Are You The One

Louis falls in love with a girl after meeting her on the road crying. in this story there will be broken hearts broken bones and ROMANCE!!! Will Harmony end up with No one Louis Harry Niall Zayn or Liam you will find out reading this book


10. No More Louis

Harmony's P.O.V

I just saw Louis kissing another girl. I kept running even though I didn't know where to go Louis was following me behind, I decided to run where Harry was at the café with the boys, I tried running faster but I just tripped over a stone I fell over and Louis caught up to me and tried to explain everything " She kissed me I didn't kiss her, but I have to admit I didn't want to stop." Louis had a guilty look on his face, he helped me up then I just kept running and this time Louis was ready for that he ran after me and caught up pretty quickly, I was nearly at the café but he grabbed my arm, and pulled me back and kissed me. I pulled away and kept running I was finally in the café "Harry, Harry." I called out for him with no breath, he practically got to me straight away "What's wrong Harmony." he asked me as Louis walked in the café "Uh, well Lou.." Louis stopped what I was saying "What she is trying to say is a guy was looking at her butt." I was really shocked I wanted to tell Harry everything but I couldn't now " Harry can I talk to you in private." I asked Harry so I could tell him the truth he nodded and we both walked to the corner of the café "The truth is Harry, Louis kissed another girl I saw him with my own eyes I ran but I tripped over I stone then he explained everything and he said that he enjoyed the kiss with a blonde chic." Harry was very surprised "No that can't be the truth he loves you, he adores you, I love you to but I don't want to split you two up. when you were in hospital he couldn't stop crying, he thought he was going to lose you, you the world to him." I didn't want to hear anymore I saw Louis coming so I kissed Harry. Harry didn't stop me he kissed me back, Louis just froze and left the café I was actually glad I kissed Harry.


Louis's P.O.V

Harmony, my love, just kissed my best friend my world was split apart It's all my fault I shouldn't of kissed that girl. I drove to our new home it was finally fixed after the earthquake looked in the house when Harry and Harmony came home I walked in and locked the door, I slid my back down the door crying.


Harry's P.O.V

when we got out of the car we were laughing and giggling I tried to open the door it was locked "Louis open the door." No one answered, but then I heard crying me and Harmony both put our ears up to the door and heard Louis crying!

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