After the death

What happens after the death? Nobody know's...
This is my version.


4. BFF excuse...

Still Amy´s POV.

I walked into the white light. I saw nothing but my family just sitting there crying in a white nothing. I didn´t understand anything. What happend? Why do they cry? Then I saw it or I actually saw me. I-I was dead! I started to cry, what happend with me? Then I remembered... My best friend or the person I thought where my best friend, she back stabbed me with a knife... I knew she was drunk but how could she do something like that? I saw a person come into the room. She had mascara down her cheeks... It was her, my best friend. She was sad, I saw it in her eyes. She walked to my body and started to talk to me. I walked fast to her so I could hear what she said.

-"I´m so sorry Amy. I didn´t do it because I hate you, because I don´t . I did it because I was told to. My family has big problems right now and a guy would pay me alot of money if I did it. My family pushed me to do it because I can´t go to jail because of my age. I did´t mean it and I´m so sorry!" She cried. OMG, she did it becaus her family told her to! I´m going to do something with her family, once and for all.


I´m so sorry for not posting a new part lately... 

I´ve been beezy with things.

I´m not going to post a new part today I think, but I´m not sure.


Sorry if I write wrong or something, I´m not that good in english.

It means alot for me that you read my storie!

Thanks for reading and I´ll update as fast as I can!


XOXO Nathalie <3


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