Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


17. Life is good

(febuary 1st 1014)

Louis P.O.V

I woke up this morning feeling super happy i had my beautiful girl besides me and the sun was shining in, i decided not to wake Zoe up and go for a morning swim the water would be warm anyway. I quietly got out of bed and got my swimming shorts on grabbed a towel and went to the pool i decided to swim a few laps.

I turned the music on and jumped in i did my laps then swam around for a while then all of a sudden a pair of hands were wrapped around my eyes. "guess who handsome" "umm is it Harry" i said laughing turning around to face Zoe while wrapping my arms around her waist we were in the shallow end of the pool so we didn't have to tread water.

"God i hope i look as sexy as harry" she said laughing "oh i don't know about that" i gave her a kiss on the lips then she swam away got she was amazing. I swam after her and grabbed her leg she squealed and swam quicker she was fast i had to admit, she was laughing while i chased around i finally had caught up to her and put my arm around her waist so she couldn't get away she was laughing which was so cute.

"And what do you think you were doing Missy swimming away from me" "I was having a race" "oh a race aye well then why don't we have a proper race then huh"."ok the loser has to pleasure the winner in the hot tub ok" 

Zoe's P.O.V

I could tell Louis really liked the idea of what was in store if either of us won, we hoped out of the pool and up to the deep end and got onto the diving blocks. I couldn't stop smiling Louis didn't know what was in store i was a really fast swimmer and have won a couple of medals here and there for swimming.

"OK babe on the count of three ok" "ha-ha babe your so on" "1,2,3" and we both dived into the water and i was off over arm was my most powerful stroke and i was gunning it i touched the end of the pool then saw Louis touch it about a couple seconds after me "I so knew i was going to win" i yelled laughing. "damn i so thought i had you but you did win babe"

I smiled at Louis and hoped out of the water grabbed our towels and headed to the hot tub, Lou following close behind me l placed the towels on the bench and got into the hot tub sitting on Louis knees, he wrapped his arms around me and i cuddled into him for a bit it was nice just to relax with him. I turned to face him and his lips meet mine i could feel his tongue grazing my bottom lip wanting entrance so i let him in.

I could feel his hand start to make its way up my leg and past my thigh inwards he started to massage me over top of my bikini bottoms the feeling was amazing i started to moan softly into his mouth, he didn't stick any fingers in which made me more frustrated i knew he was teasing me and it was working he then stopped and pulled away from me.

"Lou why did you stop" i said pouting a little but then i had an idea. "Lou why don't you take your shorts off and we have a little fun aye" i said smiling at him he didn't even hesitate his shorts were off and floating on top of the water, "close your eyes baby im gonna blind fold you ok" i looked around the hot tub room to try and find something to blind fold him with my eyes landed on a piece of cloth dangling on the bench perfect.

I quickly got out taking Louis shorts with me i sat them on the bench grabbed the cloth and went back to Louis "Hey babe what are you doing" "oh just a little something to give back" i pulled the blindfold over his eyes then started to massage his back i gave him little neck kisses i couldn't stop smiling my plan was actually going to work this will teach him for teasing me.

"hey baby im just going to get something ok" i said smiling to Louis "ok babe hurry back ok i will be waiting" "yes ill hurry back" i grabbed our towels and Louis shorts i quickly looked round the room to make sure he couldn't cover himself up with anything, the room was bare so his only way of getting a towel or clothes is by having to go through the whole house and up stairs to get something to cover himself up with, i was suck an evil girlfriend but im sure this will be the last time he will ever tease me.

i walked out of the pool area quickly and into the house. I was walking to the lounge when i realized everyone was here oh this plan just got a whole lot better. "hey guys" i said smiling, "wheres Lou Zo" harry said looking at me "ha-ha well you will just have to wait and see but i think you guys might want to get your phones ready on video because he will come past here soon.

Nicole looked at me and saw Louis shorts and towel in my arms" Oh my god Zoe did you take his shorts and towel off him" "yes i did so he will be stark naked" everyone burst out laughing then i heard the pool door open "guys be real quiet ok im hoping he still might have his blind fold on and he won't know you guys are here so start filming.

