Can she be saved?

I need to find this human. I feel drawn to her. Like need her. I want to meet her, and I will. I promise my self. I'm going to find her
He pushes me against an tree. I drop the rose. He watches it. And see's. The rose turns back red. He stops. And let's go of me. He bends down to get the rose.Then I run.
What's the secret she keep's only you and her know but will he find out. He could kill her. But does he.


2. Black Rose



Chapter Two

Black Rose


I walk down the path. To the forest. It was the last place me and my parent's were together. As an family. As friends. As if the world was filled with happiness. But they left me because of them. If they never came ere everything would be normal. People say it was there fate, my fate. Yeah, because watching my parents getting their life sucked out of them was their fate and my fate to watch. Yeah, it don't believe in fate. Some say their life is unfair. Try living in my life. Because it is really fair to be able to watch the people you love the most have their life sucked out of them by Vampires. Apparently I'm lucky to get out alive. But I would say I had an bit of luck. But no anymore. I visit them everyday. But right now I'm sitting in school. At the back of the class. Not talking to anyone. I only talk when visit them. After an year of not talking, someone hired an Vampire torturer me. But it didn't work. No matter what they did. They cut me, hit me, screamed at me, they once shoot me with an gun. I wouldn't ask them to stop. I wouldn't scream for help. I would just lie there. They made it worst by getting them to do that stuff to me. They didn't realized that my parent's died because of Vampires. And getting an Vampire to beat me. I have an secret. Not like that. Not them dumb secrets by that I mean 'Ohhh I have this secret I like this boy'' type secrets. No ones that could get me killed. I'm an different race. I'm an Copier. I'm was really born an Seer. I had purple eye's.. An Seer is some one who can sense death. But can't stop it unless I have an mate, an friend, someone to help me. I'm a witch. An vampire. Werewolf. An Changer. An Mara, and the list goes on. But for thoughs who don't know. An Copier is an race. Were I can copy people's powers. I've already said what an Seer is and I'm guessing you know what an Vampire, Witch, and an Werewolf is. So an Changer is an person who can change things. Like eye's, I changed my eye's from purple to green. So I could act normal. I change my hair. From red to black. And roses I give my parents I walk there with all red roses. And leave with one black rose. An Mara is someone who can read fears. And give people nightmares. So their you know my secret. I'm not as normal and human as you think. I never will be. Then the bell goes. And we get up to leave. I walk through the forest again. Going back to them. I visit before and after school. I sit next to them. I lye down. Looking at the sky. The sky is black. Not an dark blue. Black. I like it that way. The stars stick out more. It's beautiful. I spot an shooting star. I chuckle. The last time I seen an shooting star was when me and Mum were out side, Dad was at work.

The sky was black. Me and Mum were lying down side by side. Smiling. Whispering secret's. Dumb secrets. I told her about the boy's I liked and she told me. "Red? I've got an secret." I sat up on my elbows to look at her. "I hide to cookie jar behide the tins of soup." She covered her mouth with her hands. "Ooops." She said like she wasn't meant to tell me. I ran in the house and came back out with the cookie jar. We lye back down. Looking at the stars again listening to the sounds of the night. Then I pointed out the shooting star. And she whispered in my ear. "One day, you're going to shine as bright as that star maybe brighter. You're gong to fly in the sky. You're going to fly high." And she walked back in side the house. She stopped at the door. "Next time you see that star. Will be the day you're life will change for the best."

 I smile. The star. Our star. That memories was 5 years ago. Five years to day. I was happy for the first time ever. In four years. I stood up and turned around. I don't know why I did. But it was the worst mistake ever. The vampire prince was standing right. He wasn't talking. I walked off. Holding the black rose. "Wait!" He called out. I stood still not turning around. "What's your name?" I stood there not looking at him. "We can stand here all night if we have to. What's your name?" I sat down. He sat down as well. He lay down. I quickly stood up and walked off. But he was still following me. So I walk the wrong way home. He will never know were I live. After about 30 minutes he realized. "Were going in circles. aren't we?" I didn't say anything. "Say something!" He yells. When I don't reply. He pushes me against an tree. I drop the rose. He watches it. And see's. The rose turns back red. He stops. And let's go of me. He bends down to get the rose. Then I run.

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