Can she be saved?

I need to find this human. I feel drawn to her. Like need her. I want to meet her, and I will. I promise my self. I'm going to find her
He pushes me against an tree. I drop the rose. He watches it. And see's. The rose turns back red. He stops. And let's go of me. He bends down to get the rose.Then I run.
What's the secret she keep's only you and her know but will he find out. He could kill her. But does he.


3. Red Wolf



Chapter Three

Red Wolf


I stood there. Holding the now red rose. She ran. I had my chance and I below it. She was just so... Cute? Amazing? Beautiful. She was everything. Beautiful. I found her she was real not just some dream. I ran back to the palce. "Mum! Dad!" They come down the stairs.

"What Luke?" Mum asked.

"I met this girl the one in my dreams." They didn't know there's an secret just an girl. "Well she ran off. I want her to be mine." I said. Dad nodded. Mum shook her head.

"You can't do that. You can't rush love."

"I know but if you make her be mine she will fall in love with me. She left this." I gave Mum the rose. She gasped. "What Mum?"

"What did you say before she dropped this?" She asked

"I asked her what her name was."

"Red." Mum mumbled. Then she speaks up. "I'm sorry Luke I can't do that. Not to her."

"Why Mum?"

"Secret's Luke. She was my best friends daughter. My best friend and her partner are dead because of us. Because of our kind."

"What do you mean by 'Secret's'?" I asked an bit worried.

"My best friends secret's. Her daughters secrets. I know them Luke. The girl. She's like an daughter to me. She will only talk to her parents. Someone torturer her after an year. An year of her not speaking. She didn't ask them to stop, she didn't scream. I made them stop. I got her to talk by getting them to stop doing what they were doing to her. She said thank you. I have her trust. Her respect. I know what she want's. She want's us, our kind dead. But she wont, she believes in me. That some people still have feelings." I was shocked, so was Dad. "And no one's going to hurt her." Mum said walking off. I looked at Dad again. He walked off. Mum knows her secret. I tried to make her talk I made thinks worst. Then Mum walked out the door. I followed her. She stopped at the grave grave yard. The girl my girl was there. "Hey Red." Mum said walking  slowly up the girl. She stopped five feet away until the girl spoke up. "Hey L" Her voice was like magic. But then I realized her hair was red again.

"How are you getting along?"

"I turned the other day. Scary. It was funny. I came back here. And you came. God it's good to talk again." She sighed lying down.

"What were you this time?"

"Werewolf. By the way, sorry."

"It's OK." What was she sorry about? She turned into an werewolf? What do they mean this time?

"I wish I could talk to you all the time. I'm glad you and her were friends. You're like my second Mum."

"I am like your Mum only..." Mum sighed. "I can't help you with this. Anyhow. My son Luke say's he seen you today?"

"Yeah tried to force me to talk. Tell him I said good luck with that." She chuckled.

"Red you look scared."

"L, can I be saved?"
"From what?"

"My self." Mum nodded.

"I hope so Hun. I hope so."  When Mum was gone. I watched Red some more. She was sitting there. I was about to leave when she said. "I hope so too" She stood up. And then I couldn't move she had changed into an red wolf. She lowered her head near her parents and ran off. I sat their for an bit longer. She was full of secrets, so is Mum.

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