Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.



(febuary 11th 2014)

Zoe's P.O.V

When i woke up in the morning i couldn't remember what i did last night i woke up feeling fine though i did remember waking up in the middle of the night to vomit, Lou got up and helped me though he held my long hair and had a wash cloth ready for me as well he rubbed my back while i vomited it was nasty.

I looked over to find that Lou was fast asleep so i got up and had a shower i cleaned my teeth really hard to make sure my breath smelt good instead of puke, after i had finished i ordered me and Lou some breakfast room service style. I thought i would be nice if we had breakfast in bed together for once

When there was a knock at the door i ran and opened it the lady pushed the trolley into the room then left i said thank you and said good bye, I pushed the trolley to the bed the bed then jumped on Louis he woke up and looked at me. "morning darling i ordered breakfast for us in bed" "oh so sweet" Lou said kissing me on the cheek.

We got the stuff off the trolley then sat on the bed eating it we had (toast ,bacon, eggs, pancakes and juice) it was a really good breakfast i was so full afterwards, "so i take it you don't have a hangover then" Lou asked smiling. "no i don't actually i feel really good" "well that's good then isn't it" Lou laughed "id say" i replied back.

After breakfast we put the plates and stuff back on the trolley then i stuck it out the door for the cleaners to collect it. Lou went and had a shower so i sat down and watched some TV as i was watching skins there was another knock on the door so i went and opened it, Nicole and Harry walked in "hey guys" i said giving them a hug.

"hey" they both said back "wheres Niall" i asked looking at Nicole "oh he's still asleep so i thought id come see you and i saw harry walking down the hall so he tagged along as well" "oh ok" we all sat down to watch some skins when Louis decided to come out of the shower butt naked he didn't see Nicole or harry sitting there starring at him.

He just casually wandered over to the window and looked out i grabbed my iPhone and quickly took the picture then put it up on twitter,  @Zoe_win :@Louis_Tomlinson: Nice bum turn around babe xx Lou's phone buzzed he checked it then turned around he went bright red then ran to the bathroom me Nicole and harry cracked up laughing.

"Not funny" Louis yelled "so is" i yelled back he came back out minutes later in clothes thank god not that i mind looking at his bum but im sure Nicole and Harry don't want to see that in the morning, Louis came over and sat on my knee he was heavier than i thought he gave me a kiss and hugged me "i love you darling" he said smiling.

"i really love you to Lou but your crushing my legs no offense" he got off me then went to harry "hey hazz" he said smiling then sat on Harry's knee they were so cute together, "hey mate" Harry said giving Lou a hug. "nawwh you guys" Nicole said laughing i laughed to she was right it was a complete "NAWWH" moment.

"hey guys we should do something today before the concert starts" "yeah that's a good idea how about one of the water parks here i mean that could be pretty fun" Niall said jumping up and down. Everyone agreed on a water park so we all got our bathing suits on and towels then we out to the lobby to where Paul had parked the car, the best hing about this hotel was that the fans didn't know that we were here.

we all piled into the car and we were off, i had only been to Canada once when i was 12 that was because i was visiting my childhood best friend. "hey guys so what's the water park called i want to text my childhood best friend and tell him to meet up with us if that's ok" all i heard was yes's and yeah sure from everyone. "were going to splash works water park ive been there a few times" Liam replied.

I quickly texted jason : To Jason: Hey buddy it's Zoe i didn't know if you still had my number or not but me and a couple of my mates are going to splash works water park meet us there if you want at 9:00am

when we finally got there, my legs were killing me Harry opened the door to the bus then we all filed out streaching when we were all set foot on the ground. when we had paid and we sent off to the changing rooms me and Nicole got changed thats when i felt my ph vibrate.

1 New Message

i opened it up From Jason: Hey Zo man ive missed you. Iam unable to make it today but hey hopefully you will be in Canada for a while im working at the moment ive became the new manager so i can't take anytime off at the moment, but i promise i will try make the time to see you ok its been far to long.

"Jasons unable to come" i said turning to Nicole with a sad expression "hey that's ok you can try for another day ae" "yeah i guess so" i felt really sad i hdn't seen him in over 7-8 years. We grabbed our towels then made our way out onto a big spot centered in the middle of all the water parks slides pools rides etc. The boys were already waiting to go in by a table i set my towel on the table then walked off i was still upset about not being able to see Jason we only had 4 more days here.