Louis P.O.V

I was in the spa by myself for a while now i wondered what was taking Zoe so long so i decided i would go find her, i took my blind fold off and walked out of the pool area and into the house Niall would still be asleep anyway so i called out to Zoe "Hey baby are you getting up to something kinky in here because i can't wait for you and me to get down and dirty" "neither can I baby" i heard Zoe say she was in the lounge i rounded the corner to have the biggest shock of my life.

All the boys were her including Nicole and here i was standing completely naked and to top it all of everyone had there cameras out taking pictures and videos of me i quickly tried to covered my junk but i had a huge hard on "OH FUCK" i yelled and ran for the stairs. i could hear everyone laughing down stairs i was so embarrassed i had to admit Zo had got me back real good. I could hear someone coming up the stairs i ran to the bathroom grabbing some clothes on the way past and locked the bathroom door.

then i heard a knock on the door "who is it" "it's me babe let me in" i unlocked the door and Zoe walked in Laughing she sat on the bath and watched me get dressed. "So Lou have you learn't your lesson you will now never ever tease me again" "yes i have" i said laughing i finished getting dressed and went over and kissed Zoe on the lips, "Come on babe lets get back down stairs".

We got to the bottom of the steps and everyone stopped laughing and looked at me they all said they were sorry for laughing "it's ok guys i did deserve it" "But how what did you do to make Zoe get back at you: Nicole laughed. Well umm that's for us to keep secret" i said laughing nervously "EWWW ok i really don't want to know then".

Nialls P.O.V

Nicole was on my lap sitting there talking to everyone god she was amazing just everything about her made me so happy, the way she lights up my world like nobody else... wow did i really just start to sing that. She smells really nice as well i think she has the Katy Perry perfume on i bought her the other day, huh that's cool  i was hoping she would like it.

"Hey cole did you wanna go do something" "OHHH is that you asking her on a date" harry asked "if i was going on a date with her Harry i would of made it a surprise and it would of been romantic actually. "Yeah sure lets go". Nicole and I left Louis saying good-bye to everyone we left in my car i knew the place were i wanted to go.

"so where are we going" Nicole was asked while starring out the window humming along to my CD i made. "well i thought we could get some ice cream the go for a walk in the park" "sounds cute" Nicole said smiling. We pulled up at the ice cream parlor and walked in the lady asked what we wanted i asked for Vanilla and Nicole got Hokey Pokey, she said that it was her favorite when she lived in NZ.

That's when i realized we  haven't really spoken about where we are both from and background stuff you know the stuff that most people talk about. "so i was thinking we should go for a walk around the park aye i want to ask you some questions. "yeah ok sounds good they better be good questions" Nicole said laughing. "well they will only be the normal questions so i get to understand were your from and stuff like that" "oh ok.

We found a shady spot under a tree and sat down i then started to ask her questions.

Niall: what's your favorite colour?

Nicole: um i really love the colour green but i all so love purple.

Niall: what's your favorite food?

Nicole: um i don't really have one, i love pastas and love love chicken.

Niall: whose in your family including pets?

Nicole:  my brother Jayjay and i are twins , and then there's my younger sister lilly who is 12 and my younger brother Caleb who is 5, Then mum, dad and ziggy the dog.

Niall: How come you choose London out of all the cities in the world?

Nicole: because ive all ways wanted to live here and my favorite band lives here,

Niall: what is it about me that you love/like the most?

Nicole:  wow there's so much i love about you, but if i had to pick it would be probably that your sexy as , your eyes wow i could get lost in them and your a really nice guy.

Niall: are you a virgin?

Nicole: um no i lost that at 16 to my ex, which was the most stupidest thing ive ever done,

Niall:  oh Can we go back to your place now

Nicole: yeah sure thing.

