Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


12. Day with Niall,Louis,Nicole and me

(january 6th 2014)

Louis P.O.V

I woke up this morning finding Niall on my couch i keep forgetting i gave him a spare key, i wondered into the kitchen to make pancakes for me and Niall he must of smelt them cooking because he was in kitchen and at the table with a plate in front of him and a knife in one hand and a fork in the other. "Morning Nialler and how are we this morning" "fine sorry about falling asleep on your couch Louis i went for a walk last night and it was really late so i decided to just crash here instead of walking all the way home." "that's fine i was fast asleep anyways"

Niall and I ate our breakfast then got dressed " Hey Niall you know Zoe our stylist" " yes what about her" " well i was wondering You and I should hang out with her today get to know her a little better to" " yea sure I've got nothing else planned for the day but does she have any friends that she could bring along so im not like third wheeling all day because i know you like Zoe".

"Thanks Niall and yes i do like her alot and yes she does have a friend her names Nicole shes really pretty and you guys might get along ill give zoe a call now and ask her if her and Nicole are doing anything ok" niall nodded and went into the kitchen to get food i thought to myself that boy was always hungry.i found my phone and went through the contacts looking for Zoe's number i found and pressed the call button.

"hey Louis whats up" "hey Zoe not much i was wondering are you and Nicole doing anything today" " umm no not that i know of why do you ask", "well i was wondering if you and Nicole wanted to hang out today with Niall and I" " Oh sure sounds like fun what time do you want to meet up and where." well i was thinking my house only because of the pool and yea if you don't want to that's fine we can go somewhere else i just don't want to have to deal with the paparazzi thats all" "oh yes good point well me and Nicole will come to you'rs then at like 11:30 sound good to you," "sounds great ok well see you then see ya" "bye"

" hey Niall Zoe and Nicole are going to be here soon so can you help me clean up a bit before they do please" "sure Louis anything for you" "thanks buddy". It was now 11am and we were just waiting for Nicole and Zoe they should be here anytime soon the house looks great Niall and I spent all morning cleaning.

Zoe's P.O.V

"hey Nicole" "yes in here" i walked into Nicoles room i wasn't going to tell her who we were seeing today because i know she really liked Niall. " hey i was just wondering do you want to go to the beach today Hun" "uhh yea sure" "ok well get your bikini on and other stuff you want then meet me in the car im ready but lock the house on the way out ok" "Zoe this is my house im sure i will remember to lock it" with that said i laughed and went to my car and started the engine.

Nicole locked the door and ran walked to my car getting into the passenger seat did her seat belt up then i drove off on the way to Louis well the beach because hats what i told Nicole haha One Directions song little things came onto the radio we were singing along to it then Nialls bit comes on then Nicole says "Oh my god i just love his voice so much and i love him so much" i just laughed.

we were nearly at Louis house Nicole didnt even mention we were going down the wrong road until i slowed down trying to remember where Louis house was " umm Zoe why are we down this road and outside this house i thought we were going to the beach" "well i lied i have a surprise for you cole and i think you're going to love it" "really well ok then" we both hopped out of the car and walked up to the door. I knocked on it a couple of times then the door opened

Nicole's P.O.V 

Zoe knocked on the door a couple of times i had no idea were we were at all then the door opened and standing right in front of us was NIALL FREAKING HORAN the boy of my dreams. oh my god his blue eyes his hair his smile i felt like i was dreaming like i was not here at all this can' be real.

"hey Zoe" Niall spoke in his thick cute amazing i could go on and on about his Irish accent. "hey Niall wheres Louis" " hes inside by the pool" "cool thanks" then Niall led us inside Zoe ran off the moment we got in there leaving me behind with Niall i was so embarrassed i hope i looked ok.

"so you must be Nicole Louis said Zoe was bringing you along" OH MY GOD he just spoke to me and he was looking straight at me with his sparkling blue eyes. "well umm yes im Nicole" damm i hope that didn't sound as stupid as what i thought it did.

"Nice to meet you Louis told me you were really pretty i think hes wrong because your actually really beautiful" "oh wow thanks" " no problem love" Niall led me to Louis pool where Zoe and Him were all ready sitting dangling there feet into the water I didnt like deep water especially pools rivers or the ocean i had a bad experience when i was little nearly drowning.

