Killing the Dead

Eris has always felt weird, out of place, and lost in her life. She is alone, apart from her brother Ciel, because of her eyes (left eye purple, right blue) and her unfriendlyness. But she is deadly smart, cunning, clever and curious. One day her curiosity goes too far...and she is sent into the world where the humans kill the dead...otherwise known as the Dead Hunters!


3. Winking & Dissapearing


 The next day was a Saturday. I woke up a 6 am, peed, slept for five more hours, woke up, puffed the curly strawberry blonde hair out of my eye, and went downstairs to discover my brother had prepared breakfast. He was playing video games in the living room, eating licorice. My licorice. I snatch it out of his mouth.

     "Hey!" he says, surprised.
     "Hey yourself," I tell him. "Don't go around stealing my licorice, Ciel. Other people are fine, just not my licorice."

     I have breakfast. It's funny how I'm the older one of the siblings, and the girl, but Ciel, who is 6 years my junior, is much more talented than I in culinary arts. He's incredible. The only thing he doesn't beat me in is academics and tallness. His looks are better than mine. He's skinnier than me. He's the kind of person who is short, skinny and really wise. Last week he walked around the town saying 'Keep the faith' to everyone. And in a way, they listened to him.

 After I clean my plate with my tongue, I puff the curls out of my eye, put on my jacket and ready myself to go out like I usually do on weekends. "Wear the thicker sweater," says Ciel, not taking his eyes off the screen. "Forecast says it's cold out." I obey, and leave the door. See, when our single mom abandoned us, I took a vow of silence for a few weeks (Ciel took a vow of weeping). The first thing I said when I was ready to talk again was "Ciel, I'm going for a walk." It was a Saturday that day. He asked why, and I said I had to. He asked if it was to find mom, I said no. It was to find the part of me that was missing, and that it wasn't mom. I went. And I did this for three years straight, and I've found nothing.

     Today, however, I wanted to check out the forest near our house. When I saw Axel Maddox there, he did more than just watch me. He winked at me. Then he was gone. Fled into the forest, I assumed. Was he there the whole time he wasn't at school? Does he live there, I wondered. I was going there to check it out.

     They had a nature trail in the forest. I followed the path for about 15 minutes. The environment was serene, pretty. That's nature for ya. Everything was going fine, until I started to hear the Noises for the first time. I stop in my tracks, confused, looking around. The Noises sounded like someone panting, rummaging through desks and draws, falling down stairs and whispering words that you hear but can't understand, all at the same time. Alarmed and frightened, I back up a little. The sounds seemed to get louder and louder. Trying to run, I trip on a small log behind me. Then the voice screamed.

     I get up to run, but a loud voice commands, "Stay down!" Before I knew what was happening, I obey the voice and stay down, watching the tree to my left fall to the ground.

     I stare at it, then I scream. The Noises were fading away. I lay down, resting my head on the log, and close my eyes. I stay that way for about a minute, then I begin to have to strange growing sensation that I'm being watched. My eyes burst open, and there is Axel Maddox standing above me. I stare at him for a second. Then he turns and bolts away. Confused, I watch him, then shake myself up and run up after him.

     "Hey!" I yell. He looks behind him and his eyes widen at the sight of me, and he runs faster. "Hey!" I shout louder. That joke...that thing he did...that was not cool. It was blood-curdling. And I intended to tell him so.

  We ran through mud and swiveled through trees. He expected me to get lost; I would do no such thing. I guess I'm faster than he thought I would be. After about another minute, Axel Maddox did a strange thing. He turned back around, yelled "I'm sorry for this!" and threw something at me. Expecting a grenade, I dash to the side and hide behind a tree, far from the landing spot. It wasn't a grenade. It opened and revealed itself as a smoke bomb. But this wasn't regular smoke. It was black colored smoke, dead black. It spread quickly. I couldn't see anything. Not even my hand in front of my face.

 Coughing, I bolt forward, not caring whether I could see or not. I ran faster than I ever needed to before. Then at last, I dived into the ground, log-rolling my way away from the smoke. At last, I could see again, even if it was just a little bit. I prop my back onto a nearby tree, panting and coughing. Then I see the next strange thing of the day.

 A red-haired figure, Maddox, walked into a little field of trees. Then a blue flash of light glowed in the trees, a bright light. Next thing I knew, Axel Maddox was gone.


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