Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


5. Meeting the boys

(january 4th 2014)

Louis P.O.V

I was driving to the studio it was only 7:30 when i drove past this bright yellow camaro "HOLY SHIT that is a sweet ass car" i said admiring it. i arrived at the studio and found all the boys waiting in the lobby and Ally was also there "Hey boys i said walking up to them giving them all high fives. ally then said that our new hair and make-up stylest would be here any minute, all us boys were so hoping it was going to ba a girl because the guy stylests are never that good.

five minutes later the yellow camaro that i saw pulled up outside the studio. " Oh my god thats the camaro i saw earlier this morning". then this hot as brunette hopped out of the car she was geourgeous she had a cute white dress on with a black belt and black high heels she was stunning.

"WOW" I said all the boys agreed then the mystery brunette was walking towards the studio, ally meet her at the entrance and gave her a huge hug the tallked for a bit till ally finally said she wanted her to meet some people. she bought the girl over and said "boys this is your new hair and make-up stylest Zoe watson she smiled at us and said hello i swear my heart just melted her smile was so beautiful i just couldnt stop staring. we all said hello back to her


Zoey's P.O.V

I could not belive it i was ONE DIRECTIONS personal hair and make-up stylest i was so happy i could see louis was staring at me like i was some sort of dessert.  i had to admitt it though he was absolutly stunning his hair his eyes oh my goodness he was perfect. ally lead us up to a room i was at the back of the pack and louis was besides me he smiled at me his geourgous white teeth gleaming at me i smiled back.


 " so Zoe your the mystery person that owns that hot as yellow camaro outside" "yes thats me i laughed i got it yesterday brand new shop floor" "wow its an amazing car almost as beautiful as you" he said " oh haha thanks" i said oh my goodness Louis Tomlinson from one direction just called me beautiful.


 we walked into the room and all sat around in chairs i sat on a 2 seater counch louis sitting down besides me. ally old us what was happing for the next couple of months i wouldnt start working on them till the concerts where happing which was in a coulpe of months time.

Louis P.O.V

i was sitting besides zoe i so needed to get her number so i could talk to her more often i needed her she was perfect she needed to be mine before she could be anyone elses. the meeting was over pretty quick and all the boys started to leave but i waited behind because i wanted to catch up with zoe before she left, she started walking to the lift and i got in with her

 " hello again" i said smilling "hi louis" she said giggling oh my god her giigle was so cute. " so umm i was just wondering have you had breakfast yet" " no i havnt actually how come you asked" " well i was wondering if you would like to maybe grab something to eat with me" "sure thing" zoe said i was so excited this beautiful girl just agreed to have breakfast with me.

 " would you like to go in my car then since you say its so hot" zoe said laughing " hell yes" i said while hoping into the passenger seat beside her. we decided to go to mcdonalds but go through the drive thru because then ther would be no fans screaming at me.

zoe orderd the food then paid i told her i would pay but she insited on paying and she said that i could pay for the next time we do something i smiled at the thought of her wanting to do something with me again. we got the food then drove off she asked were i wanted to eat it and i said " how about my house unless you have something better to do today" " your house sounds good she said laughing. we drove back to the studio first so i could pick up my car then zoe followed me back to my house.

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