After the death

What happens after the death? Nobody know's...
This is my version.


3. Lost in my mind

Doctor´s POV.

We hurried to the hospital, but her heart stopped on the way. We came to the hospital and kept trying to wake her up, but nothing happend. Her parents arrived. Her mother sat in the waiting room crying her eyes out when I came to tell her the bad news.

-Did she make it? Her mother cried.

-Well, that´s what I came to tell you about... I said and her mother looked on me with sadness in her eyes.

-She...She did make it, right? She asked. I heard the sadness in her voice.

-I, I´m so sorry Mrs.Olsen, but Amy didn´t make it. I´m so sorry about your loss. We did the best we can. I said. I feel so sorry for them. Mr.Olsen haven´t said anything yet, but I know he is sad and upset. I walked out of the room once again telling them how sorry I am. They didn´t say anything, but why should they, they just lost their daughter.

Amy´s POV.

What is happening with me. I don´t see or hear anything. Everything is a  big black nothing, it´s like I´m lost in my own mind or something. I looked around and saw a white light. I started to walk to it and as I got closer I heard voices. Familiar voices.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Thanks for reading my story, it´s my first so I´m not so good at this...

I´m from Norway so my english isn´t that good... Sorry if I writ wrong...

I´ll update more later...


XOXO Nathalie <3 

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