Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


25. Surprise!

(febuary 12th 2014)

Louis P.O.V

I woke up to Zoe snoring i rolled over and got out of bed and put some clothes on Zoe's shorts were on the ground from last night, i picked them up and realized her phone was in the pocket. That's when i remembered i wanted to call Jason to arrange a surprise for Zoe, i scrolled through her contacts till i came to the J section and copied the number into my phone. I turned to see if Zoe was still sleeping and she was dead to the world i quickly walked out of the hotel room and down the hall to Harry's room.

I knocked on Harry's door and waited for him to open it, the door opened a moment later to a Harry in a towel "hey mate ive come to make a phone call and don't want Zoe over hearing" "are you cheating on ZOE" "no no way mate im going to ring her former childhood best friend so they can meet up as a surprise for her" "oh right ok hey ask him if he wants to go to dinner, then the whole lot of us can go and meet him" "great idea mate". Harry left the room to i suppose get dressed and ready i suspect.

I dialed Jason's number he answered after a couple of rings.

J: hello

L: Hi Jason this is Louis Tomlinson Zoe's Boyfriend

J: oh hey mate what can i do for you

L: well Zoe said how you were unable to meet her the other day so i was thinking maybe you might have the night off and were able to come to dinner as a surprise for Zoe

J: yes i would be able to make it tonight were should i meet you all

L: well Nandos would be perfect

J: ok so around 7 then would that be a good time

L: yea should be fine well we will all see you there tonight thanks heaps bro this is sure to make Zoe so freaking happy

J: no worries see you then bye

Yay this is seriously going to make Zoe super happy oh i can't wait, "hey Lou what did he say" harry asked walking back in fully clothed this time "he said no worries and were all going to Nandos tonight at 7" "oh sweet dude Zoe is going to flip when she sees him in that restaurant" "i know im so happy well ill leave you to it and ill go see Zoe and tell her about tonight leaving out the Jason part" "ok sweet as cya"

With that done i was out the door and back down the hall to our room, i walked in and Zoe was walking around in a towel "hey baby" she said walking over to me giving me a kiss on the lips "where were you" "oh i went down to see hazza then he had the brilliant idea that we should all go out for dinner tonight since its our last night in Canada" "oh cool what a good idea were are we all going" "Nandos" i shouted back getting into the shower.

Zoe's P.O.V

I was sad to be leaving Canada this week has gone so fast the boys last concert here was last night, i still haven't been able to see Jason yet that makes me even more sad i decided to text him and see if he wanted to come to Nandos.

To Jason: hey buddy were all going to Nandos tonight want to join.

From Jason: hey buddy sorry im unable to make it i have to fly out today im going to visit mum and dad ill make sure to come visit you in London sometime ok sorry.

i was so sad when i received that text but what can i say hes a busy person i quickly texted back telling him it was fine and that i would be more than pleased for him to come visit me and Lou in London, i put my phone on the night stand and got ready for the day after i was done Lou was out of the shower and dressed.


We were all ready to go Louis said we were going to meet everyone else at Nandos since i took longest to get ready i mean a girls gotta look good for her man i mean especially if its Louis haha we walked out of the hotel and out the back door and into the car waiting for us. we finally arrived at Nandos and Louis was like smiling from ear to ear i looked at him with a WTF expression. "what is up with you" "oh im just so happy to be spending time with you all babe" "oh right ok". We got out the car and walked into the restaurant.

To be faced by everyone smiling then i realized there was an extra person smiling at me to then it hit me "JASON" i screamed and ran up to him hugging him he laughed and hugged me back "oh my god i missed my best friend so darn much" i said in between tears " i missed you to Zo you look amazing its been like 8 years" " i know crazy right'' we parted and i looked at Lou Surprise babe.

The dinner was awesome like Nandos always is. I gave Jason a hug goodbye and promised to catch up the next time i was in canada he agreed and hugged me back, everyone said their goodbyes and we left for the hotel i was so tired i ended up falling asleep in the cab. 




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