Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


15. Hospital sucks

Nicole's P.O.V 

I woke up to a really annoying beeping sound i opened my eyes to an unfamiliar white room there were cords all hooked up to me and a tube up my nose i went to sit up when a pair of hands pushed me gently back down, i looked at the face to see a very teary eyed Niall looking down at me. 

"why are you crying" i asked him "Because i thought i was going to loose you Nicole we all did" his hand was now wrapped around mine he was gently stroking my hair."Its ok im alive now Niall and im not going anywhere promise" that made him smile, i rubbed his hand to reassure him that i was fine. 

then there was a soft knock at the door then Zoe's head popped around the corner she saw i was awake then rushed to my side she was crying god i hated it when people cried u had no idea what to do with them."It's ok Zoe im not dying so stop crying please". 

she looked up at me and laughed yay finally some god dam happiness in this room, "im sorry Cole i was so scared for you the doctor told me you had water in your lungs like last time but not as much this time. "well then that's good then is int it" i said smiling while rubbing her back,she has always been the emotional one. 

there was another knock at the door then i saw the rest of the boys coming in Harry's head was down i knew he would feel really bad."Harry come here" i said patting the spot next to me he came running over he was crying to why does everyone need to cry im not dying for fuck sakes.

"Im so sorry Nicole this is all my fault if i had of just listened to you and not pushed you in then you wouldn't be here iam so so sorry Zoe told me your story im such an ass" "It's ok ill forgive you and you didn't know at the time about my story anyways".  

I gave harry a hug and wiped his tear stained face and gave him a smile. which finally made him smile back we all talked for a while chatting about the day until the doctor came in and told me i could go home but i had to it easy for a bit, everyone was happy thank god and they had all stopped crying even better. 

Zoe helped me get dressed in the little changing room and then e gathered up all the boys and went back to mine i only had a small house so it was going to be squishy, but it would be cool having everyone around i hardly ever get company. 

when we got to mine i unlocked the door Niall by my side he wouldn't leave me alone i couldn't blame him he must of got a huge fright. "Niall you don't need to follow me everywhere you know im perfectly fine ok, "i know that i just like being with you for company it makes me happy" "nawwh it makes me happy to".

Niall gave me a hug then i looked up into his blue eyes they were so amazing, he lent down and kissed my lips it was a sweet kiss that then got passionate fireworks were fizzing my mind was a total blur butterflies were fluttering at full speed inside me and my heart was racing at a million miles per hour i liked him so much. 

He pulled away looking into my eyes "I like you Nicole i really do will you please be my girlfriend" I was completely speechless, i looked back into his eyes they were filled with so much passion and love"Of course i will be Niall" "oh thank you i wanted to ask you yesterday but then i knew we had only just meet and i don't want to ruin anything." 

"It's ok Niall im saying yes because i have liked you for a really long time i never actually thought i would be meeting you in person and i never ever thought i would ever get the chance to be your girlfriend Niall". "Well im glad you feel that way im happy that Zoe moved here and then Louis and Zoe going out is even better because now ive meet my princess". 

"Oh Niall your so sweet" "haha why thank you babe i really don't want to ruin the moment but im so hungry" "well how about we have a BBQ you me Zoe and the rest of the boys" "oh yay sounds good me and harry can be on cooking duty" "ok well help me get this meat out then".

I told the rest of the guys and Zoe what was happening they all seemed happy about it Harry and Niall were outside on the BBQ cooking the meat and having some beers me and Zoe were in the kitchen preparing other food and the rest of the boys were watching a movie, then Louis decided to join us and help what a bad idea though he stared nibbling at some of the food till me and Zoe pushed out of the kitchen. 

when we had finished the food we set the table up thank god i had a huge table or else we would all be sitting on the floor eating dinner. Harry and Niall bought the food in and sat it on the table when the boys saw it was done they all raced up and sat down, grabbing heaps of food and piling up there plates. it was a good meal everyone was happy and we all got along really well. 

"hey guys i have something to tell you" Niall said looking at me i nodded then he carried on "Ok so yesterday i meet Nicole and i instantly liked her she only said hi and i feel for her there and then and today i plucked up the courage to ask her out and she said yes" all the boys started cheering then Zoe joined in "im so happy you guys" Zoe said hugging me". 

we all talked for ages sharing stories from when we were little or embarrassing moments that we have ever had it was a great laugh.We finished up and everyone helped to clean up they all put there dishes in the dishwasher then turned it on we all decided to watch another movie together we picked pitch perfect because it was so funny.

I pulled out some mattresses and pillows plus some blankets for everyone then we sat down and watched the movie together, Zoe cracked up laughing at everything she was just that type of person that found anything and everything funny, which was cool because she could make anyone laugh no matter the situation. 

I was seated besides Niall his arms around me i looked over to him he was starring at me "do i have something on my face" i said quickly rubbing at my face "no you don't love i'm just so lucky to have such a beautiful girl as you Nicole" "oh Niall you'r so sweet thank you" "your welcome love". 

Zoe's P.O.V  

I loved watching pitch perfect it was such an awesome movie i found like pretty much every part hilarious, then everyone would start laughing after me i then realized they were laughing at me and not the movie but that didn't bother me i just though it was funny. as i was lying on Louis i remembered what Ally had told me about my pent house. 

"hey Louis i forgot to tell you something today" "and what would that be beautiful" "I got a call from Ally today and she said that my pent house won't be ready till months away because the building is now getting earthquake proof etc so ill be at Nicole's for a while", 'Wait i have an idea why don't you just come and live with me i mean only if you want to and Niall's moving in as well and we need a woman around the house to keep us in order". 

"Wow that's a big ask but that would be cool your house is really big and there's heaps of room plus i wouldn't mind living with nialler either as long as he doesn't eat everything in the house","haha that's like asking Niall to try and not breath" "yeah" Niall agreed which made everyone laugh. "So is it a yes then" 

"yes Louis i will come live with you in your massive flash ass house","yay" he said giving me a huge kiss then everyone started making gagging noises. "shut up" i said laughing at them all. Louis gave me a kiss on the cheek this time while pulling the fingers at everyone. 

after the movie i looked around at everyone to notice that me and Louis were the only ones awake,I grabbed his hands and lead him up stairs to the room i was staying in i shut the door behind me then his arms were around my waist kissing my neck i turned to face him he kissed me on the lips then picked me up so my legs were rapped around his waist. 

Louis moved to the bed and gently laid me down pressing his body against me kissing me with more passion by the second i thought i was going to explode from lust overload, things were starting to get hot and heaving our breathing was starting to pick up. 

His hand started trailing it was up my little summer dress i was starting to get so horny, his hand started to move its way to my inner thighs making me go crazy. Louis took his top off throwing it to the floor showing his tight abs he reached down and took my top off, then his pants were off and so were mine. 

Next to go was my bra that was off in a hurry then Louis boxes were off and he was now on top of me he kissed his way down to my undies then slowly slid them off then he slid back up the bed and kissed me i could feel his cock pressed hard up against me then i spread my legs so he could gain entrance i couldn't wait any longer.

"Lou hurry up please" "You want it that bad huh" "yes Lou come on please" i didn't have to speak one more word for him to know how much i wanted him, he slide it in his whole length inside me making me gasp from the pleasure that was whizzing around me." I love you Zoe" "I love you to Lou".

Louis was going pretty hard out i was so close to cumming when Louis started to shake i knew right there and then that he was going to cum then he let out a massive grunt i could feel his cum inside me which made me cum hard, by the end of it we were both out of breath breathing hard against each others skin, we both ended up falling asleep.



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