Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


20. Rehearsal time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(febuary 7th 2014)

Zoe's P.O.V

When i awoke this morning Lou wasn't besides me i heard the shower running though so i walked into the bathroom, he spotted me and smiled "hey babe you gonna join" i looked at him and smiled cheekily i did a little strip tease for him then i got into the shower and gave Louis a kiss, he smiled at me then gave me a hug.

"good morning beautiful how are you" "morning babe im good how are you" i said rubbing his cheek, "im good" he gave me another kiss then i washed my hair and the rest of my body we didn't have sex this time in the shower but i did give him a hand job and he came in the shower, it was good because then there was no mess to clean up.

When we were done we both got out and got dressed today was going to be a long day the boys had rehearsals but me and Nicole were going to go anyways to watch them practice, i got dressed into some red skinny jeans and a black singlet top with lace on the top and i put on some black toms I did my hair into a messy bun and put some light makeup on then walked downstairs with Louis.

When we got downstairs i could smell bacon i walked into the kitchen with Lou and Niall and Nicole were already in there cooking breakfast "yum" i yelled giving Nicole a hug i loved her cooking she was an amazing cook Louis and I sat at the table while we waited for breakfast to cook, soon after Nicole and Niall bought the food in and sat down we all dug in knowing we needed to be well fed so we didn't get hungry at rehearsals.

When we all finished Breakfast we did the dishes and left in my car only because it was the coolest. when we got to the studio Ally greeted us and Niall introduced Nicole to her as Nialls girlfriend Ally was really chilled about it all she lead us through to a huge room and the rest of the boys were already there they all jumped up and gave us all a hug.

When the boys were finally settled we sat down and started to discuss about the tour it was 2 days away now i was really nervous because that means ill be doing all the guys hair and make up she told us the plan and where to meet stuff like that then the boys were taken off to go practice some of there songs.

Ally lead me and Nicole into a different room in there was 5 tables with each of the boys hair products straighteners brushes and the make up, there were 5 bags to with each guys name on it Ally told me to have a look at all 5 tables and sort each of the tables into each bag for the boys she left after she gave me the instructions i got to work Nicole helping me along the way.

After each bag was filled with what each guy needed we put them in the boot of my car because i was in charge of looking after it all when we were done we were allowed to go watch the boys practice when we got to the little studio the boys were singing Little things, it was so cute Niall was on his guitar and the boys were all singing.

When they saw us they all smiled and waved we waved back and then Louis solo came one he got up and walked over to me and started singing :

You can't go to bed, 
Without a cup of tea, 
And maybe that's the reason 
That you talk, in your sleep 
And all those conversations 
Are the secrets that I keep 
Though it makes no sense to me. 

it was so cute i loved it he gave me a kiss on the cheek then i went back and sat down with Nicole she was smiling at me "that was so cute" she whispered in my ear i nodded and smiled at her, the boys sung some more songs then it was break time so the boys could grab something to eat and drink and have a walk around. we all know how they can get pretty restless and start to be loud and destroy anything in there path.

we all went to get lunch then the boys decided to go outside to kick a ball around which was good because then they would be less rowdy when they got back inside, they teamed up but the teams were uneven it was: Louis and harry against Liam zayn and Niall. then Liam said he would be the ref and let the boys play they all agreed and then they began. they ended up fighting half way through it was so funny.

Ally ended up coming out and telling them they needed to get back in and practice some more, they all went inside and practiced the other half of there songs by the time they were finished it was 6:00pm we all said goodbye to Ally and we all went home we all had to pack tomorrow then the boys had to practice some more then the day after they were going on tour.

Louis P.O.V

I was so happy that my gorgeous girl was coming with us on tour and Nicole was allowed to come as well which was good for Niall because he was always the one left out. when we arrived home that night i made dinner Zoe's favorite satay chicken, when we were all done we went up stairs and got into bed we had a big day tomorrow Zoe and Nicole were staying here while me and the boys are at the studio, Zoe's going to pack mine and her stuff and Nicole's packing Nialls and her stuff.

(febuary 8th 2014)

My alarm went off at 8:00am i got dressed kissed Zoe on the fore head and went downstairs Niall was already down there eating toast i grabbed some breakfast then we cleaned up and left, i had to borrow Zoe's car because mine was getting fixed they had Niall and Nicole's car here if they needed to go anywhere. On the way to the studio Niall made me stop to get him some Mac Donald's he was already hungry.

finally we made it to the studio we meet up with the boys and started singing, i loved my job heaps it was so chilled and i had my 4 best mates with me all the time and i also had the most amazing gf in the world life was just amazing. But there was just something missing i really wanted a child to complete the family i loved children but i didn't know if Zoe was ready yet she's only 20 but we have been going out for like 2 months i don't know maybe i was rushing things i need to have a talk with her, and tell her how i feel.

But i also needed to tell Niall since he was living with me i thought i should just do it later tonight as well. Rehearsals took ages today but i did feel sorry for Zoe who was at home packing she was so amazing, rehearsals had finally finished and it was time to go me and Niall said good-bye to the boys got in the car and left for home except we picked up some Nando's first for dinner.

Zoe's P.O.V

Nicole and I had finally finished packing for our selves and our man, it was a big job i had been with Louis for 1  month now so i had a pretty good idea on what he liked me to wear, i made sure i packed myself some sexy clothes as well to keep Lou happy. I was looking out our bedroom window when my car pulled up a smile spread across my face Lou and Niall were home with Nando's double score me and Nicole raced downstairs to see our lovelies.

"hey babe" i said running up to Lou and giving him a kiss and a hug, "hey someones happy to see me" Lou said laughing. he handed me a bag and we all ventured into the lounge to eat our dinner "so is everything packed" Niall said taking a bite out of his second burger.

"yes of course me and Zoe have been working our butts off packing for you to losers" Nicole said laughing i cracked up at when she called them losers the looks on both their faces was priceless."Well thanks love you to" Niall said fake pouting at Nicole "yeah" Louis added.

we all carried on eating and talking about what happened today etc and what we were doing tomorrow. Nicole and I were really nervous i had never been on a tour before and she had never been to a concert before so we were both pretty scared.

After dinner Louis and Niall went up to the movie room to play some FIFA on Xbox while me and Nicole watched some TV Grey's anatomy was on Nicole's favorite show at the moment i didn't mind it i just didn't really understand what was going on.


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