Louis P.O.V

When i looked up to see Zoe walking towards us she looked really sad i didn't even get a chance to ask she just walked off into one of the pools. "what's all that about" Niall turned to ask me "i have no clue she was happy as when we got here. "Jason texted her back he said that he wasn't able to come hes to tied up with work and shes really upset they have been bestfriends since they were born i think" Nicole said looking sad.

 i looked over to Zoe she was sitting on the edge of one of the pools with her legs dipped in then i had an idea. "i have an idea Nicole im going to get jasons number off zoe's phone tonight and im going to ring him and try and organize something so she can see him". "oh Lou that's perfect thanks bud" Nicole said giving me a high five.

I said goodbye to Nicole and Niall and walked over to Zoe "hey babe Nicole told me about Jason sorry too hear hes busy but im sure you will be able to see him before we leave" She turned to look at me and hugged me "thanks Lou your amazing". "well babe it's only for you i love you ok so lets go have some fun ae" "ok then".

I walked Zoe over to the drop tower it went up to 230 feet into the air i looked over at Zoe who had a massive smile on her face "oh my god yes this is going to be so much fun" Zoe screamed "i would of thought you would be scared Zo" i turned to her laughing. "well we have one of these in Newzealand but it call ed the giant drop and its no where near as high as this but its still fun" "oh ok" is all i siad back damm i really thought i could freak her out this time.

We lined up and waited so we could get on we waited a whole 5 minutes untill we were finally seated on when i sat down i silently cursed at my self why did i choose this ride i fucking hate things that make your tummy drop so hard this is going to be so much fun.. (hint the sarcasm haha).

Zoe's P.O.V

When Lou took  me over to the drop tower i instantly got excited i love the feeling of adrenilne pulsing through the body i peaked over at Louis when we were seated on the ride he looked like a scared litle girl. I had to film this i thought to myself luckly i brought my iphone case that is smash,water and sandproof plus it had a cable thing that you could wrap around your wrist so it wont fall off.

As the tower started to rise into the air Louis hands gripped his seaty tighter i couldn't help but giggle when we were at the top i had a huge smile on my face i quickly turned the camera to face Lou then the ride dropped "HOLLLLLLLLLLLY MOTHER FUCKER AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" Louis was screaming like a little girl i couldn't stop laughing it was the most funniest things i had ever seen im my entire life. I quicly put the camera to my face and beamed a huge smile then winked this was so going up at Louis 21st.

When we got off i couldn't stop laughing "shut up babne ok i thought i was going to die" that just made me laugh even more "thank god there were no cameras up there or that would of been so embarassing'' Lou said giving me a hug i did feel bad for him he was shaking a little "yeah i agree seeing that on video would of been so embarassing babe" i said to Lou smiling at myself he had no idea what i had planned for him.

The rest of the day we swam in all the other pools, got to go on heaps of roller coasters it was amazing, we ended up on one of the water slides where it takes you photo when your half way down it "cool" lou said besides me "we can have our picture taken together on a water slide how cute is that" "oh just so cute" i giggled back.

When we were off the slide and soaking wet we grabbed out towels and walked over to the shop were all the photos were prossesed we walked up to the desk and the lady greeted us "hello there did you want a photo" "yes please" i said back to the lady "ok which ride or slide were you on dears" "the blue water slide" Louis replied back the lady nodded her head then searched the photos on a computer she came to mine and Louis and printed to of them off so we could have one each.

When we were given the photos i opened the envolope and took the picture out, it was so cute Louis had his armd wrapped arounf my waste behind me and i was in front we both had huge grins on our faces it really was pitcure perfect. i stuck the picture back into the envolope and grabbed Louis hand.

We wandered back to where we all said we would meet up everyone was having an amazing time i walked up to everyone and showed them the picture of me and louis, "awh cute where did you get that one taken" Zayn asked me eyeing the photo. "oh just over at the Blue slide" "hey guys i just had an awesome ide why dont we all go on that slide and have a group photo i mean how cool would that be.

"that's actually a really good idea" i said to Liam, we all walked over to the slide and lined up the lady looked at us all asked how many of us were going on the slide luckly there was a max of 8 so we were just lucky enough. "um just the whole 7 of us" i laughed. "ok well line up in the order then ill give you all a push" she said smiling.

The order when like this: Me at the front Louis behind me, Harry behind Louis, Zayn behind Harry,Liam behind Zayn, Nicole behind Liam and Niall behind Nicole.

the lady counted 1,2,3 and she gave Niall a nudge we all had our arma around peoples waists so the line would stay together "what face should we make" Harry screamed out "funny faces" Zayn yelled back we saw the camera up a head we all made faces then the light flashed we all laughed, when we got to the bottom we allwalked over to the shop again the Lady saw us all coming and smiled.

She had all the photos ready for us in envolpes we had one each we all thanked the lady then went back to our table we opened our pictures and had a look it was the most funnest pictue i had ever seen i we all loved it.

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