As each and every human goes to sleep, they enter their subconscious mind. This is also known as Erebus, the place of dreams. Here you are able to solve problems in the human world while learning lessons in the dream world. If they are in need of assistance a momentary Grimm is assigned to guide and occasionally help their Dreamer. We welcome you to your dreamland, be careful to fall through the rabbit’s hole on your way out.
Welcome to the world of Grimms, guides to our subconscious minds and dreams. Fairytale characters will take you on the ride of your life and help you solve your problems, all before the sun rises. So lay down, close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.


2. Chapter 1

“Now, let’s look at your stats to see where you are hm?” a flower nearby opens up to project a screen with Marisa’s profile. Pictures, words, numbers explaining her life pop up. Hatter scrolls down to where a broken heart appears next to the picture of a baseball player.

“Matt Quincy broke your heart along with your relationship with Crystal. Your parents are always on trips; your cat hates you, well if your cat hates you you’re doing something extremely wrong.” She looks at Marisa in disapproval.

“Shut up!” Marisa yells flustered.

“Cats are soft fluffy creatures that deserve love. Take my cat for example, sure he pranks but he’s loyal as can be.” A dark purplish black cat appears and flies around Hatter like a snake.

“What’s this one Hatter? An Alice? Rapunzel? How about a Snow White, we haven’t had one of those in a while.” The cat asks with a wide grin. It flies closer to Marisa and hovers in her face.”

“Ches, time to go home.” Hatter crosses her arms. The cat sighs and poofs out of sight.

“Back to the point, we have to solve your problem before the sun comes up, I don’t like overtime.”

“Wait, what?” before Marisa understands what’s going on, a hole opens beneath them and they fall once more.

“Well looks like that cat was right, you are a Rapunzel.” I open my eyes to see Hatter sitting in a chair sipping tea.

“Rapunzel?” I tilt my head.

“Yup, the hair, the voice, the big rescue all of it. Whatever has happened in Reality will show up at one point here.” She stands up and walks to the window.

“And it looks like your first task has arrived.” I try to run to the window but trip over my hair.

“Marisa! Girl throw your hair down! I have the cutest outfit for you!” I crawl to the window and peer down. Crystal is there with a basket and a huge smile.

“Ok!” I call back. I locate the end of my hair and throw it down. After a few minutes her head pops up with a giggle.

“I see you have new friend, lucky for you I have another outfit with me.” She wags her finger in my face. She steps in and introduces herself to Hatter. I am soon undressed and put in a stuffy ball gown while Hatter is in a maid costume.

“Why I am the maid I will never understand.” She glares at her dress.

“This has happened before?” I ask her.

“Although every case is different, whatever a person is like in your world will easily translate into this one.”

“Why is that?” I ask her. She stares at me.

“I am your guide, not a magic 8 ball.” She brushes me off.  A few hours later and plenty of tea times done with, Crystal leaves with kisses and hugs galore.

BEEP BEEP BEEP is heard multiple times and Hatter punches the nearby wall.

“Dammit this means overtime, we’ll pick off tomorrow.” She says as we are transported into a train station.  Other fairytale characters as well as monsters are waving happily to other people who are as equally happy.

“ALL THOSE GOING TO REALITY!” is called as Hatter grabs me by the arm and pushes me into the train.  As we pull away, I can still see Hatter with her cat hovering nearby. Her glare never wavering.


BEEP BEEP BEEP I shoot up from my bed and look around.  Waking up to my white room day after day is getting boring; maybe I should put something up. I yawn and get out of bed, stumbling to my closet I decide to wear a simple navy blue pencil skirt and a ruffled white tank top. I go downstairs and see my parents haven’t come home yet, big surprise. I open up MyPage on my iPod to see posts by Crystal and Emmett had typed good morning and such. Yesterday’s findings brought fresh tears in my eyes.





“So Hatter, do you want to talk to the Brothers? Or would you rather send a message beforehand?” Cheshire snickers.

“Shut it cat, they’ve probably been watching me so we should expect a hole in 3…2…1” and with that a hole opened beneath the tea sipper and the floating cat. Swallowed up in the time, they are thrown further into the world of dreams.


The pair end up in the HQ of all fairytale characters. Tall buildings reminiscent of its old renaissance glory surround the pair. Walls twist and turn as birds fly in and out of various windows, taking the characters reports to the Brothers no doubt.

“This is a drag Hatter, you didn’t complete your mission and now the Brothers will know.” Ches sings. Hatter takes her cane and whacks Ches into a nearby wall.

“Just because you’re my familiar doesn’t mean you can act like an ass.” She glares at her cat. Sure she loves him and will occasionally spoil the living daylights out of him but come on, he can be a douche sometimes. Sighing she continues to what she feels is her imminent doom. Normally she gets the job done in one night; sometimes it doesn’t even take that long. This one and her annoying friend however were a long term project. Meaning, no money or Cards to waste until the next mission and that sucked….balls

 “Whatever, bring me back your pay when you get back so I can add it to your account.” He flips his tail and disappears. I continue down the yellow sidewalk, courtesy of Dorothy.  I ran into a few other Talers and listened to them brag about their successful dreams.

“Hatter! What’s up?” Whyte calls. Ah Whyte, also known as the Red Queen in her fairytale but quite selfless and kind when she is off duty. Being from the same story has its advantages, when I first came here she was already an established Grimm and showed me the ropes.  I am a…special case. You see I wasn’t an already existing Grimm sort of.  The whole thing with the original Mad Hatter is confusing. From what I could gather he went further off the deep end and did something he wasn’t supposed to and disappeared; shortly after I showed up, with a whole new personality. While he was eccentric and insane; I was calm and cool, emotionless if you will.

As we come close to the entrance to the HQ, my palms begin to sweat. Gates creaking open, I pass by and look at the large building with the statues of our organizers the Brother’s Grimm.




Chapter 1 guys! Yeah...... making this up as I go along, very little planning in fact ~(-_-)~ whatever I'm awesome like Prussia and so are you!

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