Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


11. Midnight swim

Louis P.O.V 

As i took my top off i couldn't help but stare at Zoe her toned tanned body was amazing. she looked even more amazing in her black and white bikini which made her boobs look OMG!! when i looked up to her face she was staring at me Shit i thought to myself she was probably staring at me the whole time i was eyeing her up that's embarrassing.  

she laughed and grabbed my hand and lead me to the edge of the water the waves lapping at our feet the water was nice and warm which was nice because then we wouldn't freeze. still holding hands we waded deeper into the water the motion of the water gently rubbing against our bodies, i let go of Zoe's hand and dove under popping back up and smiling down at her.

i splashed her and laughed at her expression it was a mix between shocked and humor. then it turned into a cheeky smile "im so going to get you back" she said laughing then splashed me in the eyes she laughed at me then tried to run away in the water which wasn't working for her because she was laughing really hard and before she knew it i grabbed her and picked her up then threw her into the water.

she screamed before she hit the water then popped back up laughing "looks like i got you back better than you tried getting back at me" i said laughing at her she looked so cute standing there drenched in water."yes well you didn't give me time to get you back Louis" " well its not my fault you suck at trying to run away from me in water if i might add" " haha well ill just get you back another time then when you least expect it" 

"haha good luck with that then" i was laughing at her because she looked so determined to get back at me she probably will but oh well. we swam around for a bit floating and making small talk then we decided to get out it was getting late.i got out and ran back to out little spot and grabbed her a towel running it back down to her."thanks" she said grabbing it and wrapping it around her body. 

we walked back to our spot and sat by the little fire that was going we warmed up quickly and dried off i gave Zoe my jersey to wear instead of her having to get back into her dress. she looked cute as because it looked overly big on her but she snuggled up into it and leaned against me, i reached behind me and grabbed a packet of marshmallows and two sticks. 

I gave Zoe a stick and popped two marshmallows on it for her "oh Yum Louis i love marshmallows especially over a fire". "good because i was worried that you may not like them. we hovered our sticks over the flames letting the marshmallows melt a little. 

we sat like this for ages talking and eating the marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate it was a nice romantic moment but i still needed to tell her how i felt. 

" Look Zoe ive wanted to tell you this all day but i thought i would leave it until tonight. i really like you Zoe but i don't want to ruin our friendship." she sat there looking at me i couldn't read the expression on her face and i didn't know what she was thinking but i sat there and waited for her to reply when she finally responded. 

Zoe's P.O.V 

I felt rude just sitting there not saying anything to him but the thing was i had no idea what to say to him, i thought for a moment then said " I like you to Louis but we only have just met and im your hair stylist and im scared that it might ruin our friendship to but i really don't know what else to say." 

"Well i understand completely where your coming from Zoe and maybe we should just wait till the time is right then since we both like each other im sure we can wait then." 

I was happy about what Louis was saying i knew he understood and he didn't look disappointed either, "I think that's a good idea Louis im glad you understand and it would be better if we waited for the right time." 

Louis smiled at me and nodded i hugged him and he hugged me back i loved his hugs i felt so secure and happy not to mention really warm as well. we sat like that for ages in each others arms staring into the fire, " I should really be getting you home we wouldn't want Nicole worrying now would we" I laughed and agreed we stood up and brushed the sand off ourselves. 

Louis grabbed my hand and led me to his car he opened the door for me and i got in. " Louis what about all that" i said pointing at the little set up. " oh don't worry about that ive got people that will clean that for me" " oh ok then". Louis hopped into the drivers side clipped his seat belt in and we were off.  

we arrived at Nicole's a while later, "Hey Louis do you want to meet Nicole i know she really wants to meet you i promise she wont go all fan girl well i hope she wont but you know what us girls are like" "Erm yea sure why not i mean your best friends so yes id love to meet her."awesome come on in then. "

we walked inside Nicole was still up so i led Louis into the lounge Nicole was on the couch watching a movie, "Hey Nicole i bought someone for you to meet. Nicole looked at me then at Louis besides me her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped "Hey Nicole im Louis nice to meet you finally." "h-h-h-h i-i-i Louis oh my gosh its nice to meet you to" i laughed at Nicole i could tell she was embarrassed but she played it cool.

"Well it was nice meeting you Nicole and thanks for inviting me in but i must be going now i need to be getting home its really late" "oh yes well it was nice meeting you to Louis and you'r welcome back here anytime" "awwh thanks Nicole". I walked Louis back to his car to say goodbye to him, " Louis i really wanted to thank you for tonight i had such an amazing time with you and it was nice to do something with a friend so thank you". 

"My pleasure Zoe im just so relived that you accepted my apology" "that's ok well have a good sleep and ill text you tomorrow or something we don't have work for ages now until out next tour which is like a couple months away so were sorted" "haha and what makes you think ill be spending all that time with you Louis" i said jokingly "well ill just kidnap you then and make you spend heaps of time with me" he said laughing.  

"Oh ok i think i can deal with that" "good well have a good sleep ok cya " "cya Louis sweet dreams" we hugged each other for what felt like ages then he let go i felt a sudden rush of sadness go through me then he hopped in his car and left. I walked back inside to where Nicole was sitting she was smiling at me. 

"what" i asked laughing at her "I can't believe i just had Louis Tomlinson from One direction in my house and i got to shake hands with him oh my goodness" " hahaha well im glad i bought him inside to meet you then" "im glad you did to". 

We ended up talking for ages i told her all about my night the dinner the swimming and also the fire we sat besides with marshmallows she said it was so romantic what we did and how she wishes that she had someone who would do that for her. we ended up falling asleep on the couch it was massive so we easily fell asleep comfortably.





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