Killing the Dead

Eris has always felt weird, out of place, and lost in her life. She is alone, apart from her brother Ciel, because of her eyes (left eye purple, right blue) and her unfriendlyness. But she is deadly smart, cunning, clever and curious. One day her curiosity goes too far...and she is sent into the world where the humans kill the dead...otherwise known as the Dead Hunters!


10. The Cool Dr. Tracy


What seemed like minutes to me, but was probably some hours, I finally wake up. I don't open my eyes yet, but I use my good arm to feel around, realizing I'm not on the moist bathroom floor anymore, but on a soft mattress. Maybe I'm at home, and I dreamed the whole thing. No. I move my other hand up and down, and my forearm stings. I have not dreamed anything. Then I start to hear voices. At first I think it's the Noises again, but then I realize it's a conversation, occurring not so far in front of me.

     "Don't worry, it's just her forearm. Yes, the cut is fairly deep and she's lost a lot of blood, but she'll be fine," says an unrecognizable male voice. 

      "Well, yeah, you keep saying that, but I feel real guilty, sir. I have no idea what she was doing in the bathroom, but she obviously meant no harm," came the voice of Axel Maddox. It was hard to believe it was him, since his voice was softer and more respecting then it was when he attacked me. "And another thing, sir. I've seen this girl before. I don't know her name, but I've seen her, in the Land of the Living. She goes to the same school I was positioned in. One day, she spilled Coke all over my shoes. You know how the school thinks I almost killed someone?"

     "Yes," says the voice I don't know.
     "Well, when she spilled the drink on my shoes, I decided to toy around with the cover that I was some juvenile delinquent. I tried to intimidate her, but she wasn't scared like the rest. She didn't even seem to know who I was. And then--she said this, sir,-- she said, 'Nice tattoo'. This girl could see it. She could see my marking."

     "Really?" asks the voice that IDK. "She could see it? And she's very much alive..."
     "She's not a Dead Hunter either, sir. What does it mean?" Ah. So only Dead Hunters and the grey people can see the chained squares. That makes sense as to why Ciel didn't know about it when he knows about everybody. But what did it make me? 

     Ciel! My God! How long have I been out? He must be looking for me! I can't believe I just forgot about him this whole time. My eyes burst open. I start to cough. The conversation outside me ends, and the unknown voice comes out and reveals himself, coming to my side. "Be careful, young lady, you might hurt your arm," he warns as his hand pushes my back as I sit up. I don't want him to touch me, so when I'm sitting upright I shrug him off. I look at the man. His hair was grey and he was growing a beard. He was fairly short for his age. He was alive. Behind him, I see someone I don't want to see. Axel. 
     The man says, "Hello, young lady," with a smile. I don't smile back. "It's nice to see you've waken up.  I'm Dr. Tracy. You're injury is deep, and it might become a scar as it heals, but ultimately you'll be okay. Is there anything you need?"

     I don't feel like talking, but I point to the auburn headed boy looking at me. "Out," I say to him. Both Dr. Tracy and Axel seemed surprised, but Tracy pushes him out. Axel's eyes watch me as he leaves. No expression. Well, I don't care. "Is that all?" asks Tracy. I shake my head. Slowly I tell him, "I need to get back home."

He raises his eyebrows. "Back home? To the Land of the Living? I know very well you know that this land is not normal, young lady. But i why would you come here in the first place if you knew that? Oh, and what is your name?" 

"Why do you have to know?"
He laughs. "Just a formality, that's all."
I study him. "Orcus. Eris Orcus."
He guffaws. "Eris Orcus? What a spectacular name! Two dwarf planets, living as one!" Tracy stops laughing. "So, why do you want to go back to the Land of the Living?"

    I hesitate. "My brother. He's home alone. I've been gone for so long he must be scared." Not scared for himself, but for me. And honestly I'm more scared that he's not with me. Everything's better with Ciel.

     Tracy smiles. "Ah, a little brother. And his name must have something to do with a sky, correct? Certainly translated into another language. Maybe, possibly, French?"

My eyes widen. "Ye...yes, h-how did you know that?" 
 "Ciel!" he says. "Ciel, what a wonderful name! Ciel Orcus. Well, we can't keep you here with Ciel Orcus home alone, can we? We must send you back at once! But, Eris--may I call you Eris?--I strongly advise you to never come here again."
     "You know why, don't you?" he continues. "I know this is your second time coming here. Or else you wouldn't have made it to the castle without being eaten by the dead surrounding you. However, I could not understand why they fled from you, but now I do. As I was bandaging your arm, I pulled back your hair. And I opened your eyes. I know about your heterochromia, which in he Land of the Living is probably normal, but here, with the dead, they are afraid of such a thing. As of why, I cannot tell you. I can see you're a very curious girl, and if I tell you, I can't guarantee your brother's safety at that point. So, tell me you won't come again."
     "I won't come again."
     He laughs. "Too curious, ah? I thought so. Just be very careful, Eris Orcus, be careful or something may happen." Tracy sighs. "Well, let's have a look at that wound." He takes my arm, slowly removing the bandages. Under his ear I can see the overlapping square chains.

     He carefully removes my bandages. Now I can see the whole wound. It's not like I remember. Now I see dried blood surrounding a long, red gash. Deep. Very deep. Apparently Tracy reads my mind. "Probably hit some bone, too," he mutters.


 I get my jacket back on, covering my gash the best I can. As I'm ready to leave the castle, however, Axel Maddox comes up behind me.

"Go away," I say, annoyed.
He exhales. "I just wanna say sorry."
 "Shut up," I say again.
 "Hey, I didn't mean it, alright? If I knew you were alive, I would have never-"
 "Nice talk." I leave the castle before he can follow me. I go through the town, the gardens, the entrance, enter the blinding light, come out of the glowing trees and walk home.

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