Loving You


8. Seven

Austin's POV

"I don't know." Alex frowned. I wondered what could be so important if Sarah had to blow off every date since he got back.

"You know what, I'll talk to her and see what her problem is." I sighed, a plan already forming in my head.

"You sure?" He asked. He was such a worrier. He had nothing to worry about unless she was cheating on him, not that I was going to mention that possibility.

"Yeah, man. I'm sure. Well, as much as I'd love to stay, I have to go. My mom wants me home early today." I rolled my eyes, standing up.

"Alright. Tell Mama Mahone I said hi." He chuckled.

"I will." I walked out of the house and hopped in my car. I started the engine and drove off to my house. Once I got there, I saw an unfamiliar car sitting in the driveway. I unlocked the front door and stepped in.

"Mom, who's car is that?" I shouted.

"Oh, come in the kitchen and meet our new neighbors." She called. I sighed, not in the mood. My mind wasn't focused on anything but Sarah and why she was avoiding Alex. I sauntered into the kitchen and saw a man and his daughter. Their backs were turned toward me.

"Austin, this is Tony and his daughter, Skylar." My mom introduced. Skylar? Tony? Didn't I know a Skylar from back home?

"Sky?" I asked. The girl turned around to face me and gasped.

"Austin?!?!?" She shrieked. "I didn't know you lived over here." She got up and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around her small waist.

"I didn't think you lived anywhere near here." I said, shocked as she pulled away.

"Skylar, sit down, now." Tony snapped. She immediately sat down next to her father. What happened to the fun, bubbly side of her father? And...where was Skylar's mom?

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