Lindsey, a 12 year old who lives in an orphanage, I realised I'm not getting adopted anytime soon, so ever been to an orphanage? if so you know the kid if you talk to them they end up speaking a different language? yea that's me, I speak English but I know a few phrases in French and if I feel like going Spanish then I just say Si to everything, that plan worked great until one day when I picked French and the person actually spoke French! -face palm- what happens when one direction adopt Lindsey


3. interviews and insults?

Lindsey's POV

there is an interview today and you must come Lin, ok i sigh as we get into the car i start to sign beautiful by Christina Agulara, (cant spell that) they all stared at me, your good they say, i smile thanks, i hear that a lot, don't know why though, when we finally got there, i hopped out after them, Louis picked me up and carried me n for some reason when he put me down i said Thanks daddy! he smiles, hey did you know you are going to come onto the stage with us and answer questions so people know who you are? because you have to they say while being dragged away i laughed and shook my head, when they went on i was standing at the side of the stage, the interviewer is named Jessica, then i hear it, now boys you've been seen with a kid? who is she, we adopted her Louis says, her name is Lindsey, can we meet her? Jessica asked, yes you  can Louis says and that's where i walk out, i have graced you with my presence i say sitting down in a chair beside the couch the guys are sitting on, so Lindsey what's it like living with these guys the interviewer asked, well it's weird living with people that wear more makeup then i do i say the crowd laughs, you laugh because you think I'm joking don't you? the interviewer looks at me and asks, which one do you call dad if any, i smile i call dad, dad i say laughing, she looks annoyed, fun, she rolled her eyes, but which one is dad? dad is silly i say trying not to laugh, Lin just say the name, well i kind of forget, i got used to  calling him dad, i say, i know the rest because there Uncle Niall, uncle Harry, uncle Zayn, uncle Liam, and daddy! i say, ok so Louis is your dad, i guess so, well why did you adopt her, was that an insult, well Niall met her first he should explain,

Niall's POV

well, i walked over and she started speaking French, Parler vous en francais? i ask, she looks at Lin, who just shrugs and so i went to get Louis who can speak French who also found out she speaks English and does that to everybody, and we adopted her because she is so awesome i say she laughs, yeah right, Lin looked at her before starting to talk, i put my hand on her mouth, because i found out exactly how colourful her vocabulary is, and lets just say, she swears, when she stopped a took my hand away and she started but i couldn't put my hand on her mouth this time, lets just say that on TV this conversation would mostly bee bleeped


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