Cold Blooded

Warning: Sexual content may arise in fanfic foul language may also appear.
Harry starts at London's best Art Academy when he sets he devilish sights on the Academy's best student Koti, "“There is nothing better than a girl that screams when I touch her” I heard a familiar deep voice travel though my now fear filled body I opened my eyes instantly trying to free myself from his grip, but I couldn’t he had a hold of me tightly like letting go of me was never an option, he looked into my eyes before speaking."


1. Are You New Here?

I walked into College for the first time in a month I hadn’t been at college because my family decided to go on a trip to Australia I missed being home in London though, as I walked through the doors, I had music up first this morning, I scrolled through the halls slowing down when I heard the voice of a male coming from one of the class rooms his voice was accompanied by a guitar I began looking through the glass on the classroom doors trying to find who it was I came to a holt when I saw an unfamiliar male sat upon a table in my music class his fingers strumming the guitar he had firmly in his hands, he had a mop of brown curls flopping over his face, I subconsciously opened the door, only focusing on the noise I was hearing come from his mouth and from the instrument in his hands, his head flicked over to me.

“Are you new here?” he asked me in a harsh tone bringing me back to reality realizing I’d just interrupted him.

“Erm… no, I have music in here in” I checked my watch “in 5 minutes” I said as I walked further into the classroom he didn’t say another word to me instead he turned his head back to his guitar and began strumming at the strings again as the voice I’d heard down the hall started again.

“You have quite a beautiful voice” I announced as I took a seat at one of the table in the classroom he didn’t bother saying anything he turned his head towards where I sat giving me a small cheeky smirk, winking at me as he turned his head back to the guitar he still had in his hand, a few more people walked into the classroom along with the teacher.

“Mr Styles I shouldn’t have to remind you every day not to sit on the table, they are not for your backside, off now thank you” he smiled at our teacher not saying anything, clearly he was a man of few words, he hopped off the table and began walking in my direction, the table he was on was still empty in fact the whole room was still empty minus the couple of people that walked in with the teacher, but he choose to take a seat next to me I looked over at him curious and waiting for him to explain but he said nothing instead I heard more people walk into the room and my teacher began his lesson.


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