Nicoles P.O.V

We got back to Nialls car and he started driving he couldn't really remember the way so i had to help him a bit. When we finally got to mine i got out of his car and unlocked the front door Niall took his shoes off then walked in smiling "what are you smiling at" i asked looking confused "oh just that fact that your house represents the whole London union jack theme i never really paid much attention last time i was here".

I laughed at his comment then he took off upstairs trying to find my room i had forgotten to take all my posters and stuff down so i didn't look so obsessed with Niall. He found my bedroom and went in i was so embarrassed his mouth was hanging open as her looked around my room on one wall there were just posters of One direction then on another wall the posters were just of Niall.

Also to top things off i had Niall as my Duvet cover and a life size cut out of him he turned to me smiling like a complete dick, "wow i have never seen anyone this dedicated to me before i meet you this is so cool i love your room makes me feel very appreciated babe".

Ok so i really didn't think he was going to take it that was i was scared he though i was a total physco for loving him so much but no he took it well it made me more calm. "well of course i was dedicated to you Niall you were my favorite first and you always will be" He gave me a kiss and smiled "I really do love it though some would say it was a little creepy that you like me that much and some might go to the extreme of calling it obsession but i think its cute and really sweet.

"oh thanks Niall that makes me feel a whole lot better i though you were going to think i was like some total stalker and to obsessed thank you" this time i gave him a kiss which got really passionate really fast Niall lifted me up so my legs were around his waist we started walking backwards towards the bed he went to sit down but sort of missed the bed and we ended up on the floor laughing our heads off Niall got up then lifted me carefully onto the bed and laid me down.

we started to kiss his way up my leg thank god i shaved this morning or that could of been nasty, as he was making his way up he started taking my shirt off i wasn't a virgin thank god and he knew that which would make this sex way more enjoyable for the both of us. 

I lay back on the bed while Niall took off my shoes and jeans, he slowly made his way back to my face kissing my neck, chin then lips. The way he made me feel like i was the only girl in the world. I could feel him get harder on my thigh, it made me giggle a bit. I helped him take his pants and top off. We were both in our under wear, our bodies warm.

He slowly took my lace underwear off and i took his boxers off. He was fully hard as this stage. " Um Cole do you have a condom " i said looking deap into her eyes. "Top draw on the left " she said pointing.

I quickly got off the bed and found the condom draw , " wow cole how many do you need " i said looking at the many boxes of condoms, " well i was single when i moved here " she said laughing. I slipped it on and jumped back on the bed Niall slowly kissed my my left thigh this made me go all tingly inside god this boy is amazing, he made his way to my inner thigh and started kissing the lips of my vagina i felt his tounge slide against the clit this sent me in overdrive.

I felt two fingers slide into me "oh my god" i screamed into the pillow i had to bite down on it to stop the loud moaning the next door neighbours might hear me. i was so close now Niall was just to good at what he was doing "Niall stop im going to cum soon" "cum baby cum" he thrusted his fingers in faster and sucked on my clit i couldn't hold it any longer "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMM-M-M-M-- Y-YYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

This was one of the biggest orgasims ive ever had, he swallowed it all he got up and went to the bathroom to wash his mouth out so he could kiss me when he came back he laid me back down and positioned himself between my legs and slowly sliped it in "Oh wow" Niall breathed.

Nialls P.O.V

Wow when Nicole came it was incredible i was so happy i could make her feel that way it was incredible. i slipped my cock inside of her she was tight so it made the sex even better i was going pretty hard out we were both gasping for air we shifted positions so she was on top. Wow she was amazing we tried so many other positions as well i never thought she would be this flexible i was so close to cumming she was screaming my name over and over which sent me over the top i came so hard it was incredible, after i had finished i took the condom off and lay next to Nicole we were both panting "Wow Niall that was amazing" "holy shit i'd say" it was getting late so we went down stairs made some dinner.


After dinner we went back upstairs to sleep i text-ed Lou to tell him where i would be so he wouldn't worry to much, when i walked into Nicole's room she was already in bed snuggled up she was so cute i took a picture without her noticing then put it on twitter. i got into bed besides her and cuddled up to her and i fell asleep thinking Life is good.





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