Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


19. I love you

Logan's P.O.V

stupid bitch fainted after i punched her in the head, i have to get out of here her friends would be looking for her soon. I packed up all my stuff and left feeling satisfied with what i had done, i wrote a threatening note to her saying if she was to tell anyone what had happened i would slit her throat and all her friends throats.

I quickly injected her with a sedative she would  be out for around 2 days that gave me enough time to go somewhere and hide, i walked down stairs and left her house never to return again

(Febuary 6th 2014)

Nialls P.O.V

I was still upset that Nicole didn't want to talk to me i was at Lou's with Zoe it was just me and her today the boys went to an interview and i didn't want to go because of the shit that has gone down, Zoe came down stairs and walked over to me.

 "Niall it's been a week  since Nicole has been on holiday she hasn't texted me back to say if she is home yet i know she's angry with you but this just doesn't make sense we need to go see if she is home ok she would never ignore me like this "

"ok sure thing" we locked Lou's house and got into Zoe's car she speed off down the road to Nicole's house when we got there her car was parked in the drive way and the door was wide open i got out of the car and me and Zoe walked inside we called out Nicole's name but no reply Zoe said she will look downstairs and for me to look upstairs i agreed and went to Nicole's bedroom first the door was shut so i turned the knob and walked in.

There in front of me was a naked Nicole her face was bruised she had blood on her thighs and on the sheets around her, her hands were tied up  she just lay there motionless i ran up to her and started shaking her she wasn't waking up i checked for a pulse it was still there so she wasn't dead, i started to cry i screamed down to Zoe that i had found her she came running upstairs.

When she got to Nicole's room she started screaming and crying she quickly helped me untie Nicole "we need to get her to the hospital now" "we need to put some clothes on her first" Zoe went in to Nicole's closet and got out a dressing gown we rapped her in it then i lifted her off the bed and carried her to Zoe's car we got in and Zoe sped off towards the hospital.

When we got to the hospital Zoe dropped me off at the entrance so she could go park i got Nicole out of the car and ran towards the door when i got inside i ran to the front desk and explained what had happened she quickly got a doctor who made me come with him, we went into a room and i lay Nicole down on the bed and explained to the doctor how i found Nicole.

The doctor said i needed to wait out in the waiting room so they can exam her since she was asleep he did tell me that she has probably been injected with a sedative of some kind but they need to run tests, i walked out crying and Zoe ran up to me and hugged me we sat down in the waiting room and waited.

Zoe's P.O.V

It had felt like hours since Nicole had been put into the room Niall was asleep in his chair, i saw the doctor that was helping Nicole come towards me he had a smile on his face and was looking at me "well im glad to say that Nicole is fine she had been drugged though by two different drugs not so long after each other she had Kedomine in her and a human sedative that we use to put people to sleep, she was very lucky to survive because both of those drugs mixed can be very dangerous and she could of ended up in a coma or worse dead. Do you know who might of done this to her"

I looked at the doctor with sad eyes "i don't have any clue but Nicole will so when she wakes up you can ask her" "oh she is awake but i didn't want to ask her to many questions" "so i can go see her now then" yes of course you may". i thanked the doctor for helping Nicole and i made my way to Nicole's room.

I walked in and when she saw me her face lit up she looked so happy to see me, i went and sat in the chair next to her "hey cole how you feeling" "im better than what i was" "i see but you need to tell me who did this to you ok" "Zoe it was Logan he did this to me, he must of slipped the drug into my food and then gave me a sedative was he there when you found me" "No cole he had gone and you were out for 3 days" "oh my god'.

Nicole's P.O.V

when Zoe came in to see me i felt an instant rush of happiness i told her everything that had happened about Logan and what i could remember,then she told me i was out for like 3 days "Zoe he rapped me i could be pregnant now" "cole it's ok we will get it sorted your in a hospital and they can help you ok" "i know but i don't want this baby it's not meant to come in this world from rape".

