Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


14. Day at the beach with everyone

(january 7th 2014)

Louis P.O.V

I woke up feeling happy i had my beautiful girlfriend besides me and the 4 best friends in the whole wide world, i was happily watching Zoe sleep she looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake her then i got a text from harry.

From HAZZA: hey Lou me Liam and Zayn are all going to the beach today and we were wondering if you and Niall wanted to come? :)

To HAZZA: Hey i have Zoe over well she stayed the night last night and now were dating and her best friends here as well so we should invite them? :)

From HAZZA: Wow man your one lucky guy and sure they can come the more the better see you guys at 11PM sharp OK !!! :)

To HAZZA: ha-ha OK see you guys there cya :)

I was feeling rather excited to be going to the beach i haven't been in a while so it would be fun, plus that means the guys will get to know Zoe a lot better as well. I decided maybe it was time to wake Zoe and the other two up it was already 9:30am and the girls will probably be wanting o get some clothes and stuff from Nicole's.

I kissed Zoe on the lips and her eyes opened "good morning beautiful" "morning babe" "how was your sleep" "omg i slept so amazingly Lou your bed is so comfortable and so snugly" "well im glad you had a good sleep so i got a text from harry, he wants us all to go to the beach today"

"Oh awesome im sure Nicole would want to as well she loves the beach just not the water" "oh yeah well that's OK we can just chill on the beach, we should go wake them both up" "ohhh good idea we should jump on there bed" "OK lets go"

Zoe and I walked to Nialls room hes going to move in now and sell his house which i don't mind because it gets really lonely living in this huge house alone, Zoe silently opened Nialls door quietly then we both tip toed in Nicole and Niall were fast asleep. Zoe motioned on the count of 3 to jump

1,2,3 we ran and jumped on Nialls bed me and Zoe were both laughing hard out Niall and Nicole both opened there eyes to look at us sleepily " what do you two want" Niall asked smiling "well i got a text from Hazza this morning asking if we all wanted to go to the beach".

"oh awesome that would nice" Nicole's face turned pale white,"the beach but i don't like going swimming" , "its OK babe just don't go in the water"  "OK"

Zoe's P.O.V

Niall really liked Nicole the way he protected her, "hey Nicole we should get back to yours so we can get changed and get ready then we can come back here and pick you to up" i said pointing at Louis then at Niall they both nodded.

We said bye to the boys then hopped in my car and drove back to Nicole's house to get ready. i looked at her smiling "what" she said laughing "so what happened with you and Niall last night huh" "well we cuddled and kissed but that's all were just friends" "oh ok then"

we finally reached Nicole's house i parked my car while she went to open the door. when i was inside i went to my room that i was staying in to get ready i grabbed all my things put my bikini on under a white dress i had on then i went to the kitchen to grab some food.

As i was packing some food into a bag when my cell phone started ringing, i thought it would probably be Louis calling to tell me he misses me already but when i looked at the screen it was Ally so i answered.

"hello Zoe speaking" "Hi Zoe Ally hear just calling to tell you that your penthouse is not coming along very well they have now discovered a leak and the building is not earthquake proof so we are looking for somewhere else for you at the moment" "oh wow hmm that sucks hey don't worry about looking for a house or anything i can stay with my friend for a while longer and ill just look out for places myself"

"are you sure Zoe its really no hassle at all" "no its fine don't worry about it" "ok well sorry to give you that bad news but ill talk soon ok see you" "see you Ally" then i hung up the phone and told Nicole it was ok though she said i could stay there as long as i needed until i found myself a house.

"So are you ready to leave then" " i sure am" "ok lets go pick up these boys then shall we". we got back into my cart and headed back to Louis when we arrived there they were already outside waiting for us waving, they both had huge smiles on there faces they both hoped in then i drove off.

it did take us a while to get to the beach only because i didn't know the way and they all had to tell me the directions, we had finally made it the other boys were waiting by there cars having a chat i stopped the car then we all hopped out.

"HEY guys" i said giving then a huge smile "hey Zoe hows you and Louis aye" harry said laughing i gave Louis a look "sorry babe Harry's my best mate i had to tell him" "well in that case were fine thanks Harry" he laughed then looked behind me at Nicole "and this must be your best mate Nicole"

"yes harry that's Nicole" "shes hot" "yes well i think Niall already has dibs on her so back off" "hey hey no fair just because he saw her first" "exsacally so leave her alone" "fine" "good boy" i said giving his arm a pat. he laughed and walked over to Louis and hugged him god you could tell they had such a BROMANCE going on.

i walked over to where Nicole and the boys were they were all talking to Nicole which was good asking her where she lived in London and stuff like that,"GUYS can we go now" i said they turned to me then Louis picked me up then took off running.

