Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


18. HOW COULD YOU !!!!!!!!!

 (Febuary 2nd 2014)

Nialls P.O.V

I woke up to Nicole fast asleep it was already 10:00am i rolled over and checked my phone i had one message from the person i least expected to text me.

From Demi: Hey Niall i really need to see you please meet me at Nandos at 10:30 xx

Shit do i meet up with her or do i leave it ill meet up with her to see what she wants i left Nicole a note but didn't dear tell her where i was really going or she would probably throw a huge fit yes me and Demi had a thing but not anymore.

Hey Babe 

you were fast asleep when i woke up and i remembered i

have some stuff to do today ill catch up with you later.

have a good day

Niall xx 

I walked out to my car hoped in a drove to Nandos, when i got there i walked in and quickly found Demi "so what did you want" "well hello to you to Niall" "quit the act Demi what is it your wanting" "well you of course" "what do you want with me" "it's simple really ditch that yuck hoe your with now and come with me you will be alot happier please".

i looked at her absolutely disgusted how could she even say that about Nicole i love her with all my heart "actually Demi i'm the happiest I've been in forever when i'm with Nicole ok and if you dear call her a hoe ever again ill ruin you ok have we got that clear" i got up and walked out of Nandos i could tell Demi was following me before i knew it she was in front of me and she kissed me i heard flashing noises in the back ground.

I pushed Demi off and turned around the paps had taken shots of Demi kissing me this is going to look so bad now i never kissed her it was all her fault i wanted to hit her so hard but i'm not that type of person "how could you" i yelled at Demi "you know i love Nicole and not you YOUR A FUCKING BITCH YOU KNOW THAT" i stormed off and got into my car and drove off.

Nicole's P.O.V

I sat down eating my breakfast it was already 11:30am, Niall said he had to go do some stuff which was ok he was a busy boy. I turned the TV on to watch E.T (entertainment tonight) i was busy eating when it said breaking news "Niall and Demi caught kissing outside Nandos" I choked on my cereal i could not believe what i was seeing let alone hearing how could he do this to me i threw the remote at the TV smashing the screen i didn't care at all i was so fucking angry.

I went to my room and started crying my eyes out on the bed that's when i got a text from an unknown number on my phone i checked it and didn't believe what it said.

Unknown: Don't you even dear go near my Niall you fucking stupid whore he loves me not you ok if you go near him and i find out i will put your little friend Zoe's career on the line got that fucking ugly bitch!!!!!!!!!!.

That's when i realized who it was from Demi had sent that message to what the fuck was wrong with her and now i can't even talk to Niall because if she finds out Zoe's ruined what do i do i was full out crying it was so yuck it was the snotty type ewww i heard footsteps coming up the stairs i quickly stood by the door with a vase in my hand in case it was Demi.

the door opened and i threw the vase at the person who walked in it was Niall got him right in the head he dropped to the ground holding his face."WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE" i screamed at him.

Nialls P.O.V

I quickly drove to Nicole's i needed to tell her what had happened i knew it would already be on the news saying i was a man whore or something stupid like that i parked in Nicole's drive got out and ran to the door i made my way up to her room i couldn't hear anything i opened her door then all of a sudden something hard hit my face it hurt so much i fell to the ground in pain.

then Nicole started yelling at me asking me what the fuck was i doing there i couldn't say anything there was blood dripping from my head i could taste it in my mouth i looked up to see Nicole crying i hated seeing her like this. "Nicole sit down please i need to explain something to you ok" "No Niall" she screamed "get out of my house now ok your supposed to be here if Demi finds out im screwed so leave now" "what are you talking about you wont be screwed ok " "no Niall you don't understand ok just leave"

I was hard out crying now my heart was hurting because i had fucked up so bad but Nicole wouldn't let me talk to her about what had really happened i had to get out of here let her calm down then ill call Zoe and tell her whats really happened she would know im not the type to cheat i mean she's like my best friend, i got up looking at Nicole and i left.

Nicole's P.O.V

He just got up and left thank god i couldn't stand to see him look at me that way it hurt so much i couldn't handle this i went to my draw and pulled out my knife i had to do it i did when i was younger when i got bullied and did it everyday i had scars on my thighs and wrists but you had to look really close up to see them.

I grabbed the knife and slide it across my wrist i held my eyes shut tight i could feel the warmth of the blood dripping down my arm i dropped to the floor looking at the cut this was a bad one i got up and went to the bathroom to wash the cut, i ran the water and stuck it under god it stung so badly tears were falling from my face the pain was still burning in me i ended up blacking out.

(Febuary 3rd 2014)

When i woke up i was in my bed i looked down at my wrist it was bandaged up "what the hell" i said looking around my room my bedroom door opened and in walked a person i would of never thought i would see ever again. "Logan what are you doing here" "well i was visiting my brother and thought i would drop by last night, i knocked on the door but you didn't answer.

