After the death

What happens after the death? Nobody know's...
This is my version.


2. The police arrived

<Written on my IPhone>
Police's POV.
We arrived the party. When people saw us comming they ran away, but that's not wierd. We are the police, nobody wants to get taken for drinking under age. Many people had left the party, but it was still many people there. The most of the people that still where here, standed in a circle, and when we came they all went to the side so we could see. 

Party girl's POV.
I was standing there and watched the body laying on the ground. What happend to her? The police arrived, but all the people around her didn't care. Drunk or not, we wanted to help. In my case I wasn't drunk, I had taken one shot before I saw her on the ground outside. Yeah, I called the police. People would hate me for this, but I couldn't care less... I wanted to help that poor girl. She was stabbed in the back with a knife. We all moved so the police could get closer to her and help her. They immediately call the ambulance. The ambulance came fast and they took her to the hospital.

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