Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


16. Packing for Louis

(january 8th 2014)

Nicole's P.O.V

I woke up to find everyone on the floor except Louis and Zoe they probably went to her bed last night together ewww i don't even want to think about it, i looked over at Niall he was fast asleep he looked so adorable when he slept so calm and relaxed. I looked over at Liam,Harry and Zayn all passed out on one mattress together with one blanket it looked so funny i took a picture of it then woke up Niall.

"Niall Hun it's time to wake up" i was gently shaking him his eyes opened and looked at me once he realized who it was he gave me a huge hug."Good morning baby" "good morning to you to handsome how was your sleep" "it was good i was cuddling you all night" i gave Niall a kiss on the cheek, "hey look at the guys over there" i said giggling.

Niall rolled over and stared at the three boys all huddled onto one mattress with the one blanket."I'm so putting this on twitter" Niall grabbed his phone off the floor and took a picture i couldn't stop laughing, Niall posted it onto twitter which made my phone buzz i looked at the screen then pressed the link and there it was all three boys huddled up.

Niall turned and followed me to the kitchen "whats for breakfast beautiful" Niall was already looking through the cupboards. "How about we make everyone breakfast like pancakes and bacon" "oh yum sounds good" Niall ended up helping which was really cute, he got all the plates and cutlery out that we needed after showing him were every thing was.

I made up the pancake mix there was alot of it to, Niall was in charge of cooking the bacon i was worried that he would just end up eating half of it but he was really good and just cooked it in stead of eating it. The pancake mix ended up making over 20 pancakes there was heaps of us here so i thought that would be enough.

Niall had finished cooking the bacon and placed it on the table just as i was placing the pancakes down Louis and Zoe came walking down the stairs "yum" they both said sitting down next to each other Niall was already into the pancakes and bacon, I yelled out to the other boys to come get there food they all raced to the table and started eating.

Halfway through breakfast Zoe started laughing at her phone that's when i realized what she would of been laughing at everyone was staring at her then she turned her phone around for everyone to see, they all looked at the picture of the three boys huddled up on the mattress asleep. all three of the started blushing "Nawwh how cute" Zoe said laughing "shut up harry said smiling it was cold and i didn't realize who i was sleeping besides ok"

"how could you sleep with someone else Harry" Louis said laughing "I'm sorry Lou bear ill make it up to you" we all cracked up laughing Lou and Harry's Bromance was super cute. we all ate breakfast making small talk now and then we all finished eating but Niall was still seated eating the leftovers, "Niall how many pancakes have you eaten" "I think that was my 8th i lost count" "ha ha ok then".

Zoe's P.O.V

After breakfast I went into the kitchen to talk to Nicole, "hey Hun are you sure it's ok me leaving and going to live with Lou and Niall i mean i really don't want to leave you here on you'r own." "Zoe trust me it's fine and it means that you and Louis will now have your own place and you won't have to be quiet all the time". "ha-ha eww get out but yeah it will be nice but then again Niall will be living there to so we will have to be quiet".

"Oh right yeah true ha-ha oh well plus it will be good for the both of you's to be with each other full time and if you guys ever fight or something you're always welcome back here ok" "Nawwh love you Cole and thank-you so much for letting me stay it's been great even though it's only been like a week or so", "yes but you'r living close by and me and Niall are together so ill be over there heaps he will be over here heaps so it will be fine".

I gave Nicole a hug then went up stairs to pack my stuff up i didn't have much but that didn't matter i can always go and buy more stuff since i now have an awesome job. The rest of the guys except Niall and Louis had left after breakfast the had to go do jobs etc, I walked into my room to find my suitcase had already been packed and now Louis and Niall were packing things into boxes.

"Umm thanks guys for doing this" "that's ok love i just thought it would get done quicker that's all" "right well ill just get dressed and stuff then ill meet you back down stairs aye" "ok sounds good", Louis gave me a quick kiss then him and Niall left the room leaving me to get ready. I changed into some jean shorts and a tee shirt and put my hair up into a bun i would only be packing and unpacking today anyways.

I carried my suitcase back down stairs and the guys went up stairs to get the boxes, we loaded them into my car and i went back to say good bye to Nicole she said she would be over some time soon anyway, Niall and Louis were already in the car Louis in the drivers seat only because he now loved driving my car because it was so cool. I hugged Nicole then walked to my car getting into the passenger side i waved good bye as we left.

The drive back to Louis was pretty fast only because his foot was heavy on the accelerator most of the way, when we reached his house we grabbed my stuff and carried it to Louis room and dumped it on the ground Niall left us alone and went back down stairs probably to get some food. I lay on Louis bed happy it was so nice here compared to my house back in New Zealand then it hit me I've forgotten to ring Alex to tell her about my job and stuff.

I grabbed my iPhone and scrolled through until i found Alex's number i had alot of contacts that started bit A, i pressed call and it started ringing.

"Hello Alex speaking"

"Hey Alex it's Zoe"

'Oh my goodness ive been waiting for you to call me how's London and your job"

"London is amazing and my job is even better you won't believe who my clients are"

"oh i see the clients so theirs more then one then"

"there sure is theirs five of them all boys"

This is when Alex must of realized who i was talking about because all of a sudden my ear drum was screamed at i had to take the phone away from my ear, Louis was just sitting there laughing.

"Zoe are you seriously telling me that you are One Directions hair and Make up stylist."

"Yes im serious Alex and im also dating one of them as well"

"OH MY GOD which one"

"Louis Tomlinson"

"Holy shit you are so lucky oh my god"

I quickly gave the phone to Louis to surprise Alex i knew she loved One Direction so she would love this.

"hello Alex it's Louis"

"oh my god oh my god"

Louis laughed and smiled at me he then put her on speaker so i could here her.

"So how are you love"

"I'm good i still can't believe you'r talking to me this is so cool"

"oh you'r most welcome so i here you worked for Zoe what was she like"

"oh wow she was amazing the top stylist in New zealand Louis she was amazing at her job."

"well that's good then ill give you back to Zoe because i think she needs to talk with you some more see ya love"

"by Louis"

"hey Alex so hows the house going found it OK"

"Yes thank you so much hey Zoe i was wondering would me and my mates maybe be able to move in permanently since you'r in the London now and you could rent it to us"

"hmm i never thought about that but i don't see why not i'm not moving back but instead of rent you all could just buy it off me it won't be much because i never paid much for it in the first place"

"oh that would be awesome thank you Zoe"

"That's ok well i have to go ill get in touch when i ring the real estate agent and get them to sort it out then you can put the money in my account over the internet and yeah"

"ok sounds good see ya Zoe"

"by Alex".

After calling Alex i phoned the real estate agent and told them what was hapening and they said they would sort everything out and the money should be in my account by the end of this week.


###### sorry skipping to Febuary now to make the story fall into place guys love you all #######


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