Killing the Dead

Eris has always felt weird, out of place, and lost in her life. She is alone, apart from her brother Ciel, because of her eyes (left eye purple, right blue) and her unfriendlyness. But she is deadly smart, cunning, clever and curious. One day her curiosity goes too far...and she is sent into the world where the humans kill the dead...otherwise known as the Dead Hunters!


7. My Plan in Action

So here's the plan I came up with:

     I would go back to the glowing trees, trace the replica of Axel Maddox's tattoo with my finger again and enter the realm of the grey people. But this time I would come prepared, with a knife in my back pocket. At first I thought it pointless, but then I thought, well, it would at least distract them a little if I struck a knife in a grey person's chest. Also this time, I won't run. If I run, I decided, they would sense my fear. I could just hope that the hypothesis was correct. Then, I would explore the castle, if I found a way to get in.

 There were two things I couldn't understand. 1) How did Axel Maddox enter the grey people's world, and why? Is he also a grey person? No, I think, as I recall his amber eyes and pale skin. He wasn't. But what business did he have in there? I couldn't put my finger on it. The other thing was, 2), was that I was utterly clueless about why the grey people had let me go, let alone flee from me. I remember their hungry faces as I looked back at them. They would've had me for sure. But they pulled made my hair, and they ran...fled. Were they afraid of my heterochromia? I laugh. Yeah. They're afraid of my blue/purple eyes. Like little kids. Right.

 The next day I wake up early and make my own breakfast. I load on my jacket, tie my curly, short strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail, almost forget my knife, puff the hair out of my eye and go out.

 I enter deep in the woods. The first few times I get lost, not really remembering how I got to the glowing trees. Then after a few more loop-DA-loops, I reach it. It's as fascinating as it was yesterday. I trace the squares on the sign, bear the Noises chanting in my ear, and the blinding light transports me to the warm, coal path I had landed on yesterday. I make my way through the rose garden, admiring the roses, but quickly this time. I ignore the gardener who I can see is staring at me in the corner of my eye. Then I snatch a look at her. This time I don't smile, but I give her a cold stare. She immediately goes back to work, like she never saw me.

 I pass the grey town I went through yesterday. I walk, not run. Almost like I'm taking a stroll through a park. I look behind me. No one is chasing or following me, in fact they seem to be ignoring me, walking around, quietly. I approach the mansion. It really did look like the Wicked Witch's castle, but in a beautiful way. An enchanting way. I cross the bridge to the gate. The moat below me, I'm not that surprised to find, is a grey color, splashing around with emptiness. I knock on the door and wait. And wait. And wait. But nothing happens. No one comes to the door. Then something so odd and weird occurs. I hear a tiny voice out of nowhere saying, "Go through the window."

I jump in surprise. I wasn't expecting anything like that. But Ciel said to expect the unexpected, so I regain my casualty and say, "Window? Which window?" I look around for the voice.

  "The one up there, of course." She sounds like a little girl.
  "Where? Come out, I can't see you," I say. 
  "...A-are you sure? Will you hurt me?" she says, obviously nervous and scared.
  I frown. "Why would I hurt you?"

Then, from my left, I see little feet appear. Little grey feet. "What I should be saying is, will you hurt me?" I say. Her feet comes out a bit farther. "No way. I would never hurt a Dead Hunter." Dead Hunter? What did she mean, dead hunter? The wannabe poem from the sign recites itself in my mind once again. Hunt the dead. Capture the dead. Kill the dead...I shake my head fast.

"Come out, I said. I'm not a Dead Hunter." Her feet jump backwards, obviously not expecting that. Then gradually, her whole body appears. She had grey skin, white eyes, and black, black hair. Her dress was ragged. As far as I could see, there were no injuries on her body. How did she die, I wonder, but then decide not to ask. She looked about as old as Ciel, who is 10. I smile at her.

"So, about the window..."
"Ah!" She exclaims, revealing a smile. Then she points up, to a small window on the left side of the castle. My jaw drops. That must be at least 100 meters high! How does she expect me to get there? The surprise must have shown on my face. Uh-oh. I forgot to expect the unexpected. The grey girl frowns. "You've never climbed something like that before?" I shake my head slightly, not taking my eyes off the window. "Are you a newbie? Is this not apart of training yet?" I make a face that convinces her I have no idea what she's talking about. "You're not a Dead're not dead...than what are you?"

I say, "I'm a normal person." She frowns, looking at me in confusion. I feel uncomfortable. Breaking the silence I say, "The window?" She directs me to the wall, the bricks sticking out. This didn't seem to hard. I just had to put my feet on the bricks and do the same with my hands, and pull myself up. The girl follows me. But instead of climbing, she walks sideways. I act like it's totally regular, and we climb in silence. I get sweaty thinking about falling down to the grey moat of water and my climbs slow. The girl is much faster than me, so she waits for me every five yards. Finally I say something. "He-hey, you. You haven't told me. What's your name?"

She glances at me, turns back and says,"Abelie."
"Abelie, huh? Is that French or something?"
"Huh." She doesn't seem very social, which I'm grateful for. I don't want to talk. But at least now I know her name is Abelie.

I've been so nervous about the climbing thing, it distracted me from realizing how far I'd gotten. Now I see that I've reached the sill to the window. I pull myself up and sit on it. Abelie turns to leave. I stop her. "Abelie." She turns and looks at me with no expression. "Thank you, for helping me get up here." I smile. Her nod is almost undetectable. She walks down again, then whips around and looks at me. "W-why..." It crosses my mind that Abelie could be over 90 years old. Then she says something that confuses me. "If you're not a Dead Hunter, and you're alive, than what are you?"

I'm taken aback. "I...I told you, I'm a regular person."
   "No, you're not," she says.
   "Yes, I am!"
   "Are you a Dead Hunter?"
   "Then that'd be impossible!"
   "What would be impossible?"
   "The only alive people here are the Dead Hunters!"

 I stare at her, astonished, but before I can ask anymore questions, Abelie runs away, leaving me on the sill too the castle.

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