Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


8. Day with louis

 (january 5th 2014)

Louis P.O.V

I woke up feeling overly happy i was going to see Zoe today, but i also need to apologize properly to her. i went into my closet looking for something to wear i decided on a black and white stripped top and black quarter length pants i put on some red toms and red suspenders to match.

i went downstairs to get something to eat i felt like cereal so i ate that then ran back upstairs to do by hair and brush my teeth i couldn't help but smile the whole time i get to see her beautiful face again. im so hoping i can make things right i felt so bad i never meant to kiss her, i just like her so damn much.

i grabbed my keys from the hook in the kitchen locked the front door on my way out  got into my car and drove to Nicole's to pick up Zoe i was bouncing in my seat because i was so excited if she accepts my apology then we can just be best friends but i need to tell her how i feel.

Zoe's P.O.V

I had just got my shoes on when i heard a knock at the door "ill get it" i screamed to Nicole. i opened the door to find a stunning Louis standing there with a bunch of flowers in his hands " these are for you and i hope you can forgive me i was such a dick yesterday and im sorry for kissing you please can you forgive me.

" i took a deep breath and exhaled out "ok Louis i forgive you". " yay thank you thank you thank you so much i promise i will never do it again unless you ask ok" " um Louis what makes you think ill be asking you to kiss me again" "good point but i guess we could be best friends instead then please" "ok ok but can we please get going now im bored and i want to know where your taking me"

"aah now you see Zoe its a surprise ok" " oh Louis that's one thing you will now learn about me i absolutely hate surprises" "well im sorry but you will just have to put up with it for today ok" " ugh fine then" we walked to Louis car and he ran to open my door for me "ah such a gentleman" i laughed he smiled and hopped in his side and we drove off.

Louis P.O.V

she was so beautiful i wish she was mine but i need to tell her how i feel first, ill tell her tonight when i surprise her." oh by the way Zoe i've got another surprise tonight for you" " really Louis more surprises" " yes more surprises i told you i was going to make it up to you ok" "fine then" i could see a smile on her face which told me she was excited.

"Ok Zoe please close your eyes ok because were nearly there and if you looked then it would ruin the surprise ok" "ok Louis" i pulled up into the car park smiling i knew she would love this. i choose the the Sea life aquarium im going to take her snorkeling with the sharks and also take her to feed the turtles i hope she likes it. "ok Zoe you can now open your eyes".


Zoe's P.O.V

I opened my eyes to see that we were standing outside the huge sea life aquarium my face lit up instantly i loved aquariums. "oh my god Louis i love aquariums thank you so much" i gave him a huge hug and we walked inside together, "im paying ok" Louis said "because you paid for breakfast the other day so its my turn to pay for today and tonight" "ok but what are we doing tonight" i said giving him a weird look. "its a surprise remember" " oh yea i forgot"

Louis payed for our tickets then we went to look around thank god it was a school day so there weren't many fans around there were a couple that stopped us and asked Louis for a photo or autograph. then we walked off to look at the tanks there were so many different fish and sea creatures in huge tanks. Louis pulled me over to a turtle tank and said " i hope you like Turtles because were going to be feeding them" " oh my god seriously turtles are my favorite sea creature" "well that's good then". the guy came over to us and gave us some kind of food that was mashed up it smelt fishy.

We got to go up close and personal with the turtles the guy told us that their names were ( Boris and Phoenix) it was so cool being able to feed them Louis was smiling at me the whole time so was I. I felt like a little kid again, after the turtle feeding it was back to looking around again we looked at some more tanks then went down a little tunnel that was made from glass all of a sudden a massive shark swam over the top of us

" wow Louis look imagine swimming in the tank with them i mean like how cool would that be. " well good thing your keen because i also bought us tickets to go snorkeling with them". "No way seriously oh that's so awesome" " i was worried that you may of been afraid of them but your not so that's great" this time a lady came up to us and asked if we were doing the swimming with the sharks experience Louis nodded and gave her the tickets "ok awesome follow me then and we can get you suited up. 

when we were suited up the lady told us we will be in a cage and surrounding us would be with a group of over 15 magnificent sharks including two impressive (2.7m) long sand tiger sharks, 8 sleek black tip reef sharks and two brown sharks. i was so excited me and Louis slid into the cage with the supervisor and then the lid got put on and locked down so the sharks couldn't get in.  

we were actually in a tank with sharks well we were in the cage but still sharks were swimming past the cage eyeing us some of them were huge. One of the sharks bumped the cage i got a fright and ended up graving Louis hand and squeezed tight he squeezed back after 15 minutes of that we got pulled back up the lid got unlocked and we hoped out.

"wow that was amazing" Louis agreed " do you want some lunch im starving" Louis said while rubbing his tummy. i agreed and we left to go eat lunch we ended up getting Nando's and ate it in his car only because the fans couldn't see us." thanks for today Louis i had so much fun" i said hoping out of the car we were back at Nicole's " just remember im picking you up at seven tonight i nodded then he left i went back inside to tell Nicole about my day.

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