Are You The One

Louis falls in love with a girl after meeting her on the road crying. in this story there will be broken hearts broken bones and ROMANCE!!! Will Harmony end up with No one Louis Harry Niall Zayn or Liam you will find out reading this book


14. I FOUND LIAM!!!!

Niall's P.O.V

I didn't know where Liam was and I was getting worried, I thought as I was eating breakfast. I saw Harmony on the road soaked I ran out and got her she was so happy to see me I told her to go get changed In my room into some of my clothes she didn't look keen. "Um just wondering do you have any girl clothes."  I shoke my head and she looked bummed. She came down looking boyish but she looked amazing. "I thin you will like to hear this Niall..."

Harmony's P.O.V

I looked at Niall and he looked at me waiting for me to tell him I got lost in his eyes, his shiny eyes it made me think of how lucky I was for him to find me "You there Harmony." He interrupted me "Oh sorry yea you will be pleased when I tell you what I'm gonna say... Well, I found Liam." he had a massive grin on his face and started jumping up and down "WHERE IS HE WHERE ,WHERE, WHERE!!" I started laughing but covered my laughter in my top "He's in the park just down the road." he got out of his chair and raced outside he looked before crossing and ran to the park I ran after him "LIAM!!!!" I heard Niall scream.

Liam's P.O.V

After living days in the park I heard Niall scream I jumped up to go and hug him, we both ran up to each other and gave a nice big hug then I saw Harmony OMG she looks so cute when she's wearing Niall's clothes I gave her a big hug too "Wait?, Why are you with Niall and not Lou and Harry." she started to cry a little bit and Niall talked for her putting his arm around her "Well long story short they kicked her out." I was very shocked "What Why?" I didn't know what was going on but I wanted to "it doesn't matter."

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