Are You The One

Louis falls in love with a girl after meeting her on the road crying. in this story there will be broken hearts broken bones and ROMANCE!!! Will Harmony end up with No one Louis Harry Niall Zayn or Liam you will find out reading this book


8. Harry's In Love

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up next to Louis, he was in a wheel chair then I saw Harms I instantly feel in love, I never had this feeling before all I knew is I was feeling much better. I was just staring at her AWKWARD! I stopped after a while when I saw Louis and Harmony kiss "I so glad you better Lou." I heard her say to Lou I started to cry because Lou was with my women and I didn't like it I had to stop it, I had to stop there love I thought I would ask Zayn to help. Niall overheard me and Zayn talking on the phone and wanted to be in the plan he didn't like Lou and Harmony going out either so we all worked together to stop them.


Niall's P.O.V

I wanted Lou and Harmony to break up but I didn't want to break either of their hearts. I went in and forgot everything I said and just punched Louis "NIALL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Harmony yelled at me "I DON'T LIKE YOU GOING OUT WITH LOUIS YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE HARRY FEELS THE SAME!." Harry tried to hide in his arms and Harmony looked shocked!


Harmony's P.O.V

Three boys like me and they are all friends, was Louis really the one or do I like Harry more or even Niall all these thoughts came to my head I didn't know what to say, Niall just punched Louis for practicley not reason and Harry was trying to plan something to break me and Louis u. I didn't know what to do I liked all of them but I didn't want to break anyone's heart. Niall and Harry ended up leaving the hospital and left me Louis and Liam speechless


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