Killing the Dead

Eris has always felt weird, out of place, and lost in her life. She is alone, apart from her brother Ciel, because of her eyes (left eye purple, right blue) and her unfriendlyness. But she is deadly smart, cunning, clever and curious. One day her curiosity goes too far...and she is sent into the world where the humans kill the dead...otherwise known as the Dead Hunters!


1. Bravery?

"You're a bullet, Ery," says my little brother for the tenth time. "You're ever so brave."

I really couldn't see what all the fuss was about. It wasn't a big deal. All I did was stand up for myself.

     So here's what happened.

I was attempting to open my locker before boarding the bus, minding my own business, like everyone else. The halls were full of their usual chatter and fuss. I was trying to open my locker but it wasn't working, because it wouldn't budge, no matter what I did. This was my locker, and the number I put in was right, so I assumed that this was some trick people were playing. I am a 'loser' target, after all, with my strawberry blonde bangs hanging over my left eye, and my quiet, shy demeanor. I look into the crack, and find gum stuck to the lock.

     Suddenly, I faintly registered in my mind, the hall became quiet. It wasn't my concern, so I continued to pick out the gum. Then I yanked the locker door open, and before I know it a bottle of Coke is falling on me. I dodge it, letting the liquid spill all over the floor behind me.

     Then I become aware that the whole hall is staring at me. Behind me, I hear a rough voice. "Ahem."

 I turn around to find a tall, red-haired boy standing in front of me, staring. He had a scar under his lip, which is the first thing I notice. His eyes looked tired and worn. The Coke had spilled on his shoes. He motions at them.

I look at them. "Ah," I say. "Sorry." I get my books from my locker, put them in my bag and turn to leave, only to find that the guy leaned closer, studying me. I attempt to walk away, but he slams his hands on the lockers around me, blocking any path.

He studies me silently. I do the same, calmly. Who does this guy think he is? I look around at his face. His eyes were amber. His skin was pale. On his ears, though not completely visible because of shaggy hair almost reached it, he had about three piercing. And under his ear was something I hadn't seen before. It was three overlapping squares, resembling a chain. I was curious about it. What did it symbolize?

"Nice tattoo," I said like nothing was wrong with it.Then the guy followed my eyes, saw what I was looking at, and backed up. He looked alarmed. Hurriedly, he ran to the school exit, going to God-knows-where. Calmly and quietly, I shut my locker, swing the bag over my shoulder, and exit as well, well aware of the gawking crowd that had formed behind me.

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