"Hunny i know and it will be ok oh umm i need to explain something to you as well and you need to listen and you also need to promise me you wont interrupt me at any point when im talking ok" "umm ok sure" .

"ok you know how you think Niall cheated on you well he didn't  he got a text early in the morning from Demi asking him to meet her at Nando's because she really needed to talk to him, he agreed then wrote you that note and left when he got to Nando's she told him that she wanted him to break up with you and be with her he went crazy at her and walked out but she followed him. That's when she kissed him he never kissed her she knew the paps were going to be outside she had planned the whole thing he said that he told her that he loved you and that she was a fucking bitch then he got in to his car and drove to yours, then he told me about the whole vase and you not letting him speak and yeah."

Nicole's P.O.V

As i was listening to what Zoe was telling me i started to cry how could i of been so stupid if i had just stopped and listened to Niall none of this would of happened and I had cut for no reason and i was so angry with myself. "Zoe is Niall here by any chance" "yes we were the ones that had  found you Logan sent us all a text acting as you, saying that you were going away for a while but after a couple of days i knew that something wasn't right so me and Niall went to your's and he's the one that found you on your bed".

"thank you Zoe for coming to my rescue but i really need to see Niall can you please go and get him" "yes sure hold on ill get him then leave you to alone for a while ok" "thank you Zoe love you heaps" "love you to Cole". Zoe walked out of my room to get Niall a while later there was a knock on my door then he walked in i instantly started to cry."

Nialls P.O.V

I felt my body start to shake i opened my eyes to see a really happy Zoe. "hey whats going on" "Nicole's awake and she's asking for you go see her ok", I looked at Zoe a huge smile spread across my face. I walked down the corridor until i found her room i took a deep breathe then opened the door and  stepped in.

When she saw my face she smiled but then began to cry i rushed by her side i tried calming her down, when she had stopped crying she looked up at me "I'm so sorry Niall i should of just let you say what you needed to say because i was wrong Zoe told me everything about you and Demi im so sorry i wish i had just listened in the first place, i thought i was dead and i was never going to see you again i was worried id never get to tell you how much i loved you and that your so special to me in every way possible.

"Nicole it's ok i understand i mean those pictures did look like i was kissing back when i wasn't but it's understandable for you to have gone off at me like that im just sorry i didn't stay downstairs because then you wouldn't be in here i thought i had lost you for good this time and i love you and i never want to let you go.

Nicole started crying again i had no idea what over this time "Hun whats wrong now please don't cry it hurts me to see you crying please stop. "no Niall these are happy tears im crying because you said you love me" "well of course i do i love you Cole and i never wan't to let you go".

I gave her a kiss on the lips which soon turned into a make out session when we pulled away i looked into her eyes "I love you" i said while stroking her cheek "I love you to Niall" when she said she loved me back i felt so happy she was alive and in my arms.

Nicole's P.O.V

When Niall told me he loved me i couldn't be more happier he was so amazing i felt bad for hitting him in the head with a vase he had a big bruise on his fore head it looked sore "Niall im really sorry for throwing that vase at you i thought you might of been Demi" "it's ok i forgive you but what made you think it was Demi".

I reached for my phone and showed him the text from her "holy shit Nicole im so sorry you need to show the cops that message" 'yes i know Niall are we still together" "yes well i hope so babe are we" "yes we are", we both smiled at each other then there was a knock o the door "come in".

The police guy came in and said his name was "deputy Hays" he asked me questions about what had happened at home and what Logan did to me then i had to give him a description about what Logan looked like etc. We also told the cop about Demi and what she had sent me etc, the deputy thanked me and told me he would be in touch and also said i shouldn't go home for a couple of days and that i should stay somewhere else until they catch Logan.

After he left Zoe and Louis walked in Lou came rushing up to me hugging me he was fake sobbing and yelling "oh my i thought we might of lost you " "this made me laugh he was always the one person you could count on to either make you smile or laugh. Zoe had to rip him off me because he wouldn't let go. "thanks Lou and yes im here alive and all goods".

