Cold Blooded

Warning: Sexual content may arise in fanfic foul language may also appear.
Harry starts at London's best Art Academy when he sets he devilish sights on the Academy's best student Koti, "“There is nothing better than a girl that screams when I touch her” I heard a familiar deep voice travel though my now fear filled body I opened my eyes instantly trying to free myself from his grip, but I couldn’t he had a hold of me tightly like letting go of me was never an option, he looked into my eyes before speaking."


3. My Brothers New Friend

I managed to get home safely after my frightening experience I’d just had I’d never feared a young boy before like I feared him, he had this presences about him this horrible presences, I walked through my front door only to be greeted by my mum’s voice it rang down the halls from the kitchen, in the kitchen sat my mum, dad and Declan my baby brother.

“Where’s Luke?” I asked noticing instantly that he wasn’t home yet, after the experience I just had I only feared the worst.

“He’s out with a friend he met while we were out of town” I didn’t ask any further questions as I just wanted to go to bed, I walked out of the room and straight up to my bedroom stripping myself of my clothing and crawling straight into bed I heard my phone buzz so instinctively I rolled out of bed pulling my phone from my bag.

“Hey cutie which window is yours? I need to make sure I’m sneaking into the right one later ;)” the number wasn’t coded into my phone but the wording in this message was enough to reveal to me who it was, it was Harry. I heard my brothers voice travel through the halls of my house giving me a reassuring feeling in my stomach, I quickly jumped out of bed slinging an oversized shirt from my wardrobe on over my head as I raced out of my room.

“Luke, hi” I yelled as I wrapped my arms around him.

“I missed you buddy” I continued as he kissed the top of my head, my older brother was the one person I could count on to trust, he was as loving and caring as cat, well cats aren’t always loving and caring but I’m sure you catch my drift here.

“I missed you too Koti, oh by the way, this is Harry everyone” Luke announced to my whole family, I slowly pried myself from Luke’s body only to see the towering male that had given me the biggest fright in the college library earlier.

“I should go put some pants on” I stated quietly to myself and Luke as I eyed the male standing in my door way, I turned away racing up the stairs, I didn’t want to go back down to my living room to face him but I knew I’d have to, I pulled on a pair on my pajama shorts turning on my heels to walk towards my door, I saw my door handle slowly turn and I began to freak out, my door slowly creaking open, I jumped straight onto my bed, as I turned around I saw him sitting there in my door way, he briskly walked straight into my room as though he had been invited in making sure to close my door behind him.

“Excuse me can you please leave” I asked now under the covers of my bed hoping my newly found confidence towards him would cause him to leave my room but it didn’t he wandered over to my bed standing beside where I lay under the covers.

“You know when I met your brother I had no idea I’d end up finding his sister to be so fucking sexy, do you have any idea what a girl with looks like yours does to a boy” he asked me as he pulled my covers from my body, my shirt had rolled up slightly revealing my stomach, brushing his fingers across my exposed skin, he climbed onto my bed positioning himself with one leg on either side of my body.

“Please don’t do this” I whimpered.

“What on earth do you think I’m going to do? Rape you?” he angrily questioned me. “Well… umm…” I hesitated.

“Koti, there is no way I’d ever hurt a girl, let alone a girl as beautiful as you” I removed his position from me climbing off my bed entirely lending me a hand to help me out also.

“Reply to my message alright”

“You are not sneaking into my bedroom tonight”

“No just reply to it alright” he paused “Wait are you implying I can sneak in another night?” he winked at me this time.

“Let me go, no you cannot, not at all” the random outbursts of confidence I got never seem to take him by surprise it was as though he knew that, that was something I did so it just never took him by surprise like I expect it to each time. The night came to a close and finally Harry had left, I walked up to my bedroom once again as I walked in I saw my phone screen light up once again, I walked across my room to my bed taking my phone in my hand as I flipped into my bed.

“Did you change your mind? I can try and sneak in now if you’d like?” he was absolutely vulgar.

“No at chance buddy, go an find someone else willing to get into your pants, because honestly I’m far from interested” I replied before locking my phone and closing my eyes, moments later the buzz from my phone going off once again alarmed me, but I ignored it instead I closed my eyes again and drifted off to sleep. I woke up bright and early this morning throwing on my warmest clothes and walking down stairs.

“Koti do you mind watching Declan tonight baby?” I heard my mum ask me as I walked by the kitchen.

“Yeah sure” I stated as I opened the front door and made my way to college. The halls were quiet today, the only thing I could hear was the voice I heard yesterday which lead to… well actually it lead to all the events of yesterday, I had music again first up today and clearly that was where his voice was coming from once again, I opened the door to my classroom and took a seat where I’d sat yesterday.

“Good morning, aren’t you an early bird, or are you just eager to see me” he winked, I rolled my eyes at his vulgar comments and pulled out my phone.

“So Koti, what are we doing tonight?” his words echoed through my body as he took a seat by me.

“Nothing actually, I don’t want to do anything with you”

“Great I’ll pick you up at 7” he stated just as my teacher walked in, not long after 10 other students filed in.

“What part of what I said didn’t you understand?”

“I didn’t ask you to do something with me, I asked you what we were doing, so you can either choose what we do or you can deal with whatever I plan cutie” he smirked at me, I ignored what he had said I grabbed my bag and stood up just as I was about to move to another table, I felt him grab my arm and yank me back down in my seat.

“What do you think you are doing? And what makes you think Luke will be okay with you taking me anywhere?”

“I’m keeping you close by beautiful” he winked.

“Luke’s totally fine with it, we were talking about you last night actually” he continued with a smirk plastered on his face, I frowned at his words, why would my brother be okay with anything like that I couldn’t believe it, I was actually hurt Luke would do this to me but I guess Luke probably had no idea he was even like this, that Harry had a way of making me fear him.

“Also, when I said we are doing nothing tonight I meant it I have to babysit tonight, such a shame really I mean how anyone could pass up a night with you is crazy right?” I said with sarcasm in my voice.

“Great you choose something for us to do I’ll be at your place at 7” he smiled revealing his dimples, I’d never noticed them before, they’re actually really cute.

“You have dim…” I cut myself off I couldn’t allow myself to mention anything nice about him, everything about his exterior was lush, but everything inside was distasteful and ill-mannered.

“Dimples? Yes I do, I’m glad you noticed, Luke said you have a thing for boys with dimples, maybe I need to show you them more often, I might get further than these boring conversations” he said flashing his dimpled smile at me, he was right I did have an attraction to boys with dimples, how could anyone not.

My day progressed slowly, but it eventually got there, my parents weren’t leaving the house until 6:30 tonight so I had all of half an hour to myself before I’d be disturbed by the rancid but extremely good looking boy from college, as annoying as this boys was, those dimples I’d seen today, I couldn’t help but find him even slightly attractive.


Harry with a little kid in the next chapter who's excited for that?
seeing Harry Styles with children makes me want to
Cry or rip my eyes out, just far too perfect that boys is oh god.

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