Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


4. New car more like new baby

(january 3rd 2014)

I woke up that morning to the smell of bacon and eggs that made me wake up fully and get dressed. i wanderd down the steps to see nicole cooking breakfast "YUM" i said excitedly as she handed me my plate full of food. " good morning how did you sleep last night" " i sleept so well i didnt even wake up during the night i fell asleep when my head hit the pillow" i said laughing

After breakfast we cleaned up the kitchen together got ready and drove to the car company. Nicole got a park and we walked up to the building there were so many cars to choose from, untill i spotted the car that i knew i had to get.

"hello my names josh is there anything in particular that your looking for today"

"hi im zoe and this is nicole ive actually found the car that i want its that yellow camaro over there"  (picture of the car)

"ok well its priced as 58,000 its brand new as well"

"ill take it" i have 60,00 anyway so i was sorted.

"well ok then we take checks or cash"

" i can write out a check for you becaus i dont have the cash its in the bank"

i wrote out the check and gave it to the guy josh then he went behind the desk and unlocked a cabnit and got the keys for my new car for me i was bouncing up and down nicole had to nudge me to stop it.

josh handed over the keys and said its your new car now i replied back more like "new baby" i said laughing i unlocked the car and told nicole i would meet her back at the house soon she agreed and drove off. i hoped in started the engine i was already in love it was so flash and it was finally mine i smiled to myself then drove to nicoles.

when i got to nicoles she was leaning on her car waiting for me she was laughing at me proberbly because i still had the massive grin plasterd to my face.

that night i ended up going to bed early because i had to be at the studio by 8am sharp.

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