Cold Blooded

Warning: Sexual content may arise in fanfic foul language may also appear.
Harry starts at London's best Art Academy when he sets he devilish sights on the Academy's best student Koti, "“There is nothing better than a girl that screams when I touch her” I heard a familiar deep voice travel though my now fear filled body I opened my eyes instantly trying to free myself from his grip, but I couldn’t he had a hold of me tightly like letting go of me was never an option, he looked into my eyes before speaking."


2. Trouble

I couldn’t help but be distracted by the male presence next to me, I continuously saw him out the corner of my eye staring at me, I began getting annoyed by whatever he was trying to do to me and gained the confidence to actually say something.

“Can I help you with anything? Like maybe teaching you not to stare at people” I questioned him, my outburst not even shocking him I hadn’t realized how loud I’d spoken to him only realizing once my teacher confronted me.

“Excuse me Dakota Green” my eyes shot up to meet my teachers hearing my full name announced to the whole class clearly he was in a bad mood, my parents only ever called me Dakota when I was in trouble and clearly teachers use the same tactics as parents.

“I-I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to interrupt your class” I said still in complete shock as to the fact I Koti were getting into trouble I don’t even think when I was in year one I’d ever gotten into trouble and now a college student, getting into trouble still frightened me, he turned away and continued his lesson but I could still feel the male’s eyes on me, he was absolutely ignorant to the fact he was irritating me.

When class had finished I shot up out of my seat trying to get out of this class as soon as possible, I raced to my next lesson, Art, I walked into the room filled with art students, this subject probably being my weakest one, I sat upon one of the chairs I always sat at and within a matter of seconds Cherrie was sitting by me.

“Hey cutie, how was your holiday?” she asked, she had this innocents about her when she spoke, but there was absolutely nothing innocent about this girl, she was wild the kind of girl many boys have tried to tame but ended up hurt in the end, we have an odd friendship we always get ask questions like “How are you two even friends you are complete opposites?” but we have been friends since we were two years old, our mum’s went to school together.

“It was great so much sunshine and so many beautiful people with brilliant accents it’s crazy how beautiful and tanned the boys are over there” I laughed at what I’d told her and she joined in with me.

“Oh speaking of tanned boys, have you ran into the new hottie at college?” she asked curiously, I wasn’t sure of the “hottie” she was referring too so I look like her for more details.

“Oh you know, curly brown hair it flops over his face, he has the most mesmerizing green eyes I’ve ever seen and he, well Koti he is just lush” as she began describing this boy she spoke of, It all came flowing back my actions in music class I turned to Cherrie with anger burning in my eyes.

“Let’s not talk about him yeah?” I snapped slightly not caring how rude I sounded because he absolutely infuriated me.

“Why not surely you can spot a hottie and trust me he is a hottie babe”

“Of course I can spot a cute boy, but I can also spot a cute boy with an arrogant and dim-witted personality and trust me he has that, what’s his story anyways?” I asked a little intrigued by this rude boy I’d met not so long ago.

“Umm well he’s 19 he’s from Holmes Chapel and he’s quite the ladies man, he’s only being here for a couple of weeks actually and apparently he’s already slept with several girls form campus” she stated.

“You know Dakota if you wanted to know anything about me all you had to do was ask me, I’d be honest with you trust me I’m not as arrogant and dim-witted as you portray me as” he smirked at me slinging his arm around my shoulder, his actions taking me by surprise.

“Well Mr. Not so arrogant and dim-witted remember not to call me Dakota again its Koti, do you think you can process this much information?” I replied sarcastically, he didn’t say anything instead he removed his hand from around my shoulder and took a seat next to me once again, this time placing a hand on my thigh slowly rubbing it along my exposed thigh before I smacked his hand away.

“What do you think you are doing?” I snapped.

“Oh I’m sorry you don’t even know my name, I shouldn’t have attempted to do that until I at least gave you that right?” he said winking at me.

“Well actually you shouldn’t have attempted that at all thank you very much” I was getting so angry, he had me at boiling point.

“Harry & Koti can we please zip it thank you, I’d like to begin my lesson” Mrs. Lockburn asked looking in my direction, this was the second time he’d managed to get me into trouble and the morning wasn’t even over, I just hopped I didn’t have any more classes with this horrible trouble maker.

The day came to a close as afternoon feel on us quickly and swiftly, I’d stayed back in the library doing some of my history paper for a few hours it was getting late and I was getting rather tried, I pulled my USB from my back and plugged it into the Library computers, I saved my work to it and closed everything down then turned the computer itself off entirely, as I began to walk out of the library I heard a noise behind me, this library scared the life out of me all the time, if it wasn’t the creepy librarian working it was a random book flying off the shelves or a huge creak that would come from someone in the library, which describes the noise I just heard perfectly, it was as though someone had just stepped onto a creaky floorboard I’d stopped and turned around to see if I could see anything but I saw nothing, I turned back around in the direction I was walking only to be yank to the side down into one of the isles of books, I let out a sheik and I could feel the fear wash through my body and my eyes closed tightly.

“There is nothing better than a girl that screams when I touch her” I heard a familiar deep voice travel though my now fear filled body I opened my eyes instantly trying to free myself from his grip, but I couldn’t he had a hold of me tightly like letting go of me was never an option, he looked into my eyes before speaking.

“So you like to be called Koti hmm?” he asked all I could do was nod my head In fear if I spoke my attitude would take over and he’d do something to hurt me, I feared this boy, does he seriously want to be feared? Is that his game I couldn’t understand what he was trying to do and it begun to frustrate me.

“Where’s your phone Koti?” he asked sternly, what did he have plans on doing to me, more fear washed through my entirety.

“I-In my b-bag” I stuttered, one of his hands released me as he searched through my bag taking out my phone, his other hand had moved to my waist.

“Thanks” he said as he fiddled with my phone his voice now a whisper instead of his frightening low voice, once done he’d locked my phone and placed it in my front left pocket of my shorts, he then placed his other hand on my waist and pulled me in closer to him, he leant down his head fitting into the crook of my neck, as I felt small kisses being placed delicately across my neck and shoulder, my eyes closing at the contact he was so gentle, as rough as he was just being me, this was nothing like it at all he was so gentle and each kiss he left lingered, my eyes fluttered open as he lifted his head slightly.

“I’m nowhere near done with you Koti” he whispered into my ear before melting his lips to mine, his small comment snapping me back to the harsh reality that’s he’d held me here without my permission, he pulled away from my lips as I hadn’t bothered to kiss back winking at me then turning his back to me and proceeding to swiftly make his way out of the building.


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