Lindsey, a 12 year old who lives in an orphanage, I realised I'm not getting adopted anytime soon, so ever been to an orphanage? if so you know the kid if you talk to them they end up speaking a different language? yea that's me, I speak English but I know a few phrases in French and if I feel like going Spanish then I just say Si to everything, that plan worked great until one day when I picked French and the person actually spoke French! -face palm- what happens when one direction adopt Lindsey


1. Adoption and French speaker?

Lindsey's POV

hay I live in an orphanage, I never get adopted and I don't want to, so I speak the few phrases in French, and they leave me alone, I was sitting in my room when Elsie a worker called me down she finds it funny what I do to people, people are adopting, I walk down in my shorts and tank-top most girls here wear dresses, but not me I'm tom-boy, when I see 5 different people walk around one walks up to me, hello what's your name? he asked, here it goes I thought Parler vous en francais? i ask in French, then he stood up and smiled i have a way to communicate, he walked away and came back with another guy in stripes, he looked at me, and i spoke again slightly confused but i spoke, Est-ce tu parler en francais?  i asked, i thought i had stumped the guy but he surprised me by saying, oui, comment t'appelles-tu? i was so surprised i just sat there surprised when i finally answered in French of coarse! Je m'appelle Lindsey, i say, he smiles

"  the talking went like this, you speak French?

do you speak French?

whats your name?

I am Lindsey "


, then narrows his eyes at me i smile then i Elsie comes over, finally found  someone who peaks French, huh Lindsey? she cant understand you the one i was talking to said, actually i understand juts fine i say in perfect English, he looks at me i smile, then he shakes his head and laughs, normally people get confused and walk away, I've tried Spanish before but all i know is Si, i say, he laughs, then the other guy looks at me an says, why wouldn't you talk to me? i look at him and say because I'm never adopted i just always do what i did and people walk away, i shrug, suddenly the walk over to the other 3 who were watching curiously, they started to whisper and i heard a few words, sensitive hearing never worked out better, then they all walked over, we're adopting you they say together, my smile falls and i look at Elsie who has a satisfied smirk on her face, she looks at me and smiles, it's ok she says they wont hurt you like her face hardened and her eyes darkened, those monsters did, i nod, ok I'MMA MISS YOU ELSIE! i scream, all the girls look at me and start whispering, oh shut your mouths i say, they roll their eyes as Jasmine walks up to me, you bi*** shut up! we were whispering about you and i deserve to be adopted before you do she sneers, i look he in the eye and say you haven't gone through a quarter as munch in your life as i have in mine i say, oh poor you your parents died in a car crash i say,


try being brutily beaten everyday, cut with knives, broken glass, and being stuffed into a stuffy room while my supposed parents went out and got drunk, then came home and beat me with knives, i was almost killed, stabbed many times, and taken to the hospital once after, 12 years of being beaten, the cuts are still there because every time i was beaten and cut they re traced the old words, happy now, you had a perfect life until poor you, your parents died in a car crash, think about how almost every other person in this place has had a worse life than you then you can compare, don't pity me if anything i pity you, you walk around here with your snotty little nose held high thinking your queen s*** so stop acting like it, i say shaking my head at her

she opens her mouth to retaliate but closes her mouth and says, when you come back, you can show the scars, then walks away, Jasmine, i call she turns then walks back, what? she asks softly, you want to see the scars follow me she follows me to a room where i show her, her eyes are wide I'm sorry she says whatever i say  rolling my eyes and walking out, you ready to go? one asks i nod, and follow them to a car, so that's why you were there, one says quietly, i nod they all look at me and say what words? it's to hard to say i answer with tears in my eyes, aww don't cry one says hugging me, i smile at him, and say i cant tell you it hurts i get flash backs they nod, can you show us, i nod, ok when we get back will you show us the scars, i nod some of them others i cant really show people i say, they nod, I'm so sorry one beside me says pulling me into a hug i hug back and smile after the hug, well you know my name whats yours? i ask or what do i call you? I'm Louis and I'd like it if you called me dad the one that was speaking French with me said i nod ok I'll do my best to remember that, and I'm guessing i call you guess uncle? none of you are gay right? i ask they all start laughing no but we're in a band, and yes you call us uncle he said still laughing, i shrug, I am Liam, he says i nod, I'm Niall the original one i met says i smile, I'm Zayn the quietest one says, I'm Harry the one that hugged me says, ok so I'll remember that all i say smiling, they nod happily, we're here someone from the front says, they all get out and i follow them, they lead me into a huge house, they lead me into a living room, now can you show us those scars? i nod and lift my shirt a bit, i sopped before my chest, they all studied the scars, they looked at my back, once they studied my stomach and back with teary eyes, i roll up my sweat pants so they could see the scars on my legs, then i take my sweater off so they can see my arms, then i know i regret it i hear a gasp and i look at my arms and remember that horrible day, i was forced to get a tattoo, I look old for my age, he passed me off as a small 16 year old and i was forced to get a tattoo that says hated, then beside it the same word was cut into me, they studied it then i felt someone touch the scar that says ugly, then the one that says fat, and finally the one that says worthless, all of which are on my stomach, why would they do this to you? one asked, i don't know uncle Niall i say, i feel really sad right now, and oh no not a flash back


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