 Zoe's P.O.V

"Hey Louis we should all go swimming then have some lunch" "ok good idea" i stood there then took my clothes off Louis and Niall were allready in. Louis was smiling at me then i jumped in Nicole sat there on the edge just watching i just rememberd she dosn't go swimming in deep water.

Me Louis and Niall swam round for a while till Niall started complaing he was hungry so we hopped out still in our bathing suits dried off a bit then went to Louis kitchen to get some food. we all had samwhiches then decided to go watch a movie, louis and Niall were already in there choosing a DvD for us to watch while me and Nicole were getting some popcorn and chips sorted into some bowls.

"Hey Zoe im glad none of the boys asked why i didn't want to go swimming i just still can't get over the past" "I know its ok Nicole i understand and you didn't miss out on much anyway" "thanks for being so understanding" nicole said giving me a hug. "no problamo"

After the popcorn had finished we walked into the room placing the chips and popcorn onto the little table Louis also had his own movie room with shelves full of movies that were all sorted perfectly, he had a horror shelf a comedy shelf a thriller shelf ect ect.

Louis was on a couch by himself and so was Niall so i sat with Louis and Nicole sat with Niall it was so cute because when Nicole sat down Niall put his arm around her i could tell she was blushing." so what movie are we watching" i asked Louis while i grabbed the bowl of popcorn and cuddling into him.

I know were not going out but we were just good friends and i didn't mind cuddling next to him anyway. " well ita a surprise" " well can you at least tell me what genre it is" " its a horror" Louis said smiling at me," oh but what if i get freaked out Louis" "well you will just have to cuddle up to me even more then wont you". I could tell louis was going to enjoy this me being scared and him thinking hes all superman soothing me.

The title of the movie came up it was called "MUMMA" i had seen the trailer for it on tv the other day it looked so scary." Oh my god Zoe this is the movie we saw adverised on tv the other day the trailer was scary enough" "I know Nicole thats what i was just thinking" then the movie began.

half way through the movie i was literally sitting on Louis lap i was so freaked out, i also had the popcorn bowl onto of me to i thought if i was distracted by it then i wouldnt have to focus on the movie so hard. Well what a dumb idea that turned out to be i looked up at the screen then this really creppy lady popped up i got such a fright that the popcorn went all over me and Louis also getting the floor.

"Ok when you said you were going to get scared i didn't think you were going to throw popcorn everywhere" Louis was laughing at me though " Im so sorry Lou ill clean it up" "ill help". Louis showed me where the little vaccum was so i could clean it up after i had cleaned it up i went into the kitchen to empty it into the rubbish bin when i felt a pair of arms go around my waist.

"Zoe i know we both want to be just friends but then we both know we want to be together because we both like eachother, and i have no clue if now is the time but i would really like you to be my girlfriend i undersatnd if you still just want to be friends but i like you to much to keep it that way so will you please be my girlfriend.

"Yes Louis i will be your girlfriend" and with that his lips were on mine this kiss was amazing filled with so much passion. we pullied away smiling at eachother " im so happy ou said yes because i would of felt like such a dick if you had of said no" I laughed at what he had said then grabbed his hand and walked back to the movie room were Nicole and Niall were.

We walked in and got such a surprise Nicole and Niall wer full on KISSING i could not belive my eyes so i thought me and Louis should just leave them to it. We walked back to the pool and decided to hop in the spa together.

Louis was already in and sitting up in the spa eyeing me up i hopped in beside him but then he grabbed me and put me on his knee, facing him he was smiling at me i lent in and kissed him i was happy that we were together i could tell Louis was to.

While we were kissing i could feel Louis growing underneath me which ment he was getting turned on. i could blame him that much i mean my bikini did make my boobs look amazing which he couldn't stop staring at. " Hey Louis my eyes are up here" i said giggling " oh right sorry it's not my fault they're in my face" he said laughing.