So i walked in and i could hear water running and i got suspicious so i followed the sound of the water and found you passed out in the bathroom and there was water everywhere but i picked you up changed your clothesthen put you to bed and cleaned the bathroom up." i just looked at Logan and broke down in tears he came and sat next to me he rubbed my back and kissed my fore head.

he asked me what was wrong so i decided to tell him i told him about Zoe and her job and how she ended up moving in then meet one direction and how i got to meet Niall then we ended hooking up then he asked me out etc then i told him about him hooking up with Demi and me throwing the vase at him then i said that's why i cut because i couldn't deal with the pain.

Logan picked me up and carried my down the stairs he  put me down on the couch and went to the kitchen to cook something i looked at the TV bummed that i couldn't watch it because the screen was broken, i checked my phone it was 5:30pm i didn't have any texts or calls at all that was odd oh well i brushed it off and relaxed a bit and ended falling asleep again.

Logan's P.O.V

Nicole was all alone in this house time to make my move i text ed all of her friends that she was going away for a couple of days and that she wouldn't have reception where she was going she told the she would be fine and for them not to come looking for her and that shes doing this to get some alone time. they all text ed back saying that was fine and that they hoped she had fun.

Now it's my turn to help that little slut and tell her what she needs to do from now on shes my fucking slave and know one will know finally she dumped me when i was in love with her so god dam much but now it's time to show her what pain she put me through oh i say revenge is so sweet.

I was busy making what you would call dinner but i was only offering to cook so i can slip some kedomine (date rape drug) into her food she wont know what hits her shell be so clueless i can do what ever the fuck i want with that filthy whore. I finished mixing the drug in and walked into the lounge the bitch was sleeping but i had to act all innocent to get her to eat the food.

I out the plate down on the table then shook her to wake her up she slowly came right she looked up and me and smiled "i made dinner for you eat up ok i don't want to see any left on your plate" i said smiling at her god i hated trying to act all nice i can't wait for the drug to kick in.

Nicole's P.O.V

I was so hungry i ate all of the pasta really fast the sauce had a funny taste to it but i didn't care i was so hungry after i had finished i put my plate in the sink i felt really weird but it was a good type of weird i turned around and then i like totally spaced out i could see all these amazing colours and everything looked cartoon it was crazy i didn't understand what was happening well to be honest i had no idea what i was doing i had no control over my body but this didn't bother me one bit.

I walked back to the lounge the carpet felt amazing under my feet Logan was smiling at me he looked so funny i burst out laughing at him his smile looked like it had taken over his whole face it was hilarious everything was funny i lay on the carpet and started to make a snow angel it felt amazing. I got up and walked over and sat next to Logan he started kissing me i didn't like that at all.

I started pushing against his chest but he wouldn't stop he just kept going his hand started to trail up my leg when i pulled away he slapped me right across my left check the stinging sensation started i could tell it was going to bruise, he pulled me back in and started kissing me again i was so frightened. He started to pull my pants down i was screaming out in terror but he clamped his hand down on my mouth he took my pants off with one hand i was kicking and yelling but no one would hear me his hand was clamped down on my mouth to hard.

he dragged me up the stairs by my hair the tears kept falling they wouldn't stop he dragged me into my room and threw me on my bed "why are you doing this to me" i screamed to him "because you little bitch you fucking deserve it dumping me when i loved you so dam much " i looked at him my whole body was shaking "i'm sorry" i mumbled to him he came up to me and punched me right in the eye, i couldn't open it because the pain was that excruciating. "sorry will never cut for what you put me threw you stupid whore.

He had rope in his hands and a piece of cloth i had no idea where he had gotten them from but he came up to me and tied me to my metal bed frame i wished i had never bought, he put the cloth over my mouth and i began to feel dizzy and the last thing i remember is him pulling my pants off with that sick sadistic smile.

(febuary 4th 2014)

Nicoles p.o.v

I woke up feeling sore, my whole body was in pain i opened my eyes and looked down i was completly naked and my wrists were still tied together. I dared not to scream i knew it would make things worse i could feel wetness between my legs i looked down and saw blood, tears started to flow down my cheeks he had drugged me then raped me the guy i once knew to love had done this to me.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs my body started to tremble i had no clue what was coming next i may die today and never get to say good bye to Niall more tears streamed down my face thinking of him i should of listened to what he had to say maybe it was all a mistake. I knew he loved me and i loved him with every part of me if only i could say i love you and good bye one last time.

My bedroom door swung open and there he stood that sick smile that made me sick to my stomach. He walked over to me and sat on the bed besides me he went to kiss me but i quickly turned my head.

"YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCH" he screamed "you kiss me back if i kiss you or ill fucking hurt you even more" i turned around and spat in his face "your a cunt you know that go ahead hurt me even more you sick fuck" i yelled back, then blackness all i could see was blackness and a sick laughing sound. Maybe this was it im dying and i don't get to say goodbye to Niall if only he knew how much i really loved him this is it this is my time to leave.


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