Cold Blooded

Warning: Sexual content may arise in fanfic foul language may also appear.
Harry starts at London's best Art Academy when he sets he devilish sights on the Academy's best student Koti, "“There is nothing better than a girl that screams when I touch her” I heard a familiar deep voice travel though my now fear filled body I opened my eyes instantly trying to free myself from his grip, but I couldn’t he had a hold of me tightly like letting go of me was never an option, he looked into my eyes before speaking."


4. Not a Chance… Maybe a Small Chance

My little brother was really independent all he needed was someone to just watch him in case he hurt himself, we were in the lounge room Declan on the floor with his superhero toy’s and I was on the sofa watching Skins season one, I was up to episode two when I heard a knock at my front door, I was hesitant about answering it because it was dark outside, I got up and made my way over to my front door, it’s time like these I wish my front door had a peephole, I pulled the door open and saw a towering figure in front of me, bringing back to my mind what had happened at school today.

“What are you doing here? You can’t be here” I stated as I attempted to walk out not wanting to let him inside.

“I told you today”

“Well you can’t be here”

“What a shame I’m already here than” he said pushing the door behind me open and walking past me inside, I quickly turned on my heels and rushed inside throwing myself in front of him.

“I said you can’t be here Harry and I mean it, so can you please just leave” I asked as I threw my hands against his chest to stop him from progressing further.

“I came here to see you, and I’m not leaving early without anything in return, so unless you are willing to give me something else that I want then I’m not leaving” he said smiling as me as he placed his large hands around my wrists forcing them down from his chest he brushed past me but before he could get to far away I quickly turned on my heels.

“What do you want than?”

“To spend some time with you”

“No I mean. what I would need to give you to get you to leave, because you really can’t be here Harry” he stood there thinking about my question before a smirk arose on his face.

“A kiss”

“Not a chance”

“Then get comfortable because I’m not leaving” he said flashing me his dimpled smile.


“Fine?” he said almost asking.

“Yes, fine I’ll kiss you” I watched as his eyebrows rose.

“You really don’t want to be alone with me do you?” he said as he walked closer towards me.

“I-I. you can’t be here” I stuttered.


“Because when my parents get home they won’t be happy at all”

“Then kiss me and I’m gone” he whispered, his face inches from mine, I was so nervous, I shouldn’t be this nervous, I shouldn’t feel anything, c’mon Koti one kiss and he will leave, he face slowly moving closer to mine, I closed the gap forcing my lips to his, our lips moving perfectly together, I didn’t expect the feeling I felt in my stomach while our lips moved in sync, I quickly pulled away not wanting him to think anything, I couldn’t speak instead I turned around and moved towards the front door holding it open and gesturing him to leave.

“You still want me to leave?” he asked almost in shock as though he had some plan going on inside his head, still not being able to form even a sentence I just nodded my head, he complied with our deal and made his way out the door, I closed the door almost instantly as soon as I saw I was alone I released the smile I’d held onto I walked into the living room still sporting my huge smile, I noticed Declan was asleep, I scooped him up and began to walk towards his bedroom when I heard a knock on the door again I was in come kind of state of mind and I didn’t think when I approached the door swinging it open revealing the towering figure I recognized as Harry.

“What’re…” he cut me off pressing his lips to mine, while I still had my brother in my arms Harry arms wrapped around my waist and forced me backwards back inside my house, I heard his foot make contact with the door as he kicked it shut behind us, his arms dropped from around my waist and I felt his hands wrap around Declan as he pulled him from me, my little brother waking up instantly, although not bothering to cry Harry walked away from me and took Declan into the living room, sitting on the floor with him, Declan seemed so excited that someone was going to play with him he pretty much threw one of his superheroes at Harry telling him he can be Captain America, I watched him as he interacted with Declan all his interest being kept on my now excited brother, I went and took a seat in the living room still unsure of how this even happened.

“Harry what is your aim right now? Like I just can’t figure out what on earth you want with me? You were a dick to me at college you then frightened me in the Library and, well now you are in my fucking house as though nothing happened” drawing his attention away from my brother with the words I’d spoken, his head spun to look at me, using his hands to push his entirety up, his eyes burning into mine.

“I frightened you?”

“Clearly, how would you like to have been in my shoes that night and have someone do that to you, it was cruel” I snapped he chuckled slightly.

“Sorry about that then I guess” I rolled my eyes at him and returned my eyes to my brother, he was fighting to keep himself away, he must have been so tired, I got up from where I sat and walked over to my brother picking him up positioning him on my left hip.

“I’m sure you can manage to let yourself out” I said as I walked towards my little brothers bedroom placing him in his bed, he was so tired he didn’t even fight to get out of his bed today he curled up as I pulled his blankets over him to keep him warm during the night. I turned around and walked out of Declan’s bedroom and back to the living room to watch some telly and take to Facebook as I do every night, I threw myself on my lounge picking up my phone from the coffee table in front of me.

“Wanna watch a movie?” my head snapped up from my phone and turned to where the voice had travelled from only to meet Harry standing in my living room door way, I rolled my eyes at the sight of him.

“Can you just leave please” I begged.

“Nope, let me try something?” he asked.

“Try what?”

“Just let me try it Koti, alright?” I didn’t say anything further something inside me took over and I allowed him to try whatever it was he wanted to try, he walked into my living room and straight over to my TV putting a DVD he had obviously picked out he then proceeded to walk over to the sofa I was sat upon and placed himself next to me.

“I still don’t get what you are trying?” I asked slightly confused.

“Shh, just watch the movie alright” I frowned at his response but did as he asked I turned my attention to the TV, I raised an eyebrow at what he’d put on turning my head back to face him.

“The Lion King, really?” I asked completely in shock at his choice, he just flashed me his dimpled grin and guided my face back to the TV with his hand, he then shuffled closer to me and pulled me into him.

“Greatest love story” he whispered into my ear.


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