Zoe Watson is a 20 yr old hair dresser, she's been a well known hair dresser very since she was a 16 yr old apprenticeship. One morning she woke up to a phone call the changed her life forever. Will she take the job or will she carry on with her life in New Zealand.


27. Australia with Calum Hood.


 Here i was standing on Palm beach an Hour out of Sydney. 

"Oh my god ive always wanted to come here ever since i first started watching home and away" I said to Calum laughing "you can tell you're a New Zealander" Calum said laughing, I lightly punched him in the arm. "so i heard Niall talking about a Nicole earlier today is that his girlfriend" Calum asked giving me a look "No but Nicole really does like him she was helping me with some of my styling on the boys but she had to back to London sadly" "oh that's a shame it would of been cool to meet her" "yeah shes a really awesome friend i miss her heaps" i say looking down at the sand.

"So how about we go for a walk along the beach aye" Calum smiled looking down at me through his thick eyelashes "sure" we walked silently for a bit just enjoying each others company, 

"so how long have you and Louis been together for" Calum asked scratching the back of his head "well its about 5 and a bit months now" "oh wow that's good you guys must really love each other" "yeah we do alot" i said smiling i did love Louis alot more than anyone would ever know.

Calum found a stick on the beach and started to write in the sand i couldn't work out what he had written until he had finished i laughed and smiled as he finished and i finally could read what it said " Zozo and Calpal BFFS'" i took a picture on my phone and uploaded it to twitter and instagram also while following Calum which he instantly followed back. we had instantly got heaps of retweets and comments on the picture saying " what she got to meet Calum so unfair" just the normal teenage girl shit. 

Calum and i laughed at some of the silly comments some even asked if we were a couple i made it clear that Calum and I were just really good friends and that i only had eyes for Louis, After walking on the beach for a bit and dipping our feet in the water we decided to grab something to eat and drink at a cafe nearby. 

I grabbed a table while Calum went and ordered me a hot chocolate and a muffin while i think he said he wanted coffee, i wasn't a huge coffee fan always gave me headaches and made my tummy hurt. 5 mins later Calum was back with the drinks and muffins "ill shout you next time" i said taking a bite from my Banana muffin which was so yummy. 

Time passed by and it was time to head back to the city to see the rest of the boys i missed Louis but also had a great time with Calum seeing a bit of Australia, he was a really nice guy. The ride back to the hotel was long but Calum talked most of the way back anyway i was getting sleepy as i still hadn't mastered the way of jet lag yet, i honestly don't see how the boys do it. 

When we finally got back to the Hotel it was around 6pm the sun was slowly setting which was nice it was so darn hot outside but was nice remind me of the hot summers in NZ. 

Calum and i finally made it to the 7th floor and found our rooms "thanks for today Cal i had heaps of fun it was nice to see the inner part of Aus today" "no worries Zo ill see ya tomorrow have a good sleep" "night" i said before opening the door to mine and Lous room. 

"babe i missed you" Louis shouted and ran towards me and lifted me up into a huge bear hug which sent me into huge fits of laughter "i missed you to babes" he set me down and gave me a peck on the lips "oh before i forget i bought you something today" i said with a huge grin on my face, "what you didn't need to get me anything" Lou said but i  knew he loved gifts i pulled out the two friendship bracelets from my pocket  they were black leather with a tiny sea shell in the center was a little cheesy but it was to cute to give up. 

"Awh babe you're so cute thank you" "that's ok i saw them today while with calum in a gift shop and he said that it'd be a good idea and plus its a little token of my love for you to remember that i love you everyday" Louis gave me another kiss and smiled "well i love you to and oh before i forget how was your day with Calum", "it was great we went to Palm beach which is an hour out of Sydney and we played in the sand had  drink and had a look through some of the shops it was really hot though" "well im glad you had a good day babe it was nice of Calum to show you around a bit saves you from getting lost" he giggled while poking my sides. 

I just laughed and went and sat on our bed i was really tired from my long day out plus the sun really takes it out of you when you've been in it for half of the day. 

"are you tired baby" Lou asked coming and sitting next to me "yeah just a tad babe" i laid down in bed and Lou started to sing little things to me and i soon drifted off to sleep". 


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