Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


23. Concert time

Still Zoe's P.O.V

We left the water park at 12pm and got back to the hotel at 12:30 pm (afternoon) we all had showers and got ready to get back on the bus i had to text all the boys making sure to bring there bags that contain all there makeup and hair products. they all replied except for Lou since he was with me, we got packed up and i made Lou carry both bags down to the lobby where we met everyone else.

when we arrived at the arena it wa 1:30 the concert starts at 7:30pm, we were escorted to the back of the arena were there were no fans. There were already heaps of fans waiting outside the arena it was so cute they were so dedicated to the boys. We were lead down a long corridoor to the dressing room. When we walked in my breath hitched in my lungs this was my dream finally comming true .

there were mirrors along both sides of the room with lights on top of them to light the mirrors up i told each of the boys to place there bag down on there assigned mirrors which had there names stuck on the mirror on a piece of paper. they did as they were told, i placed my bag down on an empty mirror the boys got called up to do sound cheack for a bit Louis gave me a quick kiss before leaving me and Nicole standing in the dressing room alone.

"OH MY GOD" Nicole yelled i turned to her a bit shocked "what" i asked back looking confused as hell "i just can't believe we are here Zo i mean this is you'r dream that you are living right now and i mean your one freaking directions stylest that is just awesome". it kinda just hit me now i really was living my dream and i was living it with 6 amazing people.

"well Nicole i have something to ask you as well" she looked at me with a questioning face "what" "well it's going to be hard work me having to do the biys hair and make up so" "so what what do you mean" "well since you have a degree in beautichion you can do the boys make up while i do there hair". Nicoles mouth was hanging open.

"oh my god" she screamed "Zo that would be amazing i would absolutly love to help" "well its sorted then ill also ask management if you can get paid which means my pay will go down but i dont mind because then we will both be getting paid." "oh Zoe thank you so much". i smiled at her and gave her a hug then my tummy started to grumble really loud.

"hey maybe we should go get something to eat for us and the boys they wont be finished till a little later and knowing Niall he will proberbly get really angry and moody if hes not fed soon" Nicole said laughing i joined in knowing she was right."ok lets go then" i grabbed my phone and wallet Nicole doing the same and following me we went to go out the front door but then realised the fans were there.

"how about we go out the back" Nicole asked looking at me" "but we dont have a car though" "shit thats right um lets go out there and see if the bus is still there and maybe they can take us there" "oh good idea" Nicole and i walked to the back door and walked outside there was no bus or taxis parked outside "shit" Nicole cursed. I looked around and came across a golf cart a huge smile spread across my face.

Nicole turned to look were i was facing she saw what i was looking at and my fat smile "oh no wat Zoe we will get into so much shit" "no we won't come on lets go" "fuck man if we get caught im pinning this on you ok" "fine but hurry up and get in. We got into the cart luckly the keys were left init weird i would of thought they would of taken them out because someoen might take it. ok i should think before i say something to myself because thats what im doing right now well ya know YOLO.

we set off and got onto the road well i decided the foot path was maybe a better option we were getting looks from people left right and center Nicole had her camera out filming the whole thing we couldn't stop laughing. "we actually made it to the pizza place with out anyone pulling us over" Nicole said laughing "i know well i mean it was only a block away" i laughed.

We walked inside to order the pizzas we eneded up ordering 12 pizzas to feed everyone the guy looked at us weird "im hungry as a mofo" i said to the guy he just nodded and typed the orders into the computer Nicole laughed at what i had said to the guy, we went and sat down at a little table to wait for the pizzas.

"i bet that guy was thing what fat bitches wanting 12 pizzas i mean thats 6 each" Nicole said laughng "funny thing that were thin as twiggs" i laughed back. we waited a while for the pizzas i mean there were heaps of people making them but they did have to make 12 pizzas. when they were finally ready we ended up choosing 3 drinks (2litre) as well to go with the pizzas it ended up costing way over $100 so me and Nicole decided to just go halves.

We carried the Pizzas back to the gold cart and piled them on the back Nicole had to sit weirdly so she could try and keep them all on the cart we finally made it back to the arena we quickly hopped off the cart got 6 pizzas each and the drink and carried it back inside. As we were walking to the dressing room we could hear all the guys laughter comming frominside the dressing room.

I opened the door and out the Pizzas down on a table and the drinks "yumm pizzas" the guys screamed "even though we found out you were bringing them on a golf cart" Harry said laughing at me and Nicole, i turned to Nicole we both had shocked expressions on our faces. "how did you know" Nicole asked looking at Harry. "it's all over Twitter babe" Niall said kissing Nicole on the cheeck.

"oh my god" we both screamed Louis turned his phone toward me and showed us pictures of us going to the pizzas place on the cart and leaving the pizza place. "that would actually have to be the funnest thing i have ever seen" Louis laughed while giving me a hug. "ok well since thats over with hurry up and eat boys you have 3 hours till you on stage" i said looking at all of them.

later on all the pizzas were demolished th whole 12 I think Niall ate about 2 and a 1/2 pizzas funnest thing to see, i quickly got the boys to sit in there seats while me and Nicole ran around trying to get the boys ready finally we wer done we stood back to see our master pieces we did really well me and Nicole gave eachother a high five and the boys quickly ran out of the roomall giving us hugs and thank yous me and Nicole got a kiss from our men on the lips as another thank you.

we werent allowed to sit and watch because we had to touch up the boys hair and makeup when the rushed back and forth between us and the stage we had a 60 inch TV in the dressing room to watch the boys on so we got to see them in a way which was nice i loved all there voices but i loved Louis the most it was so unique and magical i loved him so much.

the concert had ended and the boys were back into the dressing room and getting dressed back into there normal clothes they all looked so tired Me and Nicole had already had there bags packed for them and we on a trolly being towed to the bus. i gave Lou a hug and told him how amazing he was and how well he did in the concert.

we got onto the bus and headed for the hotel when we reached it we all piled out the boys were all half asleep by the time we reache dthe doors we all said good night to eachother and i thanked Nicole for helping me out with the boys she gave me a hug then went to her room when i walked into mine and Louis room he was passed out on the floor he didn't quite make it to the bed. i laughed and took a pik of this and posted it on twitter.

@ Louis_Tomlinson: Didnt quite make it to the bed sweety you were so tired :) time to move you to the bed.

I walked out of the room and saw paul just exciting Zayns room he saw me standing at the door and asked if i needed help with anything "yes actually Louis passed out on the floor he is so tired and i cant move him hes to heavy so i was wondering can you try lift him up onto the bed then i will take it from there" paul agreed and walked into the room lifted Lou off the floor and set him gently on the bed without even waking him.

I thanked Paul and said good night i shut the door then went to Louis and started to take his clothes off and left him in his jocks i pulled the covers up over him then i got changed into my PJ'S and got into the bed besides him when i shut the lamp off and rolled on my side i felt and arm wrap around my waist Louis was so cute he loved cuddling i snuggled up to him and fell straight to sleep i was so tired.

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