Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


3. London here i come

'BEEP BEEP BEEP" (January 2nd 2014)

My eyes flung open, today was the day that im going to London i was so excited. i turned my alarm off jumped out of bed to find some clothes i had left out i put on some high waisted black jeans and a purple bat winged top and some purple heels to match.

after that i grabbed my suit case and went down stairs to get some breakfast i ended up with a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice, i quickly ate looking at the time it was 9am i ran back upstairs brushed my teeth did my hair into a fishtail plait and applied some make up. i walked back down stairs grabbed my suit case locked the house and got a cab to the airport.

when i arrived at the airport i paid the cab driver got my suit case out and walked into the airport, i checked in put my bag on the belt and borderd my plane i was a little late but i made it.

the plane ride was so long i was stuck in a seat with an old guy who would not stop snoring, i had to turn my movie up louder so i could block him out. finally afer 23 hours and 45 minutes of flying stopping off at LA then onwards to London, the piolet finally annouced we were landing in the london airport i was literally bouncing up and down in my seat.

I got off the plane and walked into the airport it was summer here in london thank goodness, i grabbed my bags then saw a guy in uniform holding a sign that said (Zoe watson) on it i felt special i walked up to the guy and said "hello im Zoe watson" "hello miss watson im your driver mrs Ally gouldings sent me to pick you up" "oh ok yes thats me" the taxi driver grabbed my suit case off me and led me to the taxi and asked me where it was that i needed to be i told him nicoles address and off we went.

we arrived at Nicoles an hour later i paid the taxi driver and thanked him for dropping me off i grabbed my suitcase and walked up nicoles drive way then knocked on the door, A minute later the door flung open and Nicole stood infront of me with a shocked impression.

 " oh my god Zoe what are you doing here this is a huge surprise i havnt seen you since like 2-3 years ago. she gave me a huge hug " i know well i thought i would surprise you instead of ringing you i hope i havnt come at a bad time" " no of course not im so glad to see you anyways so how come your here are you on holiday" " well not exsacally i got offered a job to be a group of celebrities hair and make-up stylest and i need a place to stay for a bit would it be ok if i stayed here for a bit till my pent house gets sorted." " of course you can now come in and ill make us a drink".

we walked inside she showed me to my room where i could put my suitcase down and freshen up a little the cool thing about the room i got was that it had a bathroom init.

i walked back into the lounge where nicole offered me some tea and biscuts, we talked for a bit then had some lunch and talked some more. " oh nicole would you be able to take me to town tomorrow so i can buy myself a new car" " of cousre what type of car did you have in mind" " well i was thinking about a yellow Camaro like the one off transformers ive always wante done and i have the money for it so i mean why not ae" " oh my god yes i remember when we were little that was always your dream car" she said laughing " i know ae and now ill finally be able to have one oh i cant wait."

later on that day i unpacked my suitcase the i rememberd that i had to call up Ally to tell her i was here safe and sound and that i had a place to stay while my penthouse was getting renovated. i found the number in my contacts and dialed the number it rand a few times before she finally answerd.

"hello Ally goulding speaking"

"hi ally it's Zoe watson ive made it to London and i found a place to stay for a bit and im also getting my new car tomorrow".

Ally gave me the address where i needed to be monday morning we said our goodbyes then hung up. i walked back downstairs and found nicole sitting infront of her DVD cabnit searching for a movie. " hey zoe did you wanna watch a movie and order some takeaways" " yeah sure what movie should we watch and what were you thinking of having for takeaways" " well i was thinking pitch perfect for the movie and Nando's for takeaways" " oh my god sounds amazing"

Nicole rang Nando's and ordered us both a chicken burger each with fries and a drink. we sat down and started watching the movie 30 minutes later the door bell rang nicole jumped up to grab it while i paused the movie. she came back with to bags and drinks " Yumm" i said my mouth watering we sat there watching the movie while eating our food.

after the movie it was getting late so we decided to head to bed " night zoe see you in the morning" "night nicole" i yelled back from the bathroom i had a mouthfull of tooth paste and water while yelling at nicole, i finished up and hoped into bed i was so tired from the flight that day that i fell asleep instantly.


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