Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


2. The phone call

I ran down stairs dumping my washing on the floor and picked up the phone.

"Hello Zoe speaking"

" hello Zoe my name is Ally im from the make up and hair styling industry here in London. I have heard a lot about you and I also know that your one of  New Zealand's top make-up and hair stylist, im ringing you to offer you a job here in London we are in need of someone with a lot of experience and you were at the top of our list. I know you have traveled a bit in the past around the world styling celebrities and models so we were hoping you would be able to take this job, your flights to London would be paid for by us and we would also have a penthouse for you but that is getting renovated so you will need to find a place to stay while that is getting done. You will be getting paid $35 per hour if you accept this offer." 

"wow ok this is massive news who would i be styling exactly".

"well i can't tell you that on the phone but it would be easier if you could just meet them when you arrive in London that's only if you accept this job."  

" oh ok well then it sounds amazing also its a once in a life time chance for me the money is also great so yes ill take the job." 

"Oh great well then Zoe your flight leaves tomorrow morning at 10:00am  i know its soon but we need you here by Monday are you able to make it in time". 

" Well im sure i can i could get someone to house sit for me while im away and i can pack all my clothes tonight then." 

"ok that's great news ok well there will be a taxi waiting for you outside the London airport just tell the driver where you need to go then once your settled in ring me on this number 91334592 will you be able to organize a car so you can get here Monday morning so you meet me and the clients at the studio." 

" yes i have money saved up so i can buy myself a car with that. well thank you so much ill see you then ill go start packing now." 

"ok good bye see you then". 

Bye" i said hanging up".  

after i hung up the phone i could not believe what had just happened i just got offered a job in London i was so excited, i ran upstairs got my suitcase out of my wardrobe and started to fold up some clothes and put them in. I need someone to look after my house while I was away? "Hmmmm" I thought to myself "I know ill ask Alex if she wants to". Alex worked for me at the salon she was the assistant manager, i picked up my phone and dialed Alexs number.

 " hello" "hi alex zoe hear ive got some really exciting news to tell you ive beem offerd a job in London as a hair and make-up stylest for a group of celebrities and i leave tomorrow morning at 10am  but i need someone to look after my house while im gone would you be able to for me." " oh my goodness zoe that is so cool awh im so happy for you and yes i would love to house sit for you im still living with mum and dad so it would be nice to get away from them" " oh yay thak you so much that makes it easier for me thanks well ill leave the key in the potplant behind the house ill be gone by the time you finish work but thank you so much and ill keep in contact when i go ok." " ok that sounds good well good luck for the long flight zoe catch up soon ok bye" " good bye".

 with that done i can now finish packing my stuff it took me a while to finish packing but i was finally done when i looked at the clock it was 7:30 "oh shit" i went down stairs to make some dinner i was really hungry i forgot to have lunch today i was way to busy trying to sort everything. i ended up cooking some noodles up only because it was quick and easy, after dinner i did the dishes cleaned up and went upstairs to brush my teeth then go to bed. 

When i got to bed that night i grabbed my phone to tell my mum and dad what was happening i scrolled through the contacts until i founf "Mum" i pressed call and waited for her to answer. 

Mum: hello 

Zoe: hi mum it's Zoe i have some news to tell you  

Mum: ok go ahead

Zoe: well i have been offered a job in London to work with celebs doing there hair and make up 

Mum: Oh my god Zoe that is awesome news when do you leave 

Zoe: umm well tomorrow actually ive packed up half of my stuff i need  

Mum: wow this is huge news but where are you staying 

Zoe: well hopefully at Nicole's im going to surprise her 

Mum: well when me and you'r dad have time we will come and visit you ok 

Zoe: sure thing that would be awesome well i have to go now and don't worry about sending me off tomorrow because you and dad will both be at work ill call you when im settled in London ok 

Mum: ok well i love have fun be safe and good luck darling 

Zoe: thanks mum love you to bye 

Mum: bye 

I hung up and got into bed after i put my Pj's on i was so excited to be leaving to go to London tomorrow i don't even know if i was going to be able to sleep properly tonight but i soon slowly drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

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