"Oh Lou that reminds me the cop came in and told Nicole she needed to stay away from her house until the catch that fuck wit who did this to Nicole so i was wondering if she could stay with us for a bit" Niall said looking at Lou with puppy dog eyes "of course she can plus that means Zoe will be entertained while we go practice our songs in the studio" Lou said laughing.

I thanked Lou and then we all had a conversation about what had happened Lou and Niall said if they ever saw Logan they were going to beat the shit outta him. This made me and Zoe laugh, the doctor came in and told me i could go back home now because there was no damage made to me internally.

The only thing you could notice was the bruises on my body but i could hopefully cover them up with make up, Zoe and Lou said they would wait in her car for us out the front and that there was no paparazzi outside because no one knew we were in here, Lou said it was because he tweeted they were all going to be at the beach so everyone would think that's where they were.

It was a good plan i thought, Zoe and Lou left me and Niall alone again in the room he helped me off the bed to get into some clean clothes as he was helping he couldn't stop staring at me this made me laugh and think about when we had sex for the first time days ago.

"oh Niall by the way that sex was amazing we had best i have ever had". Niall just kept smiling and agreed with me. I had to tell Niall about Logan raping me and that i could possibly be pregnant, i looked up at him then told him after i was done he was rubbing my back telling me it would be ok and that he would go find a nurse and ask for a test.

when Niall left i felt scared i have always wanted kids but not with Logan when Niall returned he had 2 boxes in his hand he gave them to me then i went to the toilet to see what would happen i peed on both stick then sat them back on the bench and waited for what felt like ages. i looked at the test and a huge sign of relief went through my body they were both negative.

I ran into the room smiling Niall looked up at me confused "well what did they say" "im not pregnant" i yelled jumping up and down Niall grabbed me and hugged me tight "oh thank goodness" i smiled at him then we got my stuff together and i signed the discharge papers and we were out of there when we got into Zoe's car i yelled "im not pregnant to that fucking asshole" they all looked at me.

"oh thank the lord" Zoe said smiling at me "that's good news Cole im so happy "yeah me to" Louis added smiling i hugged them both then  put my seat belt on and Zoe drove off to Louis, when we got there we all hopped out and went inside i went straight into the kitchen and grabbed some food i was starving.

Nialls P.O.V

when we got back to Louis Nicole went straight to the kitchen to get some food thank god she did because i was hungry as well when i got to the kitchen she was making a sandwich "yum ill have one to" we both made a sandwich each then put the stuff away and went and sat in the lounge with Lou and Zo.

We all decided to watch a movie but something funny not scary we ended up watching "now you see me" it was a really good movie. half way through the movie Me, Zoe and Louis all got a text around the same time we got out our phones and read what it said.

Ally: Hey guys i forwarded this message to all you boys and Zoe because it's easier this way i just wanted to let you all know that you start your tour in 3 days so i need you all here tomorrow morning to run over some things ect and for you Zoe tag along come see what they are up to and yeah see you all then

love Ally .mwah.mwah.

I laughed at the last bit she wrote that Zoe was to tag along even though she was our hair and make up stylist she was an amazing friend to all of us boys i showed the text to Nicole and said she should come as well to keep Zoe company and so that she wasn't here alone she agreed and looked pretty excited as well.

Louis and Zoe got up to make tea it was butter chicken tonight yum, Nicole and I sat on the couch snuggled up and watched T.V i enjoyed having her in my arms again i felt so much more relaxed it was good. later on Zoe came into the lounge telling us it was time for dinner, me and Nicole got up and ran to the table to eat.

After dinner we washed the dishes and all went our ways to bed it was going to be good snuggling up to her tonight and falling asleep with her she was so beautiful when we were dressed and ready for bed we got in and snuggled up "i love you Nicole sweet dreams beautiful" " i love you to Niall sweet dreams", i gave Nicole a kiss on the head then we drifted to sleep in each others arms.

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