I smilied at him and kissed him on the lips god he was such a good kisser then we heard a coughing sound from behind us Nicole and Niall were standing there just looking at me and Louis, Niall had a huge grin spread across his lips. "well well well i take it you to are now a couple i mean seriously Louis would not stop talking about you Zoe"

"Oh is that right Mr Tomlinson" "well i umm ok yes its true" i just laughed and hugged him then i turned back to Nicole and Niall who were also slipping into the spa Nicole was very carefull while hopping in she didnt mind baths or hot tubs but she still was a bit scared because you could still drown in them.

I gave Nicole and (its ok look were all here) and she just nodded and smiled. then i turned to niall and smilied hugely at him. "what are you smiling at" "well well Nialler seems you and Nicole hit it off" i said laughing Nicole and Niall looked at eachother and cracked up laughing " yes Zoe we did we may of shared a kiss or two.

"A kiss or two my ass you were both eating each others faces" by this stage i was also in a laughing fit so was Louis. we talked for a bit then Louis decided to get the alchol out and make us all some drinks.

later i have no clue how much we drank but we were all pretty drunk, Nicole was on Nialls knee and i was on Louis knee still the louis shouts" TRUTH OR DEAR BABE" i laughed to my self thinking oh shit were drunk and all playing truth or dear.

"Hmmm i pick Dear" " ok then Zoe i dear you to lick behind Nialls ears" Niall cracked up laughing and so did Nicole "I hope you cleaned behind your ears Niall" Nicole said laughing "I always clean behind my ears but i think i may of forgotten to this morning" he said laughing."

"Ok Nialler hope your ready" i laughed he nodded and i slowley made my way over to him and licked behind his right ear then his left Louis Nicole and Niall were all laughing hard out i went and sat back next to Louis but he put me back on his lap"So Zoe how was it" Loius said laughing.

"Well kinf of salty but thats it" i made a funny face to match what i had said then cracked up laughing."ok my turn now Niall truth or dear" "hmmm dear" "Niall i dear you to lick all 10 of Louis toes" Louis turned and faced me with a huge smile "ewwww" Nicole laughed " i hate feet" "same" i said now laughing with her.

Niall finally gave in and and Louis lifted his right foot up first Niall scrunched up his face which made us all laugh even more, he closed his eyes and licked each toe as a time his facials were so funny after he had finished both sets of feet he went and sat back with Nicole but he skulled back some beer first.

'Ok my turn to ask now" niall said looking at Nicole "so nicole truth or dear" "hmm truth" "ohh fine i was hoping you would pick dear ok so tell me the truth why did you not come swimming with us today."

Nicole looked at me with sad eyes "it's ok Nicole just tell him ok" she nodded at me the turned back to niall. "Ok well it all started when i was like 12 Zoe was with me we were visiting family in Pohara which is located in new Zealand, and we were at the beach and we decided to go swimming. but the waves were really big and i thought i would be ok untill i went out further and i got caught in a rip and started to get pulled out into the ocean, i keept getting pulled under from the waves my lungs were filling up with water and i could hardly breath. Then when i thought i was actually going to die but luckly someone grabbed me and put me on there boat i had passed out by this point and then all i can remember was waking up in hospital and got told that my lugs got pumped because of all the water that was in them and the doctor said i was pretty lucky to survive and yeah so im afraid of deep water now pools and rivers and also the sea i dont go near the sea at all.

Niall looked at Nicole with sad eyes" Oh my Nicole im so sorry that must of been so scary for you" He hugged Nicole then kissed her on the cheak. she smiled at him then said" Yay my turn to ask Louis truth or dear" 'hmmm i pick truth" " ok so Louis is it true that you and zoe are finally together now" i asked smiling." yes its true i asked her out in the kitchen today while you to were busy sucking face and i was lucky because she said yes and now im super duper happy now"

"awwh yay im so happy for you to" Nicole said smiling me and Louis both said our thank yous then we all decided to hop out because we were all staring to get rinkley." hey its late and we havnt had dinner yet but would you girls like to stay the night and we could get pizza or something" Louis asked as we were all wrapping towels around our selves.

I looked and Nicole and she said she didn't mind so we both agreed on staying Louis looked super happy which made me smile." yay pizza niall shouted" as he went to the door to get pay for it. " is he always this hungry" Nicole asked Louis "Oh yes man he eats heaps i don't know how he's not huge but man that boy can eat tonnes" he said laughing as Niall started to digg in.





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