I was screaming the whole way while he held me we got major looks from everyone Louis was just laughing he finally stopped but then we got flooded by girls, Louis put me on his back then signed some Autographs. some of the girls gave me glares and dirty looks i only ignored it.

then one girl spoke to Louis " so who is the girl on your back Louis" "this is my girlfriend Zoe" the girls just nodded then walked off "well they are nice aren't they i said laughing." don't worry about them babe they're just jealous that you have me and they don't." "yes im very lucky" i laughed then kissed him on the check.

finally everyone else had caught up to us "wow some of those girls are so rude" Nicole said laughing,"oh my god i know aye" we just laughed then got out our towels and put them all down in a circle so we could all see each other when we were talking.

"Im so hungry" Niall was groaning "lucky i packed some food then aye Niall" i said laughing he looked at me then jumped up and sat besides me hugging me "Um Niall what are you doing" "well since you are the only person that packed food you are now my new best friend for the day. 

we all burst out laughing while Niall grabbed my bag and rummaged round for some food. he found some chips and started munching away on them he was happy so that was good, we all sat there for a while engaged in conversation when Louis whisperer in my ear if i wanted to go for a walk along the pier with him i nodded.

"hey me and Zoe are gonna go for a walk along the pier does anyone want to come" everyone shook there heads then Niall said "hey who wants to go Kayaking they have double and singles we should go do it" everyone agreed except me and Louis we said goodbye then walked off.

Nicole's P.O.V

So Niall asked us all if we wanted to go kayaking i was a bit scared because of my past fears but i didn't want to let that get in my way, plus i was going to be in a kayak that floats so i will be fine as long as no one tips me.

we all went down to the water and paid the guy for the kayaks we all went alone because we thought that would be more fun then we could go where ever we liked. "hey guys no one push me over ok" they all said they wouldn't so i was happy.

we were all paddling round for ages the boys were pushing each other out of there kayaks we were all laughing. then i didn't notice harry come up behind me and then he tipped my kayak I was stuck underneath it i was panicking the memories of when i was little all flooded back my lungs started to fill with water i could feel myself drifting away.

Nialls P.O.V

I was busy paddling around when i heard a splash i turned around to realize harry had tipped Nicole out i couldn't see her anywhere i quickly jumped out and swam over i was in  full panic mode, where was she i dove down under the water i opened my eyes and saw her drifting away please don't be dead please. i swam over to her my lungs burning from the pressure of no air getting to them i grabbed her and pulled her back up to the surface with me.

i surfaced and gulped back the air to fill my lungs back up Nicole was still unconscious.I pulled her onto the shore i could here Zoe screaming and crying running towards us on the beach the tears were now streaming down my cheeks.

Zoe's P.O.V

It was nice being alone with Louis on the pier it was romantic I walked over to the big microscope where you put a coin in and look through it, i stuck the coin in and looked over the ocean it was beautiful here the water wasn't crystal blue but it was still lovely. i scanned over the ocean until i was looking at a bunch of people on kayaks tipping each other over they looked like they were having heaps of fun.

then i realized it was the boys and Nicole but i couldn't see Nicole anywhere I could see a Kayak tipped over but i couldn't see anyone surface then i realized it was Nicole she must be under the water that's when i stared running, Louis was screaming my name out but i was to fast i was half way down the beach when i saw Niall dragging her out of the water i was screaming Nicole's name but there was no reply from her she looked lifeless.

i was bawling my eyes out by the time i reached her Louis caught up and then realized what i was running to.he was trying to calm me down but i couldn't i was on my knees now screaming to Nicole "Please don't die on me please i can't let you go not know".

moments later there were life guards and paramedics around us Nicole was put in a stretcher and put into an ambulance Niall went with her and Louis and all the others were in their cars, Louis had to drive i was to busy crying. when we reached the hospital Niall was pacing in the waiting room when he saw me tears started to stream down his face i ran to him and hugged him.

Nialls P.O.V

Zoe came running to me when she saw me start to tear up she hugged me she was crying as well i was so scared that we were going to loose Nicole, then i saw Harry walk through the doors anger arose in me i let go of Zoe and wiped the tears away fast and walked up to harry.

"WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING HARRY" i screamed everyone was now looking at me but i didn't care, Harry  just starred at me shocked then i went on screaming "She told you guys not to push her in and you agreed why did you do it. "Look i didn't know this was going to happen and why are you yelling at me like you like her or some thing" harry screamed back.

"Well you shouldn't of tipped her in the first place and that's because i do like her Harry " i screamed back then Zoe started to scream at us "STOP IT YOU TWO STOP IT" she was between me and Harry now tears constantly streaming down her face." Sit down both of you now" We both sat down and she started to tell harry the story about Nicole when she was younger.

At the end of the story  Harry turned to me "Im so sorry Niall i now understand why she asked us not to push her in. "It's ok mate i forgive you but you really need to listen to people when they ask others not to do something, the doctor finally came out to tell us we could go see Nicole.



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