asked her to meet him? She raised her hands in front of her, a pleading gesture.

"I have been far worse than... I could not... oh, I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me."

Miraculously, he held out his arms for a hug. The expression on his face was unreadable, but that must have been what he had hoped to hear. She went forward and wrapped her arms around him. Suddenly, he span around and she was whisked sideways. He clutched her blouse tightly in one hand, and held her arms against his body with the other. Slowly, he paced forwards only stopping when he reached the edge of the cliff.

One of her feet slipped as she tried to shake out of his fierce grip. There was no ground for her to place it back on.

"W-what are y-y-you doing?" She stammered, instantly terrified.

"You ruined me, you selfish, obnoxious cow. Now it will be one life for another." With that, he shoved her backwards, releasing his hold. She screamed as she felt herself falling...

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