Lindsey, a 12 year old who lives in an orphanage, I realised I'm not getting adopted anytime soon, so ever been to an orphanage? if so you know the kid if you talk to them they end up speaking a different language? yea that's me, I speak English but I know a few phrases in French and if I feel like going Spanish then I just say Si to everything, that plan worked great until one day when I picked French and the person actually spoke French! -face palm- what happens when one direction adopt Lindsey


2. Flashbacks and personality?

Lindsey's POV


I was sitting up in my room where i am locked all day, and i was waiting 5 years old and I've been beaten every day from when i was 1 years old, of coarse  didn't know what was happening until now, suddenly i heard a door slam and i jumped into my bed and pretended to sleep, just then my door was kicked open, and my "dad" came in he started to scream WAKE UP BITCH! i opened my eyes and sat up, he grabbed a knife and i gasped, he never cut me before, he pushed my shirt up and started to cut on my stomach UGLY he carved the word UGLY into me, when he left i put an old shirt on top of the wound and pushed down slightly, after it stopped bleeding i fell asleep, just for that to happen again tomorrow, oh how i wish i could just be gone and die already! but no life has no easy way, and my life sucks for sure, i wrote down in my diary about it all, every emotion, every word said, everything



 I'm suddenly being shaken i wake up to see 5 familiar faces, daddy i cry into his shoulder, he hugs me shhh it's ok what's wrong? a-a flash-flashba-back flashback i manage to chock out, he hugs me tighter, it's ok, now go sit with uncle Harry for a minute he says i nod and go sit with him, he smiles hello Lind, i laugh at him, really? Lind? i ask, he chuckles i guess it's not that good is it? i shake my head, i hug him, he hugs me back as i start to cry again, don't cry sweetie! he says hugging me tighter, i let go of him and thank him, he looks at me and says for what? for adopting me and all and being nice, i trust that you wont hurt me i say, and i do, he smiles so big i think it lit the room up, I'm going to check on Louis, go sit with uncle Zayn he said, i nod and go sit with uncle Zayn, hello i say he laughs hi, you know you almost never talk, i say he laughs that's normal for some people, well normal isn't a good thing! he looks at me as i continue, Normal is boring it's what people expect you to be and what to do, I am anything but Normal, i do random things that people give me a look that says are-you-off-your-meds? i once sang to people down the street the chorus to friendly goodbye, they all ran away, i say, he laughs, your something special he says i smile, and hug him, normal is stupid, i say before going and sitting with uncle Liam, hello i say, hi he reply's, you are sad i say, he looks at me funnily, i can tell, you are sad and you feel left out for something, i cant tell, you also feel like you going to explode form hiding your emotions soon i say, he looks at me and says ho-how do you know that? i look him in the eye and say i can tell, reading people is easy, almost like a book, he nods and hugs me, don't hide emotion i say, or you'll lose one like i did, he stops hugging me and looks me in the eye, hat do you mean? i laugh i lost sympathy, because every time i felt sympathy whoever i felt it for beat me, i never went without being beaten, and yeah i say he nods and study's my face before i crawl over to uncle Niall, and hug him hi  i say, he chuckles hello he says i smile at him and sit there for a minute, then daddy and uncle Harry come back, daddy smiled and picks me up, I'm really light for reasons, then comes a loud girls voice say HONEY I'M HOOOME! the guys all stand up from the floor and run to the door area a minute later i hear an i want to meet her, then dad puts me down and 3 girls come running out, they all stop and bump into each other, i chuckle a bit, hello i say waving, hi one says,  come with us, one grabs my hand and pulls me out the door, we're buying you clothes! i laugh, good luck i say, thaey look at me confused as i laugh, and smile,






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