Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


13. Sleep over at Louis

Nialls P.O.V

I liked Nicole i really did she was so beautiful sweet amazing caring and has such an amazing personality. but i didn'y know if she felt the same like i would love to ask her  to be my girlfriend but i have only just meet this amazing irl i would hate to ruin our friendship. maybe i should speak to Zoe about my feelings for Nicole she would know what to do.

Nicole's P.O.V

I really liked Niall well i always have but that was when i only knew him from my posters in my room, i never thought i would actually be meeting him ever let alone kiss him in Louis Tomlinsons house this was like my dream come true no, wait scrach that my dream would come true if i eneded up being Niall Horans girlfriend i really need to tell him how i feel maybe i should ask Zoe what i should do she always knows what to do.

Nialls P.O.V

we were all sitting on Louis couch talking after eating heaps of pizza then Zoe decided to clean up so i thought this would be the best time to talk to her about Nicole, i followed Zoe into the kitchen and put the pizza boxes in the bin then turned to her then decided to ask" Hey Zoe i really need to talk to you about something" " sure Niall what is it".

 " Well you see i know ive only just meet nicole but i really like her Zoe shes just purley amazing" "wow what is it with you guys falling for girls so fast haha i mean Louis told me he started to like me the very first day he saw me' "Well its not our fault you to girls are stunning" "haha thanks Niall so you really like Nicole don't you."

"Yes i really do i know thats weird because ive only just meet her but i just can't take my eyes off her so what do you think i should do" "well maybe you should just get to know her better ae then maybe wait a but then ask her out i know she likes you Niall don't worry because she has a whole wall devoted to you in her room" i said laughing.

"WOW really a whole wall" "ok maybe more than just one wall she has posters covering her walls mostly pictures of you but there are some of the other boys to" "wow she really does like me" "yes so i think just wait for a bit build up a really strong friendship so you get to know her strengths and weaknesses" "ok thats a really good idea because i would hate to rush anything and ruin any thing that could happen between us".

"exacally" " ok thanks Zoe i now know what i need to do and how to treat her right i want to make this the best friendship ever well apart from your relationship with her thats pretty strong" "haha thanks Niall good to know you will treat her right plus i know you will you're a really sweet guy" "thanks Zoe" "your welcome" and with that i walked back to the lounge smiling.

"what took you to so long ae" Louis said suspiciously, "oh not much we were just talking about the tour and what not" "oh ok".

Zoe's P.O.V

i started to get really tired but i really needed to have a shower first Nicole and Niall went to bed TOGETHER a while ago "Zoe did you want to take a shower before we go to bed wash all the clorine off first" "oh my god you seriously like just read my mind yes please".

Me and Louis went up stairs to his room this is the only place i hadnt seen yet he opened the door and his room was huge, he had a massive king bed a huge mirror on the wall like the ones you find in a freaking dance studio not someones bedroom.

there were also wo doors next to each other i opened one to find a massive walk in wardrobe it was practically the size of my room at Nicoles. "wow you sure have a massive wardrobe just for your self Lou" "yeah i know it is a bit big but i do like to shop especially for clothes" he said laughing.

i walked out then opend the door next to it and my mouth hung open inside there was a beautiful bathroom had a massive spa bath in it and a shower that was huge the water came down from the cealing. His bathroom sink was huge as well and of course there was another huge mirror covering the wall as well.

"So do you still want that shower" Lou said smiling down at me, "Sure thing babe" we took our clothes off leaving them on the floor i hoped in the shower after louis the water was really warm on my back, Louis grabbed some body wash put some in his hands then started to wash my back well more like massaging it was amazing.

while we were both naked and Louis scrubbing my back i felt him start to harden against my bum a moan slipped out of my lips i was getting really turned on, Louis then turned me round to face him then kissed me with as much passion as he could.

"i want you Zoe i really do" i just moaned into his mouth he stepped out of the shower then grabbed something out of the bathroom draw the hoped back into the shower it was a condom, i giggled a bit then he slipped it on and started kissing me again.

then he lifted me up so my legs and arms were wrapped around him we were still kissing eachother then he slipped it in i gasped at the sudden amout of pleasure that pulsed through me, i wasn't a virgian and i knew Louis wasn't eaither because he certinaly knew what he was doing.

Louis was moaning loudly i knew he was close to cumming so was I just as i was about to cum Louis tightend his grip on me and so did I we were bth looking in eachothers eyes then we came at the exsact same moment.

"wow that was incredible" i breathed " it most certainly was" Louis smilied at me, we then washed eachother all over making sure we didnt miss any spot on the body. Louis payed alot of attention to my boobs then he started going on about how big they were and that he could nearly just fit both of his hands around them.

after we washed all the soapy bubbles of we hopped out and dried off. "Lou i have no clothes to wear" "hmm you can just use what ever you want of mine, i walked to his room and went to his wardrobe i found a plain red top and stuck it on it was large on me so it luckly coverd my bum. Louis walked back in the looked at me and smilied.

"what" i said giggling "nothing you just look really cute in that top" i smiled and blushed louis just had some stripped jockeys on when he hopped into bed i hoped in next to him cuddling up to him "I love you Zoe" Louis wisperd as i was half asleep "I love you to Lou" i knew he was smiling when he kissed me goodnight then we both fell asleep in each other arms.

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