General Douglas MacArthur

I watched the general as he hopped onto the war plane...I couldn't tell anyone about us; everybody still thought I was unmarried Bethany Reba Hills, but now that I was Douglas' third wife, I was Bethany Reba MacArthur...

Enjoy this Historical Fiction/Love story!


1. Seeing Douglas Leave

"Oh, Douglas. Do you have to leave?" I whined to General Douglas MacArthur as he was hopping onto the war plane.


"Yes, dear, I have to defend our country. Would you rather be dead?"


"Yes, I would rather be dead. At least then we could live a happier life," I argued.


"Silly, silly Bethany. I am dearly sorry, but our country needs a general."


I cried on his shoulder. Someone tapped on his other shoulder.


"Douglas, are you going to stay with your cousin, or come defend our country?" one soldier said. To other people, I was Douglas' cousin; that's what we told them so that it wouldn't be weird to have me around and have no relationship between us.


Douglas looked back. "Excuse me?"


"Oh my, I'm sorry. General Douglas MacArthur."


"Alright, Bethany. I'll see you in a couple moths, hopefully."


Seeing Douglas leave was the worst thing ever. I cried, even when the war plane was out of sight.


Gregory, one of his friends who retired from the army, put a hand on my shoulder.


"My mother couldn't stand to see me leave. She was dead when I finally came back." He sniffed. "That's when I retired. I just couldn't fight anymore. I was old, anyways," he said, and I knew he was trying to comfort me.


"I'm so sorry, Gregory," I said. "I have to go somewhere. Sorry." And I sprinted to our (and by our I mean me and Douglas') house.


I fell unto our bed. Then, I felt like I crumpled something under my pillow.


Slowly, carefully, I lifted the pillow up to find a picture with a note attached to it.


Dearest Bethany Reba Hills, or in our case, MacArthur:

I love you, and if I had a choice I would stay with you, but I don't.

And if I die in war, as you always say: We'll live a happy life in Heaven.

If I do, however, die in war, forgive me of ever leaving you.

In the Most Love,

General Douglas MacArthur

This note, and picture, just made me tear up. He really loved me that much? How come he never tells me so?

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