Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


10. Night with Louis (carrying on from chapter 8)

 Nicole's P.O.V

i saw Zoe get out of Louis car i still couldn't get over the fact of her being there hair and make-up stylist she was so lucky. i noticed that her and Louis get along really well i could see the look in his eyes when she smiled at him, i really think he likes her. Zoe said good bye to Louis then sprinted to the door opened it then shut it yelling my name on the way in "NICOLE WHERE ARE YOU" "In the lounge".

Zoe told me all about her day how she feed turtles and got put into a cage in a shark tank, i was really surprised by that she was always afraid of sharks when we were little she would never go swimming in the sea it was only fresh water for her. i could tell she was into Louis by the way she talked about him Louis this Louis that she wouldn't shut up "oh and hes taking me some where tonight as well at 7 but i don't know where".

Zoe's P.O.V

I went upstairs to my room then decided to have a shower i was in there for an hour when i hoped out it was already 5:30. i was drying my hair with my towel when my phone buzzed on my dresser i picked it up and read who it was from.

From Lou: hey Zoe hope your excited for tonight wear something nice and bring your bikini oh and its still a surprise so dont ask were we are going because i wont tell you. see you at 7 xx :)

To Lou: hey yes iam and ok see you then xx :)    

So I thought to myself I had to bring a bikini dose this mean were going to some sort of water park or something. I got changed into my bikini then put on a cute black dress that just reached above my knees it had a cute lace bow on it just under my boobs, because of my bikini top my boobs looked amazing I put on some sandals that matched the dress only because my feet were sore from wearing heels today.

I put some light makeup on only because we might be swimming so I didn't want it to run so I used my waterproof mascara. I let my hair hang loose around me the natural curls looking stunning as ever, I had to admit to myself I was really excited to be spending the night with Louis.

Louis P.O.V

I had everything ready the driver was going to pick Zoe up now the candles were lit the wind was calm the waves of the sea were calmly brushing the shoreline. she was going to love tonight the set up did look really romantic but only because I wanted to make a good impression, she has forgiven me but I still want to blow her away.

it was no 7pm and I was calmly waiting for the driver to arrive back then I heard a car coming down the road it was the driver, a smile automatically appearing on my face. I opened Zoe's door and gave her a hug I told her to close her eyes and let me lead her to where the surprise awaits.

Zoe's P.O.V

My eyes were firmly shut I could hear the gentle sound of waves brushing the shore we were at a beach I thought to myself what could we possibly be doing here. I was happy that there was no wind but it was a warm night in London tonight so I wouldn't get that cold.

Louis told me to open my eyes,I did as I was told. when I opened my eyes in front of me was a little romantic set up there was a little table under a little tent, with candles everywhere and fairy lights dangling from the roof there was also a small fire lit outside the tent it was amazing. I turned to Louis with my mouth wide open.

 "this is amazing Louis I cant believe you went through all this trouble" "oh it was no trouble at all and I did promise I would make it up to you and this is me trying my best." "well you have my full forgiveness now and you have done so much to make it up to me thank you" I gave Louis a hug and he smiled at me his perfect white teeth gleaming in the candle light.

"so would you like something to eat oh and by the way you look absolutely beautiful" I blushed at Louis comment I have never been called beautiful so many times by a guy in my life. "Iam starving so yes I would love something to eat" Louis lead me to the table then pulled my chair out for me such a gentleman I thought to myself smiling at him.

we had tea together he had hired a personal chef to cook for us dinner was amazing followed by dessert soon after. when we thought we were close to popping because Louis asked if i wanted to go swimming, then i realized that's why he told me to bring my bikini i smiled and